3 Reasons Why You Should Pass on Celebrity Income Snatcher

Celebrity Income Snatchers sales pageCelebrity Income Snatcher is a new product being released today by Jani G and Gavin Stephenson. The product is supposed to show you a unique approach to affiliate marketing by using celebrities to make money.

Since I’m writing this before the product comes out, I don’t know too much about what it is. It’s kinda weird though because there are Celebrity Income Snatcher “reviews” that date back to early June and the product hasn’t even sold a copy. None of the reviews show that they’ve even received a review copy.

The reason I’m writing this is because I found the title “Celebrity Income Snatcher” very interesting and did some research on it trying to figure out what it could be.

My research revealed some red flags that if I was thinking about getting this system, I would have changed my mind immediately.

Here are 3 reasons why I recommend that you pass on Celebrity Income Snatcher.

1. Jani G  and the “S” Word

I’ve heard someone mention that Jani G, one of the creators of Celebrity Income Snatcher, has a bit of a bad reputation. So when I saw his name attached to Celebrity Income Snatcher, I got skeptical about the product.

I know nothing about Jani G personally so I decided to look into what it might be that he had done for him to gain such a bad rep. Turns out there’s a lot of not so nice things about this guy on the net.

Jani G has released quite a bit of internet marketing products in the pass and they have received some very critical feedback for either the quality or the actions of G himself. This is something I picked up from an article entitled “An Open Letter to Jani G” written by someone who obviously knows a lot about this guy’s work.

I decided to look into some of the claims in the open letter just to verify them for myself.

Claim #1: Get FB Ads Free was a scam

I remember this product very well and it was definitely a very crappy product that claimed you could get FB Ads for free just like it’s predecessor Get Google Ads Free (not by Jani G).  Obviously there isn’t any loophole for you to get advertising free from these companies so their claims were just hot air.

Here’s a review of Get FB Ads from someone who bought it:

I have just bought the latest “secret software tool” from Jani G, namely “Get FB Ads Free” and i have to say it was some serious pile of shit.

This guy is a master to make convincing video presentations of his products, but it’s all a lie. He makes you believe that you can set up a campaign in 7 minutes on facebook with paid unlimited traffic for free, well that’s not the case with this product.

What the software does is that it let you set up a Facebook fan page that looks good. That is the positive part of the purchase, but you get no information in his video’s on how to get traffic. WTF?

Jani G’s last product sucked as well, he did the overhyped video sales letters as usual, and when you got the product it was a joke. Like every product you buy from Jani, you need to buy a 300$ upsell to get some over saturated copy and paste campaigns.

If you don’t believe what i am saying, then head over to the Warrior Forum they always tell’s the truth. Jani knows he is ripping off his customers, how long can he do that before clickbank terminate his vendor accounts. Avoid his products like the plague!!

Mr. Sonic

The review pretty much sums up the consensus on Jani G’s Get FB Ads Free and the product does not exist anymore. It must have gotten so many refunds, they had to pull it off the market.

Claim #2: Fake Screenshots on Commission Takers

Another of Jani G’s products released in 2011 came under fire for having fake screenshots. This dishonest move where Jani G jacked a screenshot of an earnings summary for $3 Million from a website for a sports betting system to put on his website for Commission Takers claiming it as his own was caught by some savvy individual.

You can take a look at the screenshots comparing both Commission Takers and Sports Betting Champ below. I have to credit WorkAtHomeTruth who may or may not be the ones who spotted this, but posted the screenshots in a review of the red flags of Commission Takers.

Jani G earnings proof

Stealing earnings proof just to sell your product is being extremely dishonest and if you’re trying to fool your audience then you can do a lot worst to them once they become your customers.

One thing I noticed is that Commission Takers and Celebrity Income Snatchers kinda sound like they’re the same thing. Once again, just like Free FB Ads, Commission Takers is nowhere to be found. Can you say fly-by-night?

Claim #3: Auto Traffic Hijack Swindle

The third issue in the open letter is Jani G swindled his software developer who decided that he was going to shut down the software which was the product that persons buying Auto Traffic Hijack would receive.

It all played out in public after the software developers emailed the customers about what Jani G did and offered the original software for free. One user posted the original email to The Warrior Forum after which Jani G tried to come up with an excuse for his actions.

The developers had the final say though and someone (maybe you know who I’m talking about) was called a scammer.

So after finding all this stuff about Jani G, I will never go near anything that this guy is involved with and I’ll never recommend any of his products. This goes for his latest Celebrity Income Snatcher.

How about some other reasons? After all this is not about Jani G.

2. It’s on Clicksure

If you’ve never heard of Clicksure, it’s a payment processor/affiliate network similar to Clickbank where marketers can list their products and affiliates can promote them and get paid commissions.


Clicksure is rather new – I think they started in 2012 or got popular around the time Clickbank decided to boot all the scam products out of their marketplace and came up with some new approval guidelines which prevented scam type products from being listed.

After Clickbank cleaned up their marketplace a lot of the rejected stuff would end up on Clicksure. Surely enough, Clicksure became associated with scams and crappy products with high refund rates.

Here’s what someone at the Warrior Forum had to say about Clicksure in a thread about the possibility that the affiliate network may be ripping off affiliates.

Sorry to have to say this, but there are so many complaints out there about ClickSure, both by affiliates and buyers. Seems most of their products are scams and many Vendors that are refused by Clickbank or are kicked out at Clickbank (mostly due to many complaints and very high refund rates) head over to ClcikSure to sell their BS. Why would you promote products with a refund rate of 50% + ? Why would you promote products if you did not buy them and tested them yourself, before promoting them?


It may not be the case but if a product was being released on Clicksure, you could pretty much sum up that it had been rejected by Clickbank or the marketers chose Clicksure because they could get away with shady promotional stuff they planned on doing (like faking screenshots).

I have never promoted anything on Clicksure and probably never will given the type of products they have.

The fact that Celebrity Income Snatcher is being sold on Clicksure instead of Clickbank is probably an indication of the quality of the product or the sneaky promotional tactics and non-existent support you’re going to receive – another reason to pass on Celebrity Income Snatcher.

3. The Sales Message

Finally, the sales message for Celebrity Income Snatcher is just the same old hype with no real proof of what the product is all about. Its some notion that celebrities “will flat out give you some of their income”. And no one knows about this loophole that the creator found.

So I’m supposed to believe that Tom Cruise sent this guy a check because he found some loophole on the internet?

Hmm, I could only speculate about what this really is. Maybe they’re using news stories about celebrities to pull traffic. Well that’s not the same and it’s misleading. Also it’s not a new and it’s a well known technique.

Sales techniques like these have become the norm nowadays and they work – but not on the same people all the time. People become wiser and the sales pitches only work on those that have not been exposed to them before. Or the desperate.

Maybe around this time next year, Celebrity Income Snatcher will not exist at all and the creators will be releasing another hype filled product with another loophole they just found that nobody knows about.

If the product turns out to be good, I still stand by the fact that Jani G has a bad reputation, that Clicksure has a bad reputation and that the sales message for Celebrity Income Snatcher is misleading and filled with hype.

Since this isn’t a review of the product, I will be keeping an eye out for any real reviews that I come across just to see how people are taking this and what the product is all about. If you have any experience, I would appreciate if you would leave a comment below for the sake of other users who might be tempted to get it.

BTW, I recommend that you check this out instead.

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