Celebrity Income Snatcher Review

CIS VideoLast Thursday, Jani G and Gavin Stephenson released their course called Celebrity Income Snatcher claiming that they can show you how to get celebrities to send you some of their income.

I did some research and posted 3 reasons why you should probably stay away from this program prior to actually reviewing it.

I did get to check it out over the weekend and I can now tell you what the program really is about, if you’re actually getting money from celebrities and if you should get the program.

Did my stance change? Do I recommend that you get Celebrity Income Snatcher even after the red flags I pointed out?

Short answer – No!

What Is Celebrity Income Snatcher all About?

Honestly, I knew something was up when the guy in the video kept talking about this loophole they found that would get celebrities to send you their money and then he showed his Clickbank account.

Even he was aware of the BS that he admitted that viewers might wonder why he’s showing his Clickbank account after he claimed that the celebrities were depositing the money in his bank account.

As you might have guessed, celebrities aren’t really breaking off checks to these guys.

So what are they talking about?

Celebrity Income Snatcher is a video course that shows you how to buy sponsored tweets from “celebrities” on Twitter. The course is thorough and well presented but there are a few things that make this course not worth the investment at all.

Where Are the Celebrities?

The way it works is that you find celebrities on Twitter with huge followings and pay them to send a sponsored tweet to their followers.

The tweet will contain a link to a CPA creative where the followers can put in their email address and you get paid for that action. Or a link to an affiliate program where they will hopefully buy the product? Or as the guys behind CIS suggest, send them to a squeeze page where you can build a list that you can promote to.

To find the celebrities that will send out sponsored tweets, they show you a website they use that connects advertisers with people willing to send out tweets for money. The only celebrity I saw listed was Paris Hilton who wants $4600 for a sponsored tweet.

The other names I did not recognize but some of them had lots of followers and wanted a minimum of $15 per tweet.

So the first thing you need to know about Celebrity Income Snatcher is that this method would cost you money to implement and there is no guarantee that you will make back your investment.

You could make money using this method and you could build a list but I’m pretty sure that the presenters of Celebrity Income Snatcher are lying about their earnings.

Twitter Treasure ChestThis could be why they avoided Clickbank because then they couldn’t use the account screenshot since Clickbank requires that these screenshots should be income that was made using the method they’re selling and not from some other source (such as a product launch).

So they’re pretty much lying about stuff to sell their program. Besides, it is possible that they don’t even use this method. The reason why I say that is because the basis of their program is a PLR ebook with resell rights called Twitter Treasure Chest.

All they did was take the content of Twitter Treasure Chest, made the videos and came up with a twist that they could use as hype to sell their course.

Reasons To Avoid Celebrity Income Snatcher

So to recap, here are the reasons why I don’t recommend Celebrity Income Snatcher.

  • There are no real celebrities.
  • Method requires up front costs to work.
  • The presenters are lying about their income from this method and other things.
  • It’s a rehash of Twitter Treasure Chest so the presenters probably don’t use the method themselves.

Add these to my other reasons that I pointed out before this review and you can forget that this course even exists.


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