Forget CB Chief – Auto-Blogging is Dead

CB Chief BoxI was recently asked to review 5 internet marketing products and although I plan on buying and testing each one, I’ve decided not to get CB Chief because it’s something that I just would never use.

So this isn’t so much of a CB Chief review where I bought and tested the product. It’s more of a warning for those who think that something like this is going to help them make money online.

In this post, I’m going to tell you why I would never use a product like CB Chief in my business, why you shouldn’t use it and the problems you’re likely to run into if you do decide to use it.

What CB Chief Does

One of the major reasons why a lot of affiliate marketers never find success or end up quitting before they even get started is they have a hard time creating content.

The thought of coming up with a unique 500 word post can seem like a monumental task for some especially when creating content around topics they know little about.

CB Chief is a WordPress plugin that tries to tackle this problem, by pulling content from Clickbank products and populating your blog with that content as well as affiliate links.

Sounds like a great idea and the software works well it seems.

The layout is easy to use and straightforward and the results look clean and attractive on your blog.

There are some pretty good features including drip feeding the content over time instead of populating your blog all at once and you can add tracking ids to your affiliate links.

So what’s the problem then?

Why I Wouldn’t Recommend You Use CB Chief

There are a number of problems with using a product like CB Chief.

The big one is that you’re using an outdated technique called auto-blogging which will prevent you from making any money at all. Auto-blogging died around 2011 – 2012 when Google released their Panda and Penguin updates – two updates to their search results that aimed to remove low quality websites from their index.

Websites created as a result of auto-blogging are usually deemed low quality because the content is duplicated from another source and didn’t really offer much value to human visitors.

With CB Chief, you’re supposed to be building Clickbank review sites. The reviews created by CB Chief are scraped from the Clickbank sales page so they’re really not reviews but duplicated content.

Someone who visits a Clickbank page and then searches for a review of that product is not going to get any value when they land on any article created by CB Chief.

It would be better to manually create a review and post it. Your chances of getting a sale would be much better.

Because Google rewards websites with valuable content, the CB Chief created blogs aren’t going to have much visibility in the search engines and as a result, they’re not going to get much traffic at all.

Your business is dead at this point. No rankings. No traffic. No money.

And I’m not pointing my fingers at CB Chief alone. CB Chief does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. It’s the technique that’s the problem. You’re not going to make any money by creating automated blogs.

Quality Over Quantity – When Less is More

Less is MoreOn the sales page, the creator asks whether you’re a Laura or a Robert.

He calls up Laura, who has been creating her reviews manually, and asks her how many blogs she has created over a 2 week period. Laura has only created one blog and is trying to create another.

He calls up Robert, who is using CB Chief, and asks him the same question. Robert has created a total of 274 blogs since he started using CB Chief.

I’d rather be Laura in this case.

Laura is creating her reviews manually and focusing on one or two sites. She is providing more value by offering her unique opinion in the form of a review which would be much more appreciated by her visitors then a robotic repetition of a sales page acting as an excuse for a review.

Robert, while creating more opportunities for something to stick, isn’t really helping anyone and with 274 blogs and counting, there isn’t much “human” in any of his content. Visitors to his blogs are going to see that from a mile away.

Google is going to reward Laura’s reviews with rankings and she’ll get traffic and sales. Robert is going to wonder why he’s not getting any sales at all even though he’s probably getting a few visits here and there.

In affiliate marketing, it’s better to focus on creating one great site with awesome content than to spread your efforts thin trying to create site after site. The more stuff you try to create, the less involved you’re going to be with each project and you’ll end up creating a bunch of sub-par sites that never reach their potential.

Stefan’s Strategy Is Flawed

The creator of CB Chief lays out a plan of action for Robert to follow when using the software. This plan is supposed to ensure his student’s success.

chief plan

When I saw this, I had to recheck the date when CB Chief was launched. Surely it had to be sometime in 2010 or 2011.

But CB Chief was launched in April 2014 so it seems that the creator of this product must not have gotten the memo. Either that or there’s a reason why he suggest selling after 3 months.

This strategy, while it might have worked 3 years ago, no longer works. At least, not as a long term strategy anyway.

I’ve already stated why it’s not a good idea to focus on more than a couple of blogs at once. Stefan suggests creating 5 blogs per day.

Then he suggests using Fiverr and software to do SEO for 1 hour per day. Google does not want you to intentionally create backlinks and  whenever Google does find out your site is being boosted by intentional backlinking, you can lose your rankings and even get de-indexed.

And Google has it’s ways of finding these sites. I lost a couple of sites two years ago during the Penguin updates because I was manually building links to those sites.

Nowadays, I do zero backlinking, except for sharing my articles on social media and my site enjoys about 400 – 500 visits per day. I’m not going to risk throwing this away by intentionally creating backlinks.

Finally, Stefan suggests generating revenue from the blogs for 2 – 3 months then selling the winners on Flippa.

Whoever decides to buy a site that uses auto-blogging content and the strategies used above is going to end up losing out eventually. Google will no doubt catch up and kill those sites due to the backlinking and low quality scraped content.

And What About those Testimonials?

One last thing I noticed on the CB Chief sales page.

There are a number of testimonials that speak well about CB Chief and I agree with all of them.

They all talk about how easy it is to use the software and how easy it is to create blogs. The one thing none of the testimonials mention is who is making money with their CB Chief created auto-blogs.

I’m guessing they’re still waiting for the money to come in. Until that happens, I’m not going anywhere near CB Chief or any other auto-blogging software and I suggest that you stay away too.

How To Build an Online Business The Right Way

There’s no need to be intimidated by content creation. Everyone can create content.

As long as you can write an email or post a status to Facebook, as long as you can express your opinions verbally, you can write content for a website.

Forget about outdated strategies that will get you in trouble with Google and other search engines. You’ll only end up doing  twice the work you’re supposed to be doing and never see results.

I learned to do affiliate marketing the right way and even when I got into trouble for creating backlinks two years ago, I bounced back because I’m a member of an online educational platform called Wealthy Affiliate, where the community always stays up to date on the latest developments in online marketing.

You need a community like Wealthy Affiliate if you’re going to do online business the right way. It’s free (no credit card needed) if you want to check out the Level 1 “Getting Started” course.

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