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EZ Cash Creator boxI just bought the EZ Cash Creator software yesterday and had to wait quite a while before I could get access to my purchase.

I finally got access last night so I’m  going to go ahead and give you a complete review from my perspective as someone who has been making money online for the past 8 years.

If you’re checking out this EZ Cash Creator review after purchasing the product, then I’m sorry that I couldn’t reach you before but it would be helpful to other users if you shared your experience below in the comments section.

Before I get into the review though, a run down about the product.

Name: EZ Cash Creator
Owner: Travis Stephenson
Price: $49 but if you click away, you can get it for $29 and as low as $9.
Upsells: Yes – Done-For-You Campaigns @ $197 & EZ Traffic Creator @ $297
Availability: Unlimited (from Feb. 2nd 2014)

The product itself is a fill in the blanks online link generator with a twist.  It allows you to share funny and engaging articles from popular websites while having your affiliate page show as an interstitial/pop up over the website you just shared. This is all it does.

EZ Cash Creator software
“The Software”

However, from what I’ve seen on the sales videos, the hype, the sales process, the lies and manipulation and the type of offers, I’m calling this a scam that you would want to avoid at all costs.

I’ll also explain below why the software is a waste of time and wouldn’t deliver anywhere near the type of money that’s promised.

Why I Think EZ Cash Creator is a Scam

Firstly, I didn’t need access to the software to call this a scam. I’ve seen the same offer before with different names. It appears as though, these scammers hire the same people to write their video scripts and if it worked well the first time then it’s going to work again and again.

Watching the intro sales video for EZ Cash Creator reminded me of Make Money with Meghan which I wrote about 5 months ago.  Just like Meghan, the guy in this video found a secret method that only him and his “business partners” know about. He created this software that he wants to share with you. You won’t have to lift a finger but you’ll be able to bank hundreds of thousands of dollars in short spaces of time.

Still he won’t tell you what the software does or what it entails. He shows you all these screenshots of his bank account (probably fake) and his Clicksure account (money from all the people he scammed). The money most likely wasn’t made using his secret software and methods but he wants you to believe that it was. You have to actually pay to see what the software is all about.

Then there are the dubious testimonials from actors who probably have never even made a cent online. One guy who claims to have no previous experience, kept on saying that he made more money in a month than he made in the last 5 years working a 9 to 5. He went on to reveal the exact figure (who memorizes that kinda stuff?) which was said to be over $200,000.

$200,000+ in one month as a beginner!!?

As someone who has been making money full time on the internet for the past 8 years, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this is flat out lying. There is no way to make that type of money online in such short time, with no previous experience but this is what they want you to believe so that you can buy their crappy EZ Cash Creator software.

The reason why EZ Cash Creator is a scam in my book is that they promise you something that will never be delivered.

Do I need to try the software to know that it’s a scam? The answer is no because they’re not selling software, they’re selling hopes and dreams and since that wouldn’t be realized then it’s a flat out scam.

What You Want to Hear vs. The Reality

If you were tempted to buy EZ Cash Creator but somehow decided to look for a review, then consider yourself lucky.

These guys are smart and know how to push your buttons and tell you what you want to hear.They will hide the reality from you because the reality is boring and you probably already know what it is anyway.

The scammers tell you that you can be lazy and the software will work for you to generate big numbers within a very short time span all with the push of a button. Who wouldn’t want that?

The reality is that you actually have to do work to make any substantial amount of money and it isn’t going to happen overnight. Meaning, you wouldn’t be making $200K in a month if you have no experience and certainly not with this software.

Yes the reality is not very sexy at all. The mansions, the Ferraris, the bank statements with the long numbers…

I’m a Beginner…Is This for Me?

I guess the people who are targeted by Travis Stephenson and his ruthless affiliates are beginners. If you’ve even come across these types of videos and maybe even bought one of these type of products then you know to stay away.

These things never end well.

EZ Cash Creator sounds like it would be perfect for the beginner but from what I saw in the members area, it’s only designed to suck your bank account dry.

EZ Cash Creator Members Area
“The Steps”

The members area consists of only an introduction video telling you what the software does and how to use it. They don’t tell you anything else about affiliate marketing or even train you on the basics.

If you’re a beginner and think this is going to work for you then you’re going to be so lost. I’m not sure what’s going to be shared in the webinar in Step 1 but maybe that is for the missing training. I’m however inclined to think that its for selling more stuff, either to upsell you or to sell you on other people’s programs.

The Step 2 should definitely be avoided. I call it the “Free” website scam. They tell you that you have a bonus free website that you need to have but you end up having to pay for hosting. This is a popular tactic used by these guys to squeeze money out of their customers and I’ve covered it before on this blog.

They’re going to offer you a free website from Coolhandle hosting which will run you anywhere from $90 to over $200. You can have web hosting for as low as $6.95 per month and the website building part is actually a couple of clicks.

The truth is that in order to use the software, you do not need a website. Confusing, because if you really want to build a long termed business online then you do need a website. But you need to know the basics first – which they don’t teach you.

Why You Should Not Buy EZ Cash Creator

Besides the fact that the software is not going to deliver on it’s promise of overflowing bank accounts, there are some other reasons why you should not buy EZ Cash Creator.

While going through the sales process, I encountered some pretty nasty tricks being employed that is making the internet marketing industry look really bad.

Quick summary:

  • Not giving you access to the members area immediately upon purchase
  • Offering discounts for the same product with the same features when you decline
  • Insulting you when you decline
  • Hiding the “No Thank You” link way down on the page
  • Not showing you the product but selling more dreams for high prices

The main offer is $49 if you fall for the tricks and buy immediately. When you decline you’re first offered it for $29 and finally for $9. If you buy for $49, you just got ripped off.

After getting the initial offer, they go immediately to upsell their second offer – 20 done-for-you campaigns for $197 which they end up knocking $100 off if you decline. Being the tricksters that they are, they tell you that if you stop the video, you may not get to access the members area.

Then they hide the “No Thank You” link way down on the page so it looks like you have no choice but to buy the product. Beware though because, if you take all the offers, you would be out over $500 for stuff that you vaguely know about.

The second offer, cleverly titled Step 2 is for something called the EZ Traffic Creator and that goes for $297 before they end up discounting it to $197. Again more lies and more sales tricks.

Whenever you decline an offer, the guy in the video starts insulting you saying things like “you have the nerve” and “you’re crazy” but he knocks the discount off anyway.

Build a Real Business Online

Ok, so I can’t leave you hanging because I know that you’re searching for a legitimate way to make money online and it would be unfair of me to say – “hey EZ Cash Creator is a scam” – then leave you to fend for yourself.

If you’re searching for a way to make money online then I would recommend learning the basics of affiliate marketing and building a website business that is going to grow and take care of you for years to come.

The best place available online at the present moment for you to do this is a site that I’m proud to be a member of called Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve been a member there for the past 7 years and the community there is helpful and the owners are honest and down to earth guys who care about the interests of all members.

The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything to get started  – you have full unrestricted access to everything you need to start a website business online even if you’re a total beginner.

I would like for you to join me over at Wealthy Affiliate where it’s safe from these EZ Cash Creator guys. You can check out my profile here and leave me a comment when you do sign up.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate in which I share my experience.

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