EZ Cash Creator Testimonials Are Fake!

Fiverr testimonial screenshotEZ Cash Creator officially launches tonight and I’ve already went through the members area and reviewed the software for you.

In case, you didn’t read the review, it’s pretty much a scam that you should avoid at all costs.

Today, I found proof that the creators are lying and employing some nasty marketing tactics in hopes of tricking a lot of unsuspecting people into buying their software.

They Paid For Testimonials on Fiverr

When you see testimonials from people who have used the product they’re endorsing, you would expect them to be 100% true and trust that these people really got some sort of benefit.

With all the millions of dollars the creator of EZ Cash Creator claims that he is making, he paid $5 each (maybe more) for the main testimonials that appear in the sales video.

All the people, who we now know are actors, and not people who actually used the software and made money with it, sell their services on a site called Fiverr, for $5 per testimonial.

So we now definitely know that they are lying about the kind of income they made or success they had using EZ Cash Creator because none of these guys actually used this useless piece of software.

The guy who said he made over $200,000 in one month using EZ Cash Creator:

Here he is from the sales video.


And here’s the user “bbyronbur” selling his services on Fiverr.

Fiverr testimonial screenshot

Then there’s the other guy in the video sitting in front of the computer:

Testimonial screenshot

He’s really popular on Fiverr. Here’s “banjoman15” just doing his job.

Fiverr guy screenshot


And the first lady we saw in the sales video:

Screenshot from EZ Cash Creator

I’m pretty sure that this is “videogeeks” from Fiverr and she has a 100% rating from over 500 votes.

Fiverr actor screenshot

I couldn’t find the other testimonial lady in the sales video but I’m sure they got her from Fiverr too.

So will you have success with this software? If the people behind EZ Cash Creator are lying about the supposedly real testimonials then they’re more than likely lying about a lot of other things too.

You can read my full review of the EZ Cash Creator software here. Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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