3 Profitable Ways To Make Money With Amazon

Amazon moneyIn 1995, a guy by the name of Jeff Bezos started a website called Amazon to sell books from his garage in Washington.

As you already know, this turned out great for Bezos with Amazon becoming one of the biggest online shopping destinations for millions of people worldwide.

The logo for Amazon features an arrow that goes from A to Z which is an indication of the range of products they sell which is everything you can think of from A to Z.

One other thing Amazon offers is a way for ordinary folks and businesses to make money using a number of programs that they provide through the site.

In this article I’m going to show you the three main ways you can make money from Amazon at home. These three ways of making money are sole business models that a lot of people use to make a full time income from the comfort of their own home.

You can choose any one of these models and make a lot of money because Amazon is a household name that many people use and trust.

My advice is to pick one and find out everything there is to know about that model and stick to it. Do not try to use all three  at once.

Ok, here are the three profitable ways you can use Amazon to make money.

1. Sell On Amazon using Their Fulfillment Program

The first method is the method that I’m least likely to try because it involves an ecommerce type setup. I have shied away from online stores and selling products online because I don’t want to deal with large upfront costs, inventory, processing orders, shipping and dealing with returns.

Fulfillment by Amazon kinda takes most of these hassles away if you want to try selling products online. In a nutshell, they will stock your inventory for you, process your orders, ship (fulfill) orders and deal with customer returns.

How FBA Works

To go into a bit more detail Fulfillment by Amazon is a way to use the trust and popularity of Amazon to sell your products. You list your products on the site and take advantage of Amazon’s traffic to sell your products. When a customer orders, Amazon packages and ships the product to your customer.

Fulfillment by Amazon works if you have an online store site as well. Or even if your products are listed on eBay. All you need to do is join Amazon’s FBA program and send your inventory to one of Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses. When you get an order on your site, you send in a fulfillment request to Amazon (kinda like dropshipping) and they’ll ship it out.

Now I don’t have any experience with this method so I don’t know the specifics but people are definitely making money with this method. As long as people are buying things online this would always work.

2. Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

This is the method that I’m more familiar with having earned hundreds of dollars in commissions with Amazon since 2007.

I haven’t actively promoted Amazon as an affiliate but I do occasionally link to products that I like and I’ve made some sales from content that I’ve written on social sites like Hubpages over the years.

If you’re new to the whole affiliate marketing thing then this is how it works.

After you’ve set up a website or blog on a niche topic that you have some interest in, you will then apply to Amazon for a free Associates account.

After you’ve been approved for an account, you will then be able to promote any of the products across the millions of pages on the Amazon site from MP3s to toys and games to Kindle books, movies, garden items, kitchen appliances and more. Amazon provides a unique link that you can put on your site to send visitors who if they purchase will result in you earning a commission between 4% – 15% of the sale.

This can happen all day whether or not you’re at your computer and you won’t have to deal with orders, shipping, customers and all the other stuff that comes with running an online store. This is why I decided that affiliate marketing was what I wanted to do.

To get started with Amazon Associates you will first need to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works, the methods you’ll use to get people to your sites and how to actually build the site. You can learn how to do affiliate marketing and get a free website by creating a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

3.  Amazon Kindle Ebook Publishing

Kindle / BooksYou’ve probably heard of the Kindle. You probably even have one of these devices that you use to read books.

Before the Kindle came along, you would have to get a publishing deal to write a book and put it on Amazon for sale. Since Amazon released the ebook reader and digital books to fill them, Kindle books have surpassed physical books in sales.

Amazon provides the platform for writers to self publish these Kindle books and because of their popularity, you can make a lot of money without even being a big name author like Stephen King or Dan Brown.

This means that a lot of ordinary people like you and I can write books and have them on the Kindle earning money. It has even become a business model that some people are using to earn full time incomes from home buy just producing Kindle books.

The way it works is you find a niche topic to write about and get the book written. You can do the writing yourself or if writing is not your thing (more on this below), you can outsource the writing. You will then format the book using the guidelines set out by Kindle, create a book cover and upload it.

Then you’ll need to market your books so that you can make the most money from them.

Amazon has a special publishing program where Kindle authors can manage their Kindle books.

To get started, you can check out Brad Callen’s AK Elite Software and bonuses which offer a complete solution to building a profitable Kindle business.

The reason why I recommend Brad Callen’s software is because most Kindle publishing books only talk about how to write and publish your ebooks and some touch on the marketing side of things but AK Elite will find high demand, low competition topics for you to write about, analyze your competition, and rank your ebook at the top of Amazon for your keywords making Amazon do all the promotion for your book.

It provides a recipe for success. You will also learn where you can get your books written for you if you’re not the writing type and lots of other Kindle publishing specific stuff. Be sure to also download the free Kindle Crusher guide which is a great primer on getting started.

There you have it. Three great ways to make money with the most popular shopping site online. Pick one and learn everything you can about how it works and you could be making a full time income before the end of 2013.


  1. I am retired And tired of just babysitting with my grandchildren. I have been wanting and looking for something I could do from home on my own that really interests me and possibly make a little money to boot. However there is so much to learn just to get started. Your article was very enlightening and informative. I am on the baby step phase now but hope to advance as quickly as possible. Thanks for the article and information.

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