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It seems like every offer being released through the Clicksure affiliate network is an attempt for some scammer to refer customers to another company on a large scale.

This method of affiliate marketing would seem like a genius idea if they weren’t so unethical and downright scammy.

First you have the binary offers which make up probably about 90% of everything on Clicksure nowadays. Binary trading is more like gambling and getting people who are trying to make money online to do this by telling them they’ll make millions by the end of the year is just sad.

Then there are the web hosting offers where they give away a free site but the catch is that you’ll have to buy expensive web hosting before they’ll share the secret recipe to making thousands (hint- there is no secret).

These two methods are just affiliates trying to refer customers to binary brokers and web hosting providers for some big commissions. Nothing wrong with that except that they’re all lying and cheating just to get into customers pockets.

12 Minute Payday is a new offer that isn’t binary or web hosting but when you do get into the members area it seems as if they too were just set up simply to refer another company on a large scale. Read the rest of this review and I’ll tell you why I say so and why there isn’t much value in this 12 Minute Pay Day offer.

Product Name: 12 Minute Pay Day
Product Owner: Steven James & Justin James
Price: $47 but discounts as low as $9
Upsells: 2 (More templates & Traffic Pool)
Verdict: Not for people without previous experience. You’re required to buy more stuff to make it work. You won’t make the money they promised you’d make.

Typical Marketing BS

12mpd exposedOne of the rules I have about buying stuff online is that if I’m being lied to then the marketer does not deserve my money. I’m not going to do business with someone who has to lie to me just to make a sale.

The video sales message for 12 Minute Pay Day contains the typical marketing BS like most videos of this nature. There are numerous lies being told, fake testimonials, fake stories, earnings screenshots that have nothing to do with the program, manipulative language and pure deception for the sake of drawing you into the program.

One thing I usually catch quickly is the fake testimonials. Some of those used in the video were used in the last program I reviewed.

These testimonials aren’t real people who have used the system and they haven’t made any money using 12 Minute Pay Day. If people actually profited from using this system then who are they not in the video?

The people in the video are all paid testimonials who were paid at least $5 just to lie about their experience with a program they hadn’t even used. None of them made the thousands of dollars they say they made. They couldn’t have anyway even if they had tried the system.

Another thing I found disturbing is that the narrator knocks the use of website building as a useful way to make money online. It’s weird because that is what I do to make a full time income and I can see right through his own system and there is no way you can use it to make thousands or even hundreds of dollars within days especially if you have no experience.

Also they seem to want people with no experience to use this system. There is a reason for that too. Anyone who knows how making money online works would never use 12 Minute Pay Day because it is flawed and they wouldn’t be so easily manipulated.

The program itself presents little value and they try to get you into the funnel at whatever cost. It starts off at a $47 price point if you hurriedly input your email address and clicked the button. However if you decided to decline the offer, you’d eventually get it for as low as $9.

The Upsells

Once you decide to buy 12 Minute Pay Day, you’re met with two upsells.

The first one is to get 10 more “businesses” so you can plug into more than just the basic one you’re initially sold. This upsell is disguised as a “getting started video” and goes for $97 but once declined it goes as low as $47.

The second upsell is for something called a Traffic Pool. They say that they’ll send hungry buyers to your web pages and you’d have to do nothing.

It doesn’t work like this. People don’t get online and say “Oooh, lets see what I’m going to buy today.”

Once you understand how people make money online, you’ll see right through a lot of these low value programs.

The 12 Minute Pay Day Members Area

I declined both upsells before getting into the members area. On your first login, you’ll be greeted with a message asking you to call a “millionaire mentor” and a number for you to call them.

I tried calling them but they weren’t available today (Sunday) so I’m not sure what this was for. I will say though to be careful with these calls. They usually connect you with high pressure sales persons under the guise that you’re getting something of value when you’re in fact being sold some high ticket item usually in the thousands of dollars.

The rest of the members area has 4 modules and the action buttons for each module, a training video under each section and banners recommending scam products like Guaranteed Wealth which I can confirm is a binary trading scam.

Here’s a walk through of the various modules:

Module 1: Get Started

The first module is labeled “Get Started” and the first section contains the templates that you paid for. I can only access one so I guess that’s what I get for paying $9 instead of $47 where I assume you get up to 5. There’s 15 in total and ten of those are supposed to be locked unless you paid for the first upsell.

12 Minute Pay Day templates

The next section says “complete this next” and under that it says to register your autoresponder which you’ll need to make this system work. They recommend going with a program called GVO which is connected to Pure Leverage. This means you’ll have to spend another $25 per month.

You’ll need to get an autoresponder to collect the leads to sell to and make money. There are better autoresponders available like Aweber.

If you’re new to all this make money stuff then this may sound very confusing to you which reveals the first flaw in the system. Starting off with email marketing and autoresponders without first being exposed to the basics is going to make for a very unpleasant experience. That’s like asking a child to read when they don’t even know their ABCs.

Module 2: Set Up

This section is mostly about setting up these pages with your autoresponder and is focused on GVO. If you went with another autoresponder, you’re on your own if you want to set them up with the templates.

The module sections:

Creating Optin – this is training for your GVO autoresponder and how to create the form for the template. They then show you in the next section how to upload the form code.

Commission Account – They suggest that you sign up for a Clicksure account. This is something I wouldn’t recommend because 99% of the offers on Clicksure are not very helpful to people and they’re outright scams. I have a Clicksure account and I cannot find one thing of value in their network that I can honestly promote and make some commissions and feel good about it afterwards.

Manage Clicks – They recommend something called Click.org. This is just something else to add to the confusion. You really don’t need it but I guess they threw it in so they could make more money off you.

