Black Friday Deals 2016 for Internet Marketers & Bloggers

black friday

Black Friday 2016 is here and that means everyone is trying to get the best deals they can find on everything from toys, Christmas gifts, household items and everything else that is being sold.

For online marketers and bloggers, Black Friday might mean something else – promoting all the best deals in your niche. But there are deals for us also – from web hosting, WordPress themes to domains and even keyword research tools.

On this page, you’re going to find a list of all the deals that I could find, all in one place so that you can decide which ones you really need. If it’s a new WordPress theme to make over your website for the coming year, you’ll find it here.

I haven’t used everything here nor do I endorse everything listed – it’s just a curated list of Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2016 deals I could find so that you wouldn’t have to miss anything.

You can check out the details page for more information on that deal or go directly to the deal provider.

Black Friday 2016 Deals (November 25th)

Most Black Friday deals start around midnight on Black Friday and run through Cyber Weekend ending on Monday at midnight. Some may be extended beyond that and some might start earlier.

Check with the detail page for the deal for more info.

Domain Names

Web Hosting Deals

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Training and Courses

These are just some of the great deals that are being offered this Black Friday and extending into Cyber Monday and later.

I don’t yet have the details for some of the deals so I’d appreciate if anyone knows about any deals listed here as TBA or without details to let me know. I’ll update the list throughout the weekend.


    • A popular explanation is that this is the time of the year when retailers turn a profit, going from “in the red” to “in the black” so its called Black Friday for that reason.

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