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Advertising Profits from Home bookThis is a review of Advertising Profits from Home by Anthony Morrison that I wrote a while back (2011). Someone recently asked about Anthony Morrison in the comments section so I decided to post it here since it’s no longer available on the other site.

I was doing some research on ‘as seen on tv products’ when I came across Anthony Morrison’s Advertising Profits from Home. It looked interesting so I decided to look further into it to see what it was all about.

I decided to post my findings here because I think anyone who sees the infomercial would want to know the details – whether or not they could really make money using Advertising Profits from Home.

My first impression when I saw the infomercial was that this guy sounded like he was really going to provide something people could really use but there were a few red flags.

These red flags wouldn’t be easily caught by someone who was new to the concepts he was talking about but because I have experience with making money using the internet, I picked up on those pretty quick.

So, like everything else I come across, I dug around on the internet to see how people who had tried Advertising Profits from Home were doing. What I found out wasn’t surprising but a bit shocking.

Before I get to the details of what I found out, let’s look at the infomercial and the concept behind what Anthony is talking about.

The Concept behind Advertising Profits from Home

What Anthony describes in the infomercial is something called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is very real and lots of bloggers and website owners online (including myself) use this process to make hundreds and thousands of dollars from home.

One of the red flags in the infomercial comes at around 5:15 in the video where Anthony says something that will make you think he developed the concept of affiliate marketing. Of course, he never says the words “affiliate marketing”, but he describes it the way I know it, and if he had mentioned it, there would be no need to buy his book at all since you can find info on affiliate marketing just by doing a simple Google search.

Anthony then goes on to say that he made $1000 the first month and immediately goes into a disclaimer letting you know that he’s “not telling anybody at home that just because they buy a book, they’re going to make millions of dollars and drive a Ferrari”.

This was the other red flag. Although there was also an on screen disclaimer, he’s probably trying to get you to believe that you can make $1000 your first month just like he did.

Although, affiliate marketing has the potential to make you thousands of dollars, you typically do not make that kind of money overnight and it is certainly difficult to make that kind of money in your first month if you’ve never done affiliate marketing before. You certainly would not make that kind of money from reading a book you bought on the internet for $19.99.

Given the potential earnings of affiliate marketing, it is just as much work as any other business. There is a process that you have to follow and there are tasks you have to do on a daily basis, not to mention the competition you’ll have with some of the stuff you choose to promote.

If you’re however dedicated to doing the work involved in affiliate marketing, you have the opportunity to earn a gradually increasing income.

Can You Trust Anthony Morrison and Hidden Millionaires?

Looking at the infomercial and having the desire to earn some extra cash, you might be convinced to pick up the phone and order the book without searching the internet for reviews.

However, if you do decide to search for reviews, you’ll quickly realize that you cannot trust this guy at all.

The biggest part of the whole Anthony Morrison thing might be the seminars he holds. CBS did a story about it but the video was apparently removed from YouTube after a copyright claim from a Jimmie Morrison was filed. Here’s a link to the transcript on the CBS website.

During the seminars, you’re asked to invest close to $4000 to be able to try Morrison’s advertising system which has to do with advertising credit card offers using pay-per-click (a method of advertising using Google and other search engines). The papers you sign are reportedly filled with fine print that many never read and therefore end up regretting.

In other words, Morrison is knowingly misleading people who really have a desire to make money using his methods but don’t know what to look for in terms of red flags.

Here are some of the complaints I found (and there are many), that confirms that Anthony Morrison is bad news.

From DSL Forums:

I was taken as well – I, however, had to finance my purchase, with one thousand down, and payments of 250 per month, as well as the 29.95 monthly fee.

I admire that you were able to make 89 dollars…… even with an 800 dollar investment. I have studied adwords, tried to get help from the Hidden Millionaires by phoning and emailing. The customer service people that answer the phones either know nothing about how to help or they just won’t. Calls are not returned, I have begged to have someone help me and I am just ignored. The only thing that has happened was that I was solicited to buy even more from them. I refused. Thankfully.
I cannot get my adwords to show up, I have created lists and lists, all to no avail. The bids to get them to the top of the page are far more than I could earn from them. Minimums in the 10 dollar range.
Seriously, stay away from this guy. And his program. Anyone have any ideas about how to get any part of my money back?
If you are thinking of doing this, please do not do it. Talk to one person who has paid for the course and made the money back. There is not one. He is a huge liar.

You might also want to read the entire DSL Forums thread where Anthony Morrison or someone posting under the name Mr. Morrison was part of the discussion.

From the 9 fraud reports on

I too bought the books and the call tried to get me to buy more and more.  I bought the two books and then I got a call some time later.  The man who called was rude and when I told him to talk to me another time.  He called right back and even talked ugly about me to my daughter one time when she answered the phone.

Some time later another nicer man called.  I gave him the time to listen and I thought I might give it another go.  That man passed me to another who when I asked for a contract as to what I get for nearly $5K of investment they wanted me to pay.  I got the silliest thing I ever saw anyone want to call a contract that had maybe a dozen words to it.  A child would have known it was no contract.  I told them I was not interested and they started calling over and over.  I wrote them and told them I was not interested and that I would report them on here if they kept communicating with me.  I was then threatened, and it is for this reason I felt it was necessary to report them.  STAY AWAY FROM THIS GROUP is the best advise I feel I can give regarding these people.  I have even tried to report these people to Anthony Morrison, I can only hope that these people are not what he wants representing his organization.  If it is a rip off, they radiate it out, if it is not, then he needs to close that office in Utah or at least clean it out in my opinion.  These are the facts as they happened to me.

Also from RipOff

DO NOT BUY THIS!!! I bought a teaching program after two seminars explaining the basics of operation and money needed to invest. It is called HIDDEN MILLIONAIRES or AFFILLIATE INCOME or CREDIT CARD SYSTEM. This young man made money with this several years ago with a small investment. He is selling his technique to the entire country. Had I checked it out on the internet I would have found other complaints exactly like mine.

He said to buy the program, invest $150.00 a month with each search engine and pay him $29.95 for a website and processing of profits. On paper I wrote down EXACTLY what he said. I went to the seminar twice to be sure. The cost of the program was $5995.00 if paid on a time basis with $1000.00 up front. In return you would be making $3000.00 to $4000.00 a month. He said this is what he made with $150.00 a month-the click rate would be 10 cents a click.

It was a complete LIE!! I did exactly what he said. First I found out there was no click rate of 10 cents. It was way over $1.00. That would lessen the profits a great deal. I tried it with $150.00 and $1.00 click rates on one search engine for two months. I thought I would make a little less, but enough to pay for the program, the internet hookup and his processing fee and still make some money. WRONG!! For 2 months I made $19.50. This was at Christmas time when people spend money. The best time of year!

I called him, emailed him, begged for help to explain what I was doing wrong. NO RESPONSE BECAUSE IT IS A SCAM!!! I did NOTHING wrong.

And most of the other reports were also just like these.

What You Need to Know About Making Money Online

Making money online doesn’t have to cost you $4000+ to get started. In fact, you can get started for less than $100 initially.

Your most basic requirements would be:

  • a domain name (website address) – $10.00/year
  • web hosting – as low as $4.00/month (your website builder is always included with this)
  • the know-how (structured training) – I’ve used Wealthy Affiliate since 2007 – Free to try (no credit card required)

You may need to invest in other stuff once you have your business up and running but nothing will ever cost you as much as $4000.

If you have an questions or want to share your experience about Advertising Profits from Home, Anthony Morrison or Hidden Millionaires, please leave a comment below.

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