5 Great Alternatives To Clicksure for Affiliates

choicesThis post is in response to questions that I usually get about making money with Clicksure.

I’m guessing in some way, people are introduced to the highly profitable world of affiliate marketing through that affiliate network and aren’t aware of their other options.

And if you’ve read my blog before then you know that I’m not a big fan of Clicksure. They’ve already racked up a bad reputation by allowing outright scams and inferior products in their network.

There are many, many other affiliate networks and stand alone programs that will pay you commissions for promoting their products. In this article I’m going to give you five alternative networks that I use regularly and get paid from.

1. Clickbank

Clickbank homepage

Clickbank is kinda like Clicksure but with more legitimate vendors that you can promote. In fact, Clicksure started operation one week after Clickbank tightened up on their approval process for merchants.

This meant that a lot of merchants using shady marketing, fake screenshots, fake testimonials and blind sales presentations would not get approved by Clickbank. So these merchants packed up and moved to Clicksure.

Clickbank itself has been around since 1998 and is typically the starting point for new affiliates because of their ease of approval for new affiliates, their on time payments and ease of use. This is the first network I used when I got started and where I made my first affiliate sale.

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2. Amazon Associates

Amazon websiteEveryone knows about Amazon. Chances are you’ve probably shopped there yourself and you trust this website.

While not your typical affiliate network, Amazon let’s you choose from the millions of products on their website to promote so it doesn’t matter what niche market you’re in, there’s probably something on this shopping site to promote to your audience.

There are a couple of drawbacks though. For persons in the United States, Amazon isn’t available for affiliates in every state due to tax laws. Another drawback is that the commissions start at 4% which is very low but depending on how many items you’re selling it can get up to 8% for most items and even up to 15% on select items.

Amazon pays by bank deposit (which you can get on your Payoneer card) when you reach just $10 in commissions and by check when you accumulate $100 in earnings.

You can get started with the Amazon Associate program here.

3. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate network

A lot of big companies and major brands have their affiliate programs on CJ Affiliate.

This is the great thing about using an affiliate network like CJ Affiliate over using one like Clicksure. People trust brands they know about and will rather spend their money on something they need which makes it easier for you to get commissions. They don’t need some dubious software from a guy in a video they never heard of.

Some of the brands that you can promote on CJ Affiliate are Match.com (dating), Sears, K-Mart, Home Shopping Network, At&t, Verizon, Weightwatchers and a lot more.

Most of these brands will accept you if your website looks great and has good content tailored to their target market. If that sounds tough to you, it’s not. You can make sure that you have what is needed by building your website with SiteRubix and following the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

4. ShareaSale.com

Shareasale affiliate network

ShareaSale.com is a bit like CJ Affiliate. Big brands that you know and trust.

This network has been around a long time but I only got started with them last year due to them not having my country in their list so I didn’t know how I was going to get paid. When I got a Payoneer card, I was able to use the network because I didn’t have to worry about where they would mail my checks.

The site usually pays around the 20th of every month once you’ve reached the payout limit of only $50.

One thing I love about ShareaSale.com that seems to be unique is that you can get a 2nd tier affiliate link from some merchants. You can then refer other affiliates to promote that merchant and get a one time bounty or bonuses on whatever sales your referred affiliate sends. This is a great way to earn some money without really promoting for sales.

5. Linkshare

Linkshare network

Linkshare (also known as Rakuten Linkshare) is another good affiliate network with big trustworthy brands that people know about which makes it easier to get a sale.

They operate similar to CJ Affiliate and Shareasale. Although I haven’t promoted a lot of merchants using Linkshare, I’ve earned a lot of money promoting just one particular merchant. They pay via check and bank deposit but I haven’t found a way to link my Payoneer card so I still have to settle for paper checks in the mail.

There’s More…

These aren’t all the networks that are better alternatives for Clicksure. There are lots of other affiliate networks and depending on which niche market you’re working with you can also find independent affiliate programs (no network) by searching on Google.

These should provide you with a great start though as you can make your efforts a lot easier promoting brands people know and trust rather than promoting some scammy offer from Clicksure.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. There are many, many affiliate networks out there to choose from. These are just a small percentage that affiliates can use instead of getting involved with Clicksure. I’ll check out Flipkart for sure.

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