Double Email Profits – They admit that this one if optional and it’s for something called EPC Maximizer. I’m not sure what this does but they do explain what it is on that page.

Traffic Pool – This was the second upsell you got before you hit the members area and it’s useless in my opinion (see my thoughts back in the upsell section). This goes for $34.95 per month. It’s evident that these guys want to clean you out.

How It Works

Before I continue with the other two modules, I want to outline how this works.

They give you a few web pages that have a marketing message on it to entice people to sign up through the email box on the page. When visitors submit their email addresses, you can manage it through the autoresponder and send out messages to these signups.

To display the page, you won’t need to have your own website but instead you’re using a sub-domain on the 12 Minute Pay Day domain. You choose the web page and give the subdomain a name and you can then send traffic to this address.

You can also put in an affiliate link so that people get directed to an affiliate product right after they submit their email address. This is how you’ll make money – when your visitor buys that affiliate product.

For the system to work, you’ll need lots of traffic and lots of signups.

There are several programs with this method.

First, you’re using someone else’s domain to build an income on. If something happens to the server or the owner decides to shut it down, you’re no longer going to be able to use the system. Your business is at the mercy of someone else. When you have your own website and domain, you control everything. This is why I find it disturbing that the narrator would criticize building your own website when this is a much stabler way to make money online.

generic template
The only template generic enough for me to use.

Secondly, the web pages are all in the internet marketing niche which is a tough niche for newbies to start out with. Every lead you collect would have to be interested in making money online. There are other ways to make money online like helping people in other niches and getting commissions in a true win-win fashion. If you’re going to promote Clicksure products, the scammer usually wins and the customer loses. This is not a great way to start an online business.

Thirdly, there is the question of ethics. I could only find one template that is generic enough where I could use it and recommend just about anything within the internet marketing niche.

The other templates are very specific using big statements like “30 Days to 10K”. If you’ve never made 10K then you’d be outright lying to your visitors and following the same path as the scammers.

Modules 3 and 4

Continuing with the remaining modules, there are two more that doesn’t provide much value but instead makes a grab for your pockets.

Module 3: Make Money

Module 3 is entitled make money and has three tabs. One of the tabs has a program which has been removed so only the first two are functional.

The sections all say “Get Commissions” but recommend that you buy programs where you can expect to pay up to $347 for the first one for a program called Webfire. The other one if for a program called 6 Figure Traffic. I’ll need to do some research on these products to see if there’s any value in them but I highly doubt it.

Module 4: VIP Bonuses

When you’re offered bonuses for buying a program, these bonuses are supposed to be free. Instead, under the bonuses section of 12 Minute Pay Day, the creators of the program offer more stuff they expect you to buy.

5 Minute Mogul – This program says it’s free but I did some research and found that they eventually as for as much as $997. You can find some reviews of this here and they’re not very good.

Peer Network – This one points to safe swaps which is another money grab.

Avoid Scams – Here they share some tips to avoid getting scammed by internet marketing products and then recommend, as their top recommendation, a program called Magnetic Profits. You’ll have to buy that too.

Mail Creative File – This one is a true bonus. It’s a download that contains prewritten scripts you can put into your autoresponder to send out as emails to your subscribers.

There’s also a Module 5 but it’s mainly a help/FAQ section that answers questions about the system and Clicksure.

Final Verdict

My opinion is that 12 Minute Pay Day system was only set up to refer customers to GVO autoresponder. I’ve seen other products released through Clicksure and others that seem to have been creation with the same intention.

If you do know what you’re doing then it’s possible to make money with 12 Minute Pay Day. If you know what you’re doing though, then you aren’t the ideal buyer for 12 Minute Pay Day because they make it clear that this system is for people with no experience at all.

They do give you templates to you as squeeze pages to collect optins so I would not call 12 Minute Pay Day a scam. However, with all the lies and deception in the marketing message and the big money grab that is the members area, I would recommend that you stay away from this program.

You’re not going to make thousands of dollars using this system because it is very flawed and from the evidence, clearly no one has ever made thousands of dollars using this.

Jan 4th Edit:

I received an email yesterday from someone who thought that I was the owner for 12 Minute Pay Day and it was interesting to read their raw and unbiased thoughts on the program. I obtained permission to publish what I think most people who bought the program are going through right now.

Teresa said via email:

“Why is there no valid support address? And why have I not received a pay day? I no longer wish to participate in your 12mpd program. I see it as a waist of time. I have worked very hard for nothing the way I see it. I need to make money, not spend! I request a complete & full refund!”

According to Teresa, there is no support address and no way to get help with the program. It also seems like the James brothers and their fake students made this out to seem as if you’re guaranteed to make money every single day. Teresa has yet to make money even through she has tried and wasted time with the program. Asking for a refund is a fair request.

Where To Start

There is very little value in using a system like 12 Minute Pay Day and you can find much better programs online that teach you how to make a full time income online the right way starting with the basics.

One such place is Wealthy Affiliate, the same place I started my affiliate marketing training years ago and allowed me to quit my day job through the use of step by step training and one on one support. In the members area of this site, they focus more on helping you learn the process and supporting you through each obstacle you might face, instead of putting offers in front of you that costs more money.

In the comparison below, you can see the immense value offered by Wealthy Affiliate compared to the emptiness of 12 Minute Pay Day.

You won’t make thousands within 3 days using Wealthy Affiliate but you won’t make it with 12 Minute Pay Day either. Making money online just doesn’t work that way. It takes time and effort and Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to do it the easy way starting with the free lessons.

Check out my review and sign up today and I’ll offer you personal support whenever you need it.

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