Empower Network’s 8 Core Commitments Training

All InIf you’ve read my review of Empower Network, you will know that I do NOT recommend this program to anyone for many reasons.

In short, the program is simply an elaborate scam posing as a legit system.

It is also too expensive a way for anyone to learn how to succeed online. The price-point shouldn’t matter if you’re getting something of equal value but with Empower Network, the training programs are way too overpriced.

In this article, I’m going to show you what you get in the basic training program at the $25/month level. The “8 Core Commitments” is the basic training program available to all EN members upon sign up and is their quick start program.

The aim of the “8 Core Commitments” is to put new members on a fast track to success.

Here is a break down of the steps outlined in the “8 Core Commitments”.

1. Activate Your Payment System

This is a step you must take in order to get paid by Empower Network. You’ll need to sign up for a merchant account because EN doesn’t use Paypal.

This step adds another $20 to your monthly subscription, so now Empower Network costs you $45 per month minimum.

In my opinion, this should have been included because no matter what, you shouldn’t have to pay anything in order to get paid.

2. Blog Daily

The second step is that you should commit to logging into the system on a daily basis and write a blog post.

This is a great step but what most members won’t realize is that you’re really committing to building the brand of the creators of EN on a daily basis.

The fact that you’re blogging on the domain of empowernetwork.com means that you do not own the blog (even though they say it’s your own blog). Instead for $45 per month, you’re building the brand of Empower Network owned by David Sharpe and David Wood.

If you decide to quit Empower Network, “your” blog will still be on the domain with your name, bio and picture working for them to bring in new members. They won’t delete it and if you ask, they’ll quickly tell you who it really belongs to.

If you’re going to blog daily, my suggestion is to get your own blog and brand and commit and work on that instead. In the end it would be all about YOU and not some company that lies to you.

3. Market Daily

Another great commitment but like in the step above, you would be marketing the Empower Network brand. You will also get paid commissions if you do sign up anyone but with their complex compensation plan, others are going to get paid for your marketing efforts especially if you’re only at the $25 $45/month level.

Wouldn’t it be better if you were marketing YOUR business daily and getting paid ALL the commissions you’ve earned?

4. New Member Coaching

Yep, another great commitment that encourages members to help others that they’ve personally signed up. With such limited actual training though, I’m not sure how much help you’re going to be able to give new members.

Maybe the new member coaching consist of getting those members to buy more expensive products. However, you better make sure that you own those products otherwise, someone else would be getting paid if the new member does upgrade.

5. Empower Hour Calls

Every Monday night for an hour you need to log on to the live call. Every network marketing program has this type of thing in some form or the other.

The leaders invite some other successful member to come share some knowledge and tell you how to become successful with Empower Network. If you’ve read everything so far, then that usually means upgrading to more expensive EN products.

6. Daily Audio

You need to listen to the Inner Circle Audios daily. This means upgrading to the $100/month Inner Circle Audio program. At this point it means that you’re in for $145/month minimum.

$145 per month to learn how to succeed at making money online. This is way to expensive for what you’re getting.

In comparison, I pay $47 per month to learn how to make money online and this includes a blogging system, web hosting and actual internet marketing training. With this same program, there is also a free option that gives you access to everything that I’ve mentioned above.

7. Read Daily

Another great commitment. In order to become a better writer/blogger, then you need to read on a daily basis.

Read books, read other blogs, read your training material. Just read.

8. Attend All Events

This is quite a commitment. However, it’s a network marketing thing so you’re required to buy a ticket to attend their events to network with other members and hear successful members speak on how they built their Empower Network businesses.

This is probably the one step that most people will not commit to which is quite understandable.

My Take on the 8 Core Commitments

Unfortunately, the “training” falls short because it isn’t really training but a series of steps you MUST take in order to effectively use the system.

It is my opinion that even though someone signs up at the basic level, they should have some training that doesn’t require them to upgrade that they could follow in order to make the system work.

Of course, the goal of the creators is to get anyone who buys into Empower Network to sign up for ALL the products which can get very expensive, costing you in the region of $5000.

At a minimum, if you apply the 8 Core Commitments, you’ll be required to spend a minimum of $145/per month on your Empower Network business. For the value you get, this is way too much to invest to learn how to succeed on the internet.

You can read my main Empower Network review here.

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