Get Clickbank Direct Deposits via Payoneer

Payoneer cardOne aspect of being a Clickbank affiliate that I wished could be improved was getting paid faster.

For affiliate marketers located in the United States, Canada, UK and some bigger countries, this isn’t a problem because they can be paid via direct bank deposit.

However, for affiliates like myself located in the Caribbean and all other countries where Clickbank direct deposit isn’t available, we have had to settle for a paper check.

For me this would take about 4 weeks to get here via post and then an additional 6 weeks for the bank to clear. It’s not a problem when you have the cash flow going but it’s still very slow.

Direct Deposits via Payoneer Mastercard

Thanks to a company called Payoneer, countries that aren’t eligible for Clickbank direct deposits can now get their earnings faster.

I signed up for Payoneer last year in November as it was the only way to receive my earnings from another affiliate network called Shareasale. Shareasale didn’t have my country available during the signup process so I was advised to put another address as a temporary fix. This means they couldn’t mail me a check so I had to use an alternative method for getting paid.

My only option was to sign up for their Payoneer service and get issued a Mastercard which they would use to deposit my earnings. Once the money was loaded onto my card, I could then visit any ATM machine and withdraw my earnings in my local currency.

Getting Your Clickbank Commissions through Payoneer

Last Thursday I was able to withdraw my first payment via direct deposit from Clickbank.

It took 8 days from the date Clickbank issued the payment but it’s still faster than having to wait 10 weeks. I had expected that it would take anywhere from 2-4 days but Payoneer says that it can take up to 7 days.

Linking your Clickbank account to a Payoneer card is easy. It doesn’t exactly say Payoneer since you’re actually linking your account to a bank account which Payoneer gives you the info (routing number etc) for.

To do this you have to first sign up for a Payoneer card and confirm that you’ve received it.

Once you have an account with Payoneer, you can log into your Clickbank account and change your payment settings from check to direct deposit. The information you need to fill in can be found within your Payoneer account.

You can then set your Clickbank account to get paid every week or keep it at every two weeks.

What I Think About Payoneer

Payoneer bannerAs I said before, Payoneer is very convenient for those who would like to receive their payments faster.

I think it’s useful for affiliate marketers in the Caribbean and other countries where there are problems getting your Clickbank checks.

You can also use the card with a number of other networks although I’ve found that there is no way to edit your payment info if you’re in a particular location and you’re already receiving a check. For example, Google Adsense says that direct deposits aren’t available for my location so I cannot change my payment type from check to direct deposit.

The card is also very useful if you’re traveling – you can go to any ATM and collect your earnings.

So if you’re looking into getting direct deposits from Clickbank and your country isn’t on the list then get a Payoneer card and receive your payments faster.


  1. Can I withdraw and deposit cash from clickbank using payoneer anytime? or is there a certain day for payments?

    • Karen, Clickbank is not that type of bank. Clickbank is a marketplace for affiliates so they only pay out commissions. As long as you’ve received commissions you can withdraw. However, you cannot deposit using a Payoneer card because it’s a prepaid Mastercard debit only used to facilitate convenient payments from companies like Clickbank.

      Clickbank pays commissions every Wednesday as long as you made the payout limit.

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