Why Would Anyone Click Affiliate Links?

Very interesting question today in this week’s Friday Q&A. A reader, Andy F., asked the following question via email and I thought it was a very good question which I think a lot of people who don’t understand affiliate marketing might be asking. Here’s Andy’s question: “Why would anyone want to click on (for example) […]

WA Experiment Update #3: What Happened?

An update to my WA experiment is long overdue. I haven’t added an update since March 1st which is ridiculous. The experiment should have already concluded and I should have already posted the results. Two days ago, a reader caught me off guard and asked about the experiment, how it went and what were the […]

WA Experiment Update #2: Traffic and More Content

I finished the Level 2 training on Wealthy Affiliate and drafted this post about 3 weeks ago. Then I got distracted by another passion of mines and haven’t updated this site since. In this update on my Wealthy Affiliate experiment, I’m going to report on the progress of my new website and how you can […]