3 Reasons To Pass on Affiliate Millionaire Club

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First off, let me make it clear that this is not a review of Affiliate Millionaire Club.

I couldn’t buy the product for a number of reasons and I’m just putting it here because those same reasons can help you to avoid this product. And that would be a good thing. You would not be missing out.

Affiliate Millionaire Club was launched a couple of weeks ago by some unknown (at least to me) marketers. Using Clicksure as their affiliate network, it was not a surprise to me to see the usual deception in the marketing of this product and I knew that it could never turn out well if I bought it.

For the sake of a review, I decided to hit the order page and check it out but I never got pass the submit button. Below are the three reasons why I didn’t buy Affiliate Millionaire Club and why you should skip this product as well.

1. Deceptive Marketing

If you’ve seen any number of these “make a million dollars by next week” products from Clicksure, then you probably know how this video went.

It’s the usual fare with fake or unrelated screenshots, fake testimonials from people who were paid $5 each to say they used the product and made thousands and all the other BS but no mention of what the product is.

They use all sorts of scripts with fake names of people who bought the product and countdown timers that never reach zero to make you think you’re missing out.

Anytime someone has to lie about their product or have you buy “the dream” instead of the product, then it usually means that there is something wrong with the product.

I would never buy a product from a marketer who thinks that it’s ok to deceive his audience in order to make sales. And you shouldn’t either.

However, I do reviews and try to buy the products so that I can evaluate them and lay out the facts in an objective and truthful manner so this alone wasn’t reason for me to skip a purchase.

2. Unsecure Order Page

The real reason why I skipped buying this product is the unsecure order page.

I hit the buy now button and proceeded to put in my details. But the order page didn’t look too familiar. It wasn’t a Clicksure or Clickbetter order page which I’m used to so I had to scrutinize it further.

amc order page

The order page was not secure and lacked encryption. This means that your credit card information may be available to hackers if they got into the site.

There were no other options to buy like Paypal or even a Clicksure order form and being someone who takes these kinds of things seriously, I declined to proceed further.

Would you like to wake up tomorrow to find that your credit card has been maxed out or your bank account cleaned out? That’s what could happen if you buy something from an unsecure order page.  This is my main reason for not purchasing this product.

This is something they could fix easily but it still wouldn’t make Affiliate Millionaire Club better.

(3) It’s Not for Newbies…

Whenever, I can’t get access to a product and I absolutely must provide a review, I do the next best thing – I do some research and provide my findings for those who are seeking it out. It’s like me doing the research you should be doing and saving you the time.

Most of the “reviews” on Google are from affiliates of the product looking to score some commissions. Many of them haven’t tried the product either.

From the real reviews I could find, it looks like Affiliate Millionaire isn’t that great. You certainly wouldn’t make the kind of income they lead you to believe.

To sum up the main points from one review:

  • not for newbies because of the serious lack of training
  • experienced marketers will skip this because they can do better sites than the software
  • there’s no club atmosphere – you’re on your own with no support

Affiliate Millionaire Club is aimed mostly at newbies (as usual) but the main problem here is that they skip out a lot of what newbies need to know and give them something that requires that missing knowledge.

I Need Your Reviews

Most of the people coming to this page are people who are looking for reviews BEFORE they buy.

Some people also come after they buy because they’re stuck and want to know if what they bought is a scam. They’ve come to that realization to late but would love to know if they should get their money back.

If you’ve bought Affiliate Millionaire Club and tried it, I would love to hear you experience with the product below in the comments section to help out the people looking for reviews before they buy.

Something That Works

Once again, no one is going to feel at home as a member of the Affiliate Millionaire Club. There are other sites out there though with more complete training and better support.

I’m using one such site and I’m also inviting you to try it out.

The site I’m talking about has step by step training that is perfect for newbies, community support that feels like you’re really in a club as well as tools and resources that will save you money as you learn how to build a full time income online.

You can read my full review of this site right here and I hope to see you there.


  1. I was absolutely disappointed in this program and when I called their number for the so called coach all I got was a website and when I tried to ask a question about something on the site they hung up.Very frustrated and I will be asking for a refund.Do not buy this system total scam.Empty promises and when you do buy then after that your on your own.They like other work-at-home systems are only interested in getting a sale from you and getting you as subscriber so they can flood your e-mail with so called other ways yo make money.Hope this helps to whoever reads it.Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience about Affiliate Millionaire Club Angela. It would be useful for other people who are thinking of getting involved with this.

  2. I too was scamed by one of these so called money making websites this one was millionair biz pro and i paid . I was told to call my coach and when i did he was very short and rude like i was wasting his time. I then called and cancelled. I saw amc and thought i would goggle it before i paid any money again, and im so glad i read your comments.

    • I’m glad you got away from this one Deann. These guys don’t care about your success at all. They only care about themselves which is why they’ll do anything, tell all types of lies just to part you from your money. Be careful out there.

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