Quick Review of The Cashbox Blueprint

CBoxThe Cashbox Blueprint by Alex Jeffries, was first sold late last year as a Warrior Special Offer, a tactic often used to test out new products and get early feedback before doing a bigger launch.

I bought the Cashbox Blueprint a couple of days ago with the intention of testing it out and sharing the results on here as a case study.

Things didn’t quite go as plan so instead I have a quick review of the product instead.

Sales Funnel

Cashbox Blueprint was available for $4.95 and promised to show you how Jeffries makes almost $3000 daily.

At such a low price point, I wondered about the quality but decided to get it anyway.

Turns out that the cheap pricing of this initial offer is justified because its part of Jeffries marketing funnel to sell more expensive products – Marketing with Alex Live which goes for a one time fee of $17  and his private IM Mastermind – a continuity product that goes for $27 per month.

I declined both since I’m already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I only really wanted to review Cashbox Blueprint for now.

The Product

As I said before, I wanted to test the product and post the results on here but things didn’t go as planned.

I initially thought it was about affiliate marketing which is why I bought it but after going through the material, I realized that it was about creating your own product and launching it. I don’t know how I missed that but after going over the sales page, I can see that it was my fault.

This mix up doesn’t affect my review in any way though – I’m going to call it as it is.

The product itself is:

  • 72 minute video (the blueprint)
  • The blueprint in mp3 format
  • the blueprint in pdf format (text transcript)
  • mind map of the process
  • 2 Bonus videos – Secret Affiliate Sniper (build your affiliate army for free) and Niche Cashbox Riches (target most profitable niches and cash in)

My Review of the Cashbox Blueprint

I did some quick checks on Alex Jeffries and it seems that he is a very respected marketer and targets the more advanced internet marketing crowd mainly.

He does have some overhyped products though like his “make a million in 21 days” DVD.

The idea behind the Cashbox Blueprint is that you have a goal to launch a product and you do work on only that. Nothing else.

The video goes through the process but the advice isn’t really as practical as it could be. I think he could have detailed the steps a little more.

The other thing I didn’t like about Cashbox Blueprint is that it’s ONE 72 minute video. This makes the video less consumable to me because I have to watch it all the way through and take notes.

It would have been far more attractive to have different modules and shorter videos of say 5 – 10 minutes. That way I could come back to the videos that I really need to look at while working through the process.

The way I see it is that this is one of those products that is going to end up on your computer with no action taken.

I also think that there are better product creation courses out there that someone could buy and Cashbox Blueprint would be pretty much useless in comparison.

What I really liked though, is that he gives you an mp3 version of the video so you can listen to in the car or while out jogging, and a transcript of the video for those who prefer learning via reading.

The bonuses also compliment the product very well.

Alex Jeffries probably makes $2724.00 per day with the blueprint that he has laid out here but the product could be more practical and better presented.

Not For Newbies

This product is definitely not for people who are new to the idea of making money on the internet.

After you’ve learned the basics and have a little marketing experience under your belt then you might want to consider creating your own product. For the reasons I explained above though, Cashbox Blueprint is probably not going to help you in that area though.

If you’re a newbie, then you want to start from the beginning by learning the basics. You can create a free account at Wealthy Affiliate and tackle your first 10 task-based lessons.

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