Daily Cash Glitch Review

Daily Cash Glitch membersI opened my spam folder last night to look for an email I was expecting and found over a dozen spam emails promoting Daily Cash Glitch.

I took a look at it and decided to put up a review. This Daily Cash Glitch review will show you why you should avoid whatever this thing is supposed to be.

If you’re wondering what’s a “Daily Cash Glitch”, I’m just as stumped as you on what the name means. Anyway, let’s take a look at the, uhm, product.

Daily Cash Glitch Red Flags

After going through the sales page and the “members area” for Daily Cash Glitch, I can undoubtedly call this one a scam. Another Clicksure scam, by the way.

The sales page for the site isn’t very flashy, doesn’t have actors or fake testimonials, nor does it have mansions, lambos and yachts but it does have it’s fair share of red flags.

First, they make an unrealistic promise – that you will be able to make hundreds and thousands of dollars using their software even if you have no experience or talent. They want you to believe that the software does all the work for you “in just 2 clicks”.

That isn’t going to happen because scammers say stuff like that to appeal to the laziness inside all of us. It simply does not happen that way online so that promise is a lie to get you to part with your money – even if it’s just $7.

Secondly, there’s the false time sensitivity as they try to get you to make an irrational decision to spend your money before the $7 offer ends at which time they’re supposedly going to charge almost $300 plus 10% of profits.

The site has been up since at least Saturday (probably longer), and it’s still priced at $7. I’m pretty sure they’ve sold more than 100 units of this thing by now. I’ve seen this before so I know that it’s always going to be $7.

Thirdly, they never tell you what the software does and how you’re supposed to make money. If you don’t know what you’re buying then why would you take the chance and buy based on a false promise?

Inside the “Members Area”

When you page your $7, you’re immediately taken to the “members area”. In the members area, you’re supposed to find the download link to your software, but there isn’t a link to any money making software of any kind.

Instead the page resembles a sales page rather than a members area and in fact, that is what it really is.

At first I thought it was weird that they were selling their software for $7 but the real catch is that you’re paying to view the next step.

On the members page, there are two items – one is called “Step 1” and is a trendy scam that every scammer seems to be doing nowadays.

I call it the ‘free website scam’. They tell you that in order for your software to work, you’ll need app hosting and a domain name. So you have to pay for the hosting and the domain name before you move on to the next step.

This is a scam because you should have received the software that you paid for, not asked to pay again.

The truth is that once you get the domain name and hosting, which are overpriced (expect to pay $150+), the creators of Daily Cash Glitch are paid commissions by the hosting company. Their job is done and they don’t really have to give you anything else (which is exactly what they do).

That’s right. You never get your hands on any software of any kind making this an outright scam.

Avalanche X?

The next item present in the members area is an image of a video. When you click the video you’re taken to a recorded webinar that looks as if it is live but really isn’t. The webinar is for a product called Avalanche X which is supposed to be the software the creators are talking about.

Webinar screen
Not really live

I’ve heard reports that the software is bogus and even if you do try to get the software, it’s never delivered to you. No matter if you try to get it through Daily Cash Glitch or Avalanche X or any of the other programs that promise this software, you’ll never get it.

Here are a few quotes I found from users online that were promised this same software but never got it.

[Fast Earners Club] (seems also a scam) promised a free copy of avalance x if I bought their binary trading software and deposited $250 to redwood options, but never received the free copy, I saw on another forum that they bought avalance x full price and it never worked and they couldn’t get a refund, luckily I got all my refunds for what I paid fastearners club. Lewis

Another user says:

I too signed up for Avalanche X and got NOTHING for it. Not an e-mail, software, nothing. NO one to contact or anything. Tried replying to e-mails from Justin Price. No reply back. Dag, I wish I had checked here first.

I didn’t pay for it but I had to get the hosting in order to get it $89

Does any at least have a link to the software so I can use it.

My heart sank when I didn’t get anything and no reply from them

I actually went back to the webinar and copied the url he used into my browser and brought up the soft ware but it didn’t have all of the links, no members area, video training etc. But I made my sites and have made nothing in 24 hours. Not sure if they were supposed to authorize something first.

They also tried to force me into buying traffic to make it work but I said no, it was supposed to be working without that.
What ashamed!!! I bought it via an Anthony Morrison link. I trusted him. SMH!!!

Source: Warrior Forum

If there is any reason to stay away from Daily Cash Glitch, it’s the fact that they link you to some third party software that is a proven scam instead of providing one of their own.

Get Your Money Back?

Hopefully, you’re checking out this review of Daily Cash Glitch before paying the $7 or at least before getting the hosting.

If you paid the seven dollars and you’re thinking about getting your money back, then that might not go so well. I emailed both the support and order emails from the “members area” and they both bounced. Whoever created Daily Cash Glitch never even bothered to set up those two important emails.

It means that he had one intention and that was to take your money and run. If you paid the seven dollars, then you didn’t lose much. If you paid for hosting and a domain, try contacting the hosting site for a refund.

Daily Cash Glitch is a complete scam and it just shows how much Clicksure cares since they’re allowing this program on their network.

Ok, So What’s Next?

If you’re checking this review after getting scammed by Daily Cash Glitch then you probably think that everything online that involves making money is a scam.

There are a lot of scams out there but there are some really legitimate programs too that can show you how to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business community and training site where I learned how to make money online since January 2007.  That’s seven years ago and I’m still a member.

You can see my profile here and right at the top it tells you that I joined the site on January 13th, 2007.

Wealthy Affiliate is responsible for a lot of successful business owners who make money by building websites and affiliating with companies that pay commissions for every sale you send them. They can teach you how to do the same.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit site and you can see that they’re different from scams like Daily Cash Glitch in a number of ways.

  • They’re been around since 2005. Scams like Daily Cash Glitch come and go very quickly.
  • They offer you a legitimate way to make money online that involves work. Daily Cash Glitch and other scams lie and promise you a way that they never can deliver on.
  • Wealthy Affiliate lets you try out the system without even needing to disclose your credit card info. You can have a membership for life as a free member (there are some limitations though). Scammers like the Daily Cash Glitch guys don’t even tell you what you’re paying for.
  • They have a very busy and helpful community of folks ready to answer your questions and offer support.

If you want to make money online in an ethical way, then read my Wealthy Affiliate review to see why I love recommending this site, then come join me and let me help you make money online.

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