Click Clone Cash is Just Another Web Hosting Scam

clickclonecash scamI just logged into Clicksure and noticed that Click Clone Cash is the number one program on that network.

The program was launched last week Monday and I somehow missed the opportunity to review it. So I checked it out and I’m now giving you all the details on whether you can make money with this program or if it’s just another scam as well as the who, what, why and how – the stuff you came here to find out.

Well, if you read the title of this post, you pretty much know the verdict. Read the rest of the review to see why I’m calling this a scam.

A Familiar Scam

Within the first 10 seconds of watching the promo video for Click Clone Cash, I already know that this was going to be bad news.

As the video went on, I realized that I had seen this set up before. The story is similar to that of Make Money with Meghan, which was a scam released by the same guy around this time last year.

The guy in the video calls himself Josh Owens and even though he shows his drivers license (which can be easily faked), he is just an actor playing out a story with his rented mansion, cars, boats and family.

The man behind Click Clone Cash is actually Tim Atkinson, a well known internet scammer and purveyor of these types of trashy programs.

I’ve reviewed several products by Tim Atkinson before and they’ve all gotten a negative review.

Click Clone Cash is the same exact scam as Make Money with Meghan and is actually a very popular scam being ran by different creators. It’s what is known as a “hosting scam”.

The Hosting Scam Explained

To explain the hosting scam, you need to understand two things first.

  1. Web hosting is a service that is needed by everyone who owns a website. In order for people to view pages on a website, the page must be hosted on a server somewhere and you can usually get it for less than $10 per month and even less if you pay for a longer term (as low as $4/month).
  2. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate for of making money online. This is how I make money from the internet. Web hosting companies have some of the highest payouts in the affiliate marketing industry and would usually pay $50 – $150 for each customer.

The way the hosting scam works is these scammers sign up to promote a particular web hosting company that pays out a lot of money (over $100) for every sale they bring.

The scammer would then create a story to “trick” people who aren’t that familiar with how making money online works and then film a video with all these lies about some magic system or software they created or stumbled upon that makes them thousands per day.

To get access to the system, they’ll tell you that it’s free but you have to set up hosting (because the system wouldn’t work without it). Sometimes they tell you that they’re giving you a free website which you’ll have to set up web hosting for before you see their magic push button or copy/paste system.

In the case of Click Clone Cash, as soon as you put in your email and click the download button, you’re immediately forwarded to a site called Cloud Pro Hosting where they expect you to buy their over-priced web hosting.

You cannot have access to the Click Clone Cash system until you’ve spent a minimum of around $90 for 6 months worth of web hosting.

This is a total waste of money because even if you went ahead and bought the hosting, you’re not going to make the kind of money Josh Owens and his students say they make. They’re just making up numbers and flat out lying about their situations.

Stay Away from Tim Atkinson’s Stuff

There is no mention of Tim Atkinson in the video and if I never mentioned it, you would never know he’s the guy behind Click Clone Cash.

Guys like Tim create characters like Josh Owens, played by an actor, so that they can hide their association with the product. This way people who are familiar with the scammer is never going to know that they’re behind it. They’ve built themselves such a bad reputation that they have to resort to these tactics.

A couple of reasons why I say to stay away from Tim is the things he does to lure the unsuspecting into buying into his scams.

Photoshopping screenshots is one of this trademarks. I’m sure some of the bank account screenshots and Clicksure earnings screenshots featured in the video are fake. I’m not saying that people can’t make that type of money but knowing Tim, these screenshots are almost certainly fake. He did it before with Make Money with Meghan and I’m sure he’ll never stop doing it as long as it appeals to people who do not know what’s going on.

Where To Find Real Help

Usually with these reviews, I would get comments from readers saying how they got scammed, couldn’t get a refund or something like that. Then they would ask if I know about any real opportunities that aren’t scams.

I’ve been using this website called Wealthy Affiliate since January 2007.

my profile
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On Wealthy Affiliate, you can actually learn how to make money online by promoting affiliate programs. It’s a great community where almost everything is provided for you that will help you build an online business. You can even get web hosting for free instead of paying some overpriced web hosting site.

Among the other things you get besides web hosting is access to step by step training, 2 free websites, live video classes and a community of people who are always ready and willing to help each other.

I’m also really active on Wealthy Affiliate and if you click the picture of my profile above and scroll down to the comments, you’ll see that I really do help people out on a regular basis.

If you’re tired of these hosting scams, people like Tim Atkinson (or Josh Owens), and you really want to learn how to make money online, I would suggest that you join me at Wealthy Affiliate by creating a free account to check out the beginner tutorials. I’ll send you a welcome message when you get there.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking this link.

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