Clicksure VIP Review – Should You Get It?

Clicksure VIPWhen you sign up to become an affiliate on Clicksure, one of the first things presented to you is the Clicksure VIP offer.

With this offer, you can get priority support and access to training guides that can help you to become a successful Clicksure affiliate. I was surprised to find that there weren’t any reviews at all for this offer. It’s probably because they don’t offer any payouts for referrals.

I joined Clicksure months ago, not to promote their offers but to see what’s being released through their network. You can find the VIP offer under a tab in the dashboard navigation after signing up.

In this review of the Clicksure VIP offer, I go inside the members area to check out the offer and see if it’s any good and how it compares to my #1 recommendation in terms of support which is what’s mainly offered here.

Can a brand new affiliate benefit from Clicksure VIP?

Is it worth anything to an experienced affiliate?

These questions and more are answered below in this Clicksure VIP review.

What You Get With Clicksure VIP

There are three main components to the Clicksure VIP offer. There’s VIP support, priority Skype support and 11 downloadable strategy guides in pdf format.

Clicksure VIP Page

(1) VIP Email Support – This feature allows you to send a support ticket and as a paid member you get priority over other non-VIP Clicksure affiliates.

(2) Priority Skype Support – You get access to two Clicksure affiliate managers via their Skype contact. This is supposed to be the one-on-one support comparable to a live chat service.

However when I joined and went to this section, both affiliate managers were offline and five hours later, they were still not available.

priority skype support

I understand that time zone differences may contribute to this and that with only two affiliate managers both of whom have lives, there may be times when both would not be able to provide Skype service. However, this sends a wrong first impression and it felt as if the service was “dead”.

(3) Strategy Guides – You get access to 11 strategy guides at the time of this writing. The guides are well written and range in length from scanty three pages to more in depth coverage of the topic (24 pages).

Clicksure VIP guides
Section of the Strategy Guides page

The topics covered are:

  1. Getting Started as a Clicksure Affiliate (9 pages)
  2. Clicksure Affiliates FAQs and Glossary (8 pages)
  3. How to Write “Killer” Articles (5 pages)
  4. Conversion Masterclass (24 pages)
  5. How To Get Free Facebook Traffic (23 pages)
  6. Digg, Reddit & Flickr Traffic (5 pages)
  7. Forum Traffic (4 pages)
  8. Squidoo Traffic (6 pages)
  9. Twitter Traffic (3 pages)
  10. Yahoo (Answers) Traffic (4 pages)
  11. YouTube Traffic (4 pages)

I personally loved the Conversion Masterclass guide and downloaded it. It was general in nature with minimal references to Clicksure stuff.

Some of the other guides seemed to have outdated information or misinformation. Squidoo, for example, was sold to Hubpages so this guide is no longer relevant unless you apply the training towards Hubpages. Hubpages though, have stricter rules than Squidoo and some of the things mentioned in the guide are just not going to fly with them.

The Twitter traffic guide is just a short article with tips for using Twitter. It’s three pages in total and the cover graphic takes up an entire page.

The free Facebook Traffic guide was another good guide with some good information if you’ve never used Facebook for marketing.

There was not much on building a website to promote offers.

In general, these guides are only good if you know the basic steps to promoting affiliate programs online so for a newbie it’s going to be a bit confusing putting things together.

This is probably where the email and Skype support that’s part of the package, comes in.

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, $9.97 per month is a fair price to pay for priority support if you do use it and the strategy guides add to the value of the offer. You can download all the ebooks to your computer and there’s info in there that’s worth more than the $10 you pay initially.

I wouldn’t recommend this as the place to start if you’re a complete beginner as there is no step by step training.

The support is just support as opposed to a private coaching service.

Clicksure VIP vs Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re a regular reader of my site, you’ll know that I love recommending Wealthy Affiliate and there aren’t many affiliate training resources that can compare to them.

Wealthy Affiliate is a more in depth training resource with everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing. You can even use the training and support available if you want to make money with Clicksure.

There are a few points I want to focus on for the sake of this review and I’m going to compare them to Clicksure’s VIP offer.


WA Chat support
WA Chat support

Clicksure VIP’s main selling point is the support so I would like to compare that to the support you get as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the support is more direct and faster and there are more ways to connect and get help from someone. You can choose from live chat, private messaging and community support via classroom discussions and member blogs. You can even contact the owners of the site via all these channels and receive private coaching.

Chat Support vs. Skype VIP

Skype support isn’t always online due to time zone differences and for other unidentified reasons.

With Wealthy Affiliate live chat support you can always get someone to answer questions even if it’s 4 am. Because there are affiliate marketers all over the world in different time zones there is always someone to answer your question and give support.

In the screenshot to the right, you can see the live conversation going on and even one of the site owners, Carson is responding to questions.

At the time of the screenshot, the Skype support was still unavailable.


There is no step by step training available with the Clicksure VIP offer. The strategy guides are on random topics and without a step by step system, beginners are going to be confused and overwhelmed with the information available.

Wealthy Affiliate gives step by step tutorials that are tasked based so anyone working through them can build an online business and make money from scratch.

Along with the support available through Wealthy Affiliate, this is a much better option than Clicksure VIP if you’re looking for something that will guide you through the money making process of affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers free websites, web hosting and even keyword research tools that make the experience more complete.

You can see how Clicksure VIP compares within the chart below.

Clicksure VIP is worth the $9.97 per month for priority support and Skype support if you’re already comfortable at promoting Clicksure offers but for someone brand new to affiliate marketing, you’ll need something more complete and step by step.

I haven’t seen much feedback online about Clicksure VIP so if you’ve signed up, it would be great to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

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