Auto Mobile Code Review – More Useless Junk

There’s been a healthy amount of buzz surrounding the release of Auto Mobile Code since it was launched last Sunday.

auto mobile code vid
Pictured: Actor with rented house and sports car.

Even though I hadn’t written a review up until this point, I’m getting questions and even comments on other articles about Auto Mobile Code. I’ve also seen the affiliate contests where the owners are giving away prizes to persons who help sell this piece of… software.

Auto Mobile Code is making lots of money for the people behind it. The people buying it though, I can’t say the same despite the insane promises presented in the video.

In the following review, we’ll take a look at why this is just another useless piece of junk designed only to put money in the pockets of scammers.

Name: Auto Mobile Code
Supposed Owners: Giovani Leoni & Tessa Leoni
Real Owner: Ronnie C. Montano
$49 but if you click away you get it for $19, and as low as $9
Verdict: Avoid

What is Auto Mobile Code?

They don’t tell you much about what’s involved in Auto Mobile Code in the sales video. They mention something about cell phones but it’s pretty vague. This is usually enough for me not to want to buy it.

Auto Mobile Code is a software application that manages sms or text message marketing. The software builds a web form for you to collect cell phone numbers and has a module for you to send the text messages to the phones.

I found this video which walks you through the members area of Auto Mobile Code. The guy in the video tries to convince you that you need this but don’t worry about him and his bonuses. After reading the rest of this article, you’ll know better.

Most people who buy these types of products don’t usually get to see what they’re buying since the sellers are always vague about what’s involved. They don’t tell you because they don’t want you to realize that their software won’t interest you one bit. They’d rather sell you on the dream of getting rich extremely quick.

Getting Tired of the Same Video

The video for Auto Mobile Code is textbook demonstration of how all these scams are set up. Notorious Clicksure scammer Ronnie Montano releases a new one of these things every few months and they all follow the same pattern.

Most of the videos I’ve seen have pretty much the same story, just with a different actor at a different location. The video for Auto Mobile Code isn’t any different and contained all the same lies, tricks, fake testimonials, misleading earnings screenshots and ridiculous promises.

Speaking of earnings screenshots, here’s something you should know about the Clicksure screenshots in the video. Giovani would like you to believe that he made that money using the Auto Mobile Code software. However this isn’t so.

sms earnings

In the screenshot above, you will see that the dates are from around the middle of July. Ronnie Montano launched Secret Money System on the 21st of July. The offer went live a couple of days before.

You can see that the most money was made on launch day as expected. This screenshot is most likely earnings made from all the people that bought the Secret Money System from the day it went live. How misleading to use an earnings screenshot that has nothing to do with Auto Mobile Code.

There is another screenshot in the video that I believe is from the launch of another one of Montano’s systems, one called eMobile Code.

One thing you’ll learn from this video is that binary options stuff are scams. The characters Giovani and his wife Tessa call out the gurus who are promoting binary and there are two reasons for this:

  • binary options stuff really are scams (and the gurus know this)
  • this isn’t about binary options

This is a cheap way to get you to trust Giovani since he sounds like he’s on your side. It’s too bad that this is also a scam and Montano is just another guru to avoid.

Why Auto Mobile Code Won’t Work For You

Giovani Leoni isn’t the real owner of Auto Mobile Code. He’s a character played by an actor just like many of the scams hosted at Clicksure.

The real owner is a guy called Ronnie Montano and he has previously released similar products that has gotten mainly negative reviews. People know of his reputation for coming out with these scam products so I guess that is why he hides behind his characters.

Similar themed products like Mobile Money Code and eMobile Code were released by Montano and they only served to confuse the people who bought them. Auto Mobile Code would be no different.

The main reason why these products fail is that they’re all being marketed as a way to become filthy rich when they’re really complicated and fail to show users the basics. That and the bad or non-existent customer service, shoddy refund policy and the lack of resources and support for the people who buy the products.

You won’t make any money with Auto Mobile Code because they’re marketing something that isn’t fit for someone who is now starting out.

This just isn’t the right match for someone who is new to making money online. It would be better suited for someone like a coffee-shop owner or anyone with a brick & mortar business looking for other ways to advertise their business.

Regardless of who this is marketed to, the training is very sparse and only shows how to use the software. They never get into the basics of actual marketing which is definitely recommended if you’re going to make money.

Without the basics the average user is going to be lost.

Read the Fine Print

The creators of Auto Mobile Code are well aware that they’re offering junk to people. Despite their testimonials with outrageous earnings  and people talking about “I didn’t even do anything…and I made almost two grand”, they know that you’ll most likely not make any money.

You can find evidence of this in the fine print at the bottom of the website in at least two clauses.

The first one says:

typical fineprint

I believe this is a way of saying that you cannot expect to make money with this. They’re already expecting a high failure rate using their system because it’s trash.

Then there is a second part where they go on about how the testimonials are exceptional results and you won’t be about to duplicate any of these results. This contradicts everything that was said or implied in the video. How can you not duplicate “didn’t even do anything” and make two grand?

In my opinion, the stuff you find in the fineprint is all you need to know to make a decision about Auto Mobile Code if you’re thinking of buying it.

No More Codes Please

One question that I keep seeing is “I downloaded it. How do I use it”?

I’ve seen this with Mobile Money Code in particular and I’m guessing that the others including Auto Mobile Code are no different.

As long as these “mobile codes” are being released, they’ll be popular because Ronnie Montano has a huge email list and a huge list of jv partners, incentives for those jvs and everything else to trick people into believing his lies.

The main things to keep in mind are:

  • they’re not as easy as it sounds (too technical for the average user)
  • the software is a mismatch for the targeted audience
  • there’s not enough relevant training to make it worthwhile

A Better Option

A better option to Auto Mobile Code and sms marketing is affiliate marketing. This is how I make all my money and it’s also how the only people who are making money with Auto Mobile Code are making their money.

Affiliate marketing is a much easier way for a complete beginner to make money on the internet. It takes work and it takes time but you can definitely quit your day job with affiliate marketing like I (and so many others) did.

With affiliate marketing, you can help people solve their problems or pursue their passions by connecting them to the products that they need. In the process, you’ll earn commissions on every sales you make and  you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing that the customer is happy with their purchase.

You don’t need to own a product as there are lots of merchants who offer this money making opportunity to you. All you need to do is partner with those merchants and manage your own website. If you’re not sure how this process works, it can easily be learned.

One of the best places to learn how to do this is a site called Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member there since 2007 and really enjoy recommending it to others. The community is friendly and knowledgeable and the training is very easy to follow and always evolving.

Best of all, you can start for free and work your way though the beginner courses. Once you get the hang of it, you can get an optional premium account for more advanced courses that will help you to scale your business for higher earnings.

There’s a lot that Wealthy Affiliate has that most of the other guru products don’t which makes it a great place for people to escape from the scams and actually learn something.

How Wealthy Affiliate Compares with Auto Mobile Code

The following comparison chart makes it easy to see why Auto Mobile Code lacks the ability to put you in a money earning position and why Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option.

Wealthy Affiliate had everything you need in an educational platform – excellent training, quick and knowledgeable support, tools and resources – for you to make money online.

Please share your experience, questions, comments about Auto Mobile Code in the comments section below. It just might save someone from being terribly disappointed.

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