2K A Day System Review – Same Scam, Different Day

2K a Day Video
Not going to happen!

The 2K a Day System was launched just 2 days ago by Travis Stephenson, someone whose products I’ve reviewed over and over before on this site.

None of Travis’ products have been given a good rating or recommendation by me and this one is pretty much the same.

In this review, I’ll show you why 2K A Day System is just an old, tired scam and why you’re not going to make any where near 2K with this program.

Just Another Web Hosting Scam

In the video introducing his new 2K a Day System, Travis promises that you can make $2000 in the next 24 hours and the day after that and so on to the point where you can make $60,000 per month.

He says that he’s going to give you his new secret system, which not many people know about, for free so that he can test it out before releasing one where you can make 5K a day.

There are very bold claims and promises but after finding out how the system really works, I can tell you that this is just an old scam that has been popular for a while now.

At a point in the video, Travis reveals how the system works and tells you what Step 1 is. You have to buy a domain and hosting in order to get access to his secret 2K a Day training.

Logically, you will need a website which can only be built after you get a domain and hosting but in this case, it wouldn’t help because you would already have been a victim of the scam before you even get to the members area.

This scam is known in the industry as the web hosting scam and sometimes it can take the form of what I can the “free website scam”. In all cases, something is given away for free, whether it’s a money making free website or some super secret training or software. You’ll however need to get expensive web hosting and a domain before you get access to your free gift.

This is a common scam that I’ve written about before. Some programs I’ve reviewed, just to name a few, include:

Since the training within these programs are either low quality or non-existent, most people fail with these program, get disappointed and end up requesting refunds, sometimes in vain. I have plenty of complaints on the other reviews and I’m sure that this 2K a Day System is going to be no different.

I have yet to see someone report that they’re making the money that any of the programs promise.

You Won’t Make 2K A Day Anytime Soon…

In the case of this 2K a Day system, you’re not going to make 2K a Day anytime soon.

It doesn’t matter if you get a domain and hosting and get access to the super secret training. The reality is that making money online doesn’t happen that way.

You first need to learn the basics of how making money online works. Then you need to put it into practice. You’ll need to work a bit before seeing results and then slowly build up your income to the point where you can make $2000 per day.

Making this kind of money consistently (like everyday) can take years. There are people who are very good at making money online who still aren’t making $2000 per day but are still making full time incomes online.

In fact, Travis himself admitted in the members area of Simple Cash Code that he only makes just over $20,000 per month.

Kinda shocking coming from someone who boasted Bank of America account screenshots of 6 figures and other accounts where he’s making 4 and five figure days. I think his revelation though is closer to the truth because no matter what any guru says, you just can’t make these outrageous sums of money in short spaces of time with no experience.

CoolHandle Hosting

CoolhandleSo why is Travis doing this and how does this scam really work?

These are two questions that I’m sure you’re asking.

Before you can get access to the free secret system, you need to buy a domain and hosting. This is what puts money into the pockets of Travis and the other scammers running these types of systems.

Travis is an affiliate of Coolhandle web hosting and the company has agreed to pay him a percentage or a fixed sum for every person who buys a web hosting package through him. Each transaction may get him anywhere from $50 – $150 per sale.

I think it’s closer to $150 because he is paying $100 to the other reviewers that have fake reviews recommending his system when you search on Google.

The sales video is a very deceptive way to get people to sign up and make Travis and his “reviewers” money.

Coolhandle hosting is used by a lot of these scams. Other legitimate web hosts forbid this kind of promotion so it’s probably the reason why more affordable hosting isn’t used.

Coolhandle is expensive for no reason at all. Comparable web hosts offering the same thing go for much less (around $6.95 per month) which you have to pay a minimum of $14.95 per month for Coolhandle’s shortest term plan (1 year). Such a rip off in my opinion.

Looking for Something that Works

If you were considering getting this 2K a Day system, now that you know the truth, you may want to know if there is something legitimate out there.

I can definitely recommend the system that I’ve used to learn how to make money online and eventually quit my day job. I’m currently making a full time income that allows me to have freedom and live comfortably. It’s not $2000 per day but it works for me.

The site I’m talking about is Wealthy Affiliate and it’s not really a system but an educational platform where everything is available to you for making money online. You can get free web hosting and a free website, top quality step by step training and 24/7 support from the vibrant community and also the owners of the site.

How does 2K a Day System compare with Wealthy Affiliate? Check out the comparison table below.

If you’ve tried 2K a Day System, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

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