3 Affiliate Websites To Start Building Right Now

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We’re in the middle of summer and while now is the ideal time to hit the beach or invite friends and family over to the backyard barbecue, it’s also a great time to start a profitable affiliate website.

I mean, you could start a profitable affiliate website at any time you choose. However, summer is the perfect timing for 3 particular types of affiliate sites that you could start. It gives you just enough time to do research, build up your content and gain traction in the search engines just in time for the peak traffic levels that make your efforts worthwhile.

If you’re going to make money with the three types of affiliate sites that I’m about to mention, then you need to start now. New websites don’t rank well in the Google search engine results until after about 3 months providing you’re consistently updating the content. As a rule of thumbs you should always give a new website between 3 and 6 months before expecting to see any positive results.

Here are the three types of affiliate websites you can start building right now.

1. The Halloween Website

batsThe Halloween niche is a seasonal niche. The event only happens once a year for one day only.

Building a website around this event is great as a secondary website or one to add to a portfolio of affiliate websites. This is because you’re not going to get much traffic throughout the year until around Halloween time.

A Halloween themed website can make a lot of money if you do it right though. Last year, consumers spent nearly $7 billion on Halloween related items including costumes, candy, decorations and cards. That’s a lot of money spent for one day.

The best, and probably the most obvious way to cash in on Halloween is to set up an affiliate site promoting costumes. And if you think that the market is probably too saturated, just think about all the ideas you can get from pop culture. Last year, Duck Dynasty costumes sold like hot cakes due to the popularity of the A&E reality series. I don’t think that opportunity existed the year before that or it wasn’t as popular.

You can get specific affiliate training on building costume websites from Brian Johnson, through a guide he wrote called Halloween Super Affiliate.

Costumes aren’t the only items you can promote as an affiliate. One strategy you can use to increase your profits, if you can get creative enough, is to link the event to whatever niche you’re in.

You’ll need to get started right away as Halloween sales start as early as the first week in September and peaking around the end of October.

2. The Amazon/Black Friday Site

The next event you’ll want to cash in on is the biggest shopping day of the year online and offline. I’m talking about Black Friday which is the Friday after Thanksgiving.

For that entire weekend ending with Cyber Monday, online stores give deep discounts on items to encourage shoppers to spend lots of money as people try to get their holiday shopping done early.

The perfect way to capitalize on this is to start an affiliate site selling physical products.

With Amazon being one of the biggest retailers online, you could affiliate with them and make up to 15% commissions selling everything from Kindles to furniture. Find products that service a particular niche and build a site around it. Do it now and get it ranking just in time for the end of November and you could cash in on the $50 billion+ that people spend annually during the Black Friday weekend.

The side effect to building an Amazon site promoting physical products in time for Black Friday is that you’re still going to have a site that makes money year round.

Also, you don’t need to affiliate with Amazon only. There are lots of other stores that sell physical products that offer affiliate programs and a lot of times they offer higher commissions.

3. The Resolution Niche Site

After all the Christmas shopping and celebrating is done comes another massive spike of traffic that affiliates can take advantage of.

The new year finds most people making resolutions and setting new goals for what they would like to achieve over the next 365 days. Resolution niches are usually very profitable at this time of the year.

You’ll want to waste no time and start now if you want to take advantage of this traffic. People buy stuff that will help them achieve their goals whether its a weight loss diet guide or a treadmill so they could drop some pounds and get into shape. Quit smoking, make more money, fall in love and learn a new language are some other popular resolutions that people make around this time.

Keep in mind that these are all evergreen niches. People don’t always wait until January to want to achieve these goals. So once you start building an affiliate site in the resolution niche, you’ll be busy and profitable for the rest of the year. This site may even become an authority site and your main earner.

How To Get Started

To get started, decide on which type of site you want to build and do your research. You’ll want to find an angle which you’re going to target.

For example, building a general Halloween costume site may be too broad as you will have to cover lots of costumes. “Halloween costumes for babies” or “superhero halloween costumes” are better focused sub niches.

When you find an angle, a domain name will be much easier to find.

You’ll need to set up your site, and as always, I recommend WordPress.

If you’re relatively new to affiliate marketing, a great way to get started would be to set up your site using Site Rubix. Along with having a simplified web building experience that uses WordPress, you can get all the affiliate marketing training you need to effectively build any of these sites as well as quality website hosting.

The most important thing is that you get started as soon as possible.

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