Bank’s Experiment Review – Does It Work?

banks members areaMost of the times, I can tell just by watching the sales video of a product that the offer is going to be a scam.

Bank’s Experiment was no different as they used pretty much the same shady techniques all the scammers on Clicksure use to swindle newbies out of their hard earned money.

I had come across Bank’s Experiment about a month or so ago and made a note to review it but never got around to doing so. The story Ron Banks gives in the video resembled the one given in  the video for my last review so I decided to go ahead and take a look at this product.

In the following review, you’ll read about my reasons for calling this product a scam and you’ll see the various ways they will try to empty your bank account.

Product Name: Bank’s Experiment
Supposed Owner: Ron Banks
Actual Owner: Alan Magliocca
Price: $7 Plus various Upsells
Verdict: Too technical. Wrong starting point for newbies. Avoid this scam!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Bank’s Experiment

The video that introduces Bank’s Experiment is full of lies and trickery designed to make you feel you’re getting a special, exclusive deal. You’re one of 4% of people accepted to take part in the experiment they say.

Well you’re not really lucky as anyone with the link can view the video and they will be told the same thing.

The testimonials showing beta testers  talking about their unrealistic earnings from being part of Bank’s Experiment is also another lie. These testimonials are fake and just as many of the other scams have done, the creator of the product paid for these testimonials on a site called Fiverr. Each testimonial cost $5.

When a guru chooses to use fake testimonials, it usually means that there was no one who used the system and made money available to give a truthful review of the system. It also means they’re willing to do anything just to get their hands on your money.

The lies continue in the video with the bogus story about a guru accidentally uploading a file labeled “private docs” to Ron Bank’s members area. As the story goes Bank’s paid $700 to access some secret make money online information and got fluff. Until this accident, he felt ripped off.

Another lie that might surprise any newcomer to these types of offers is the name of the creator. Ron Banks is a fake name. The guy playing Banks is actually an actor. The real creator behind Bank’s Experiment is a guy called Alan Magliocca who has produced some scammy products before and launched them on Clicksure.

This type of thing happens a lot so that the scammers can hide their true identity and connection to the product.

With all the shady techniques mentioned here to get you to buy into Bank’s Experiment, I would recommend that you avoid this offer as it is evident that you’re dealing with scammers (people who will lie, cheat and steal their way into your bank account).

I bought it so that you won’t have to.

They Want All Your Money

Don’t be fooled by the initial $7 it costs to access the files required to earn money with Banks Experiment.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be met with offer after offer that promises you won’t be successful unless you buy it.

Immediately after I purchased Banks’ Experiment, I got an upsell for some “done-for-you” campaigns and they’re asking for $297 which was later down-sold for $97. I declined any upsells because I wasn’t even interested in the initial offer in the first place.

After declining that upsell, there was another one offering 20 free profit ready websites for $97. This might have been from another product called Free Cash Formula as the guy in the video calls the product by name. Declining this would lead to a down-sell for $67. I figure that this is a web hosting offer where you’re asked to buy expensive hosting.

There is a final upsell for a software that costs $47. “Secret profit glitch” are the words used by Ron Banks to describe the product. You can get it for $27 if you decline.

Before you even reach the members area, the creators of Bank’s Experiment have already asked you for close to $450 additionally.

In the members area, more selling is encountered. The welcome video is actually an offer for Miracle Software Vault which costs $1 for access but takes the user by surprise after only 3 days

There are other members area items designed to take your money.

banks members area

First there is a free live training button. This is usually a webinar where you will be sold more stuff, usually higher ticket items.

Then there is a “free websites” offer which means they want you to go get overpriced web hosting.

The build your email list button is for Aweber where you can get an account for $1 and rebilled a higher amount after 30 days.

What Exactly is Banks Experiment?

Well the experiment is Banks offering the files he paid $700 for to a select few for only $7 to see how much money they’d make. If he really did this he’d be very disappointed.

The actual product is a folder that contains 10 html files which I suppose are website templates. They looked like gifs with a section to input some type of code which I subsequently found out was for an email optin box.

banks template
One of the templates

The templates looked really ugly and from what I could tell, they were designed for users to promote Bank’s Experiment as affiliates.

The training videos in the members area show you how to upload the templates and get the code from Get Response, an email autoresponder company.

At this point they even try to get more money from you by offering to set the templates up for you. This offer leads to an affiliated Clicksure product for My Income Team where you have to get over priced web hosting.

So the entire thing is about setting up optins to promote Banks’ Experiment. There is no relevant training for newbies (who is the target market for Banks’ Experiment) that show them how to actually promote products and how they’re supposed to make money online.

Even for my level of experience, the process of setting these up seemed a little complicated and too technical. It’s already very much useless for newbies.

For my final verdict on this thing, the real intention behind this is all Banks (or rather Magliocca) wants to do is to fill his pockets with your money.

Something that Works

Bank’s Experiment will leave you confused and disappointed. What you really need is something that explains the first step to making money online and holds your hand from there until you’re actually making money.

It may not be fast but it’s sure.

Learning to make money online is possible even if you’re a newbie with my #1 recommended program. There is step by step training suitable for people who do not know a thing about making money online and all the necessary tools are available.

There is also no lies or shady activity and the focus is on helping you make money, not trying to take more money from you.

With quality support, training, free web hosting and other tools available to make you successful, Wealthy Affiliate makes scams like Bank’s Experiment ultimately useless. See for yourself in the comparison chart below.

As you can see Bank’s Experiment fails miserable at offering the features needed for online success. I would never recommend something like that especially after everything I’ve exposed above.

Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and leave your experiences with Bank’s Experiment below in the comments area.

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