Don’t Talk To Your Readers Like This

Affiliate marketing is not a joke.

It’s a real business model with real customers and real transactions. If you have a website where you connect with readers who you want to turn into customers then you should be spending your time trying to genuinely help them solve their problems.

Peep the following screenshot.

Nancy Reviews comments
The real answer was $47.

I was doing some research a while back while writing about Get Auto Commissions and came across a site that I see often called ran by Nancy Fox.

The site is also an affiliate site but deals exclusively with reviewing internet marketing products. Most of the products are scams but Nancy regularly recommends them with no shame.

In the screenshot above a user asks a simple question and the response is rude. To make matters worse the user follows up and is given an even more humiliating answer.

An Example of What Not To Do is a great example of what not to do if you’re going to be doing affiliate marketing. You won’t do it in a brick and mortar business so just because the internet gives you a bit of anonymity doesn’t mean the rules have changed.

Don’t be rude to your readers because they’re the ones paying your hosting bills, putting food on your table and allowing you to continue doing affiliate marketing.

Nancy is damaging her own reputation and credibility by treating her readers like crap by being rude and also by recommending scam products all in the name of some commissions.

Don’t treat your readers like this. Instead, focus on really helping the readers in your niche market to overcome their issues and they’ll reward you very well for a long time.

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