WA Experiment Update #1- Added My First Review

After starting the Level 2 course at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve worked my way through the first 4 lessons which covered subjects like: using your own domain name (for branding) creating theme based content for your site organizing your menu system (for optimal navigation) creating website email address asking for feedback the customer purchase cycle creating […]

WA Experiment Day 7: My New Website

So far I’ve completed the first level course on Wealthy Affiliate and have gotten a website up and running. Although there is nothing on the website as yet as far as content goes, if this was my first website, I would have achieved a whole lot just by completing the free Getting Started course at […]

WA Experiment Day 6: Adding Pages On Your Website

The next step in getting your website organized is to add some requisite pages and create a menu so that visitors can easily navigate your website. Affiliate websites, in addition to promotional and informational content should always have the following pages. About Me – I simply put “About” and this tells the visitor who they’re […]

WA Experiment Day 5: Keywords for Content Ideas

Keyword research is another important part of making money online. More than likely, you probably found this website by typing into Google something you wanted to know about related to making money online or with MLM programs. Every page on your website needs to target one keyword that you think someone in your niche might […]

WA Experiment Day 4: Getting Your Website Ready

I’ve already built the website. Now I just need to set it up so that I can easily manage everything and also attract visitors to my site. There are only a couple of steps left before we can start posting content and attracting visitors to the site in our effort to make money online. I’ll […]