WA Experiment Day 5: Keywords for Content Ideas

Keyword research is another important part of making money online. More than likely, you probably found this website by typing into Google something you wanted to know about related to making money online or with MLM programs. Every page on your website needs to target one keyword that you think someone in your niche might […]

WA Experiment Day 4: Getting Your Website Ready

I’ve already built the website. Now I just need to set it up so that I can easily manage everything and also attract visitors to my site. There are only a couple of steps left before we can start posting content and attracting visitors to the site in our effort to make money online. I’ll […]

WA Experiment Day 3: Building The Website

After you’ve chosen the niche market, you can then move on to building the website which is the step we’ll be taking in day 3 of the Wealthy Affiliate training experiment. Building a website used to be a complicated task once upon a time and you had to know about html, coding, php and all […]

WA Experiment Day 2: Choosing a Niche

One of the first things you have to get into order if you’re going to be making money online is you have to choose a focused topic for your website. This is called choosing a niche market. The reason you’d head to the pizza place if you want a pizza instead of the gas station […]

WA Experiment Day 1: Getting Started

It’s been over a week since I announced that I would be doing a Wealthy Affiliate experiment where I would be building a website using only the training available at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m finally ready to get going after being ill for some days. I’m feeling better now and ready to go. To get started […]