Facebook Cash Code Review

Facebook Cash CodeIs Facebook hiring people to work from home?

If you’ve seen the promo for Facebook Cash Code, then I’m sure that you’re asking yourself this question. Or if you’re like me, you’ve already guessed that this has to be some sort of scam.

In the following review of Facebook Cash Code, you’ll see the facts about this program and why I call this a big scam that you should stay away from.

What is Facebook Cash Code?

Facebook Cash Code is, from the way the creator of the site describes it, a work at home opportunity that allows you to get paid for posting links to Facebook.

The video on the page alleges that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft both teamed up to create this program.

You only need a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection for this to work. The only skills required are knowing how to use a computer and how to browse the internet.

There are only three simple steps:

  • Signup for Facebook Cash Code
  • Work 2-5 hours per week
  • Collect your pay check

It would seem that the opportunity is available in your area for a limited time and you only need to pay a small fee that covers shipping and handling of the Facebook Cash Code kit.

There are numerous earnings screenshots that are supposed to prove that people are making lots of money already and you can make as much as $14,000 per month just working 1-2 hours per day.

Skeptical yet? Let’s see what’s really going on here.

What’s Wrong with Facebook Cash Code?

facebook cash code siteThere are too many red flags popping up on the page for Facebook Cash Code to accept this as legit. But not everyone has 10 years experience analyzing internet scams so not everyone is going to see them.

I was introduced to Facebook Cash Code via Secret Money System which is a program I wrote about close to a year ago. At the time their “secret system” was an entirely different program.

The creator behind Secret Money System is a scammer and from my experience, scammers rarely recommend anything legit so I knew what to expect when I clicked onto the Facebook Cash Code page.

When the first thing I saw was some obscure website with a news story (it’s called an advertorial), I knew that this wasn’t something good and needed a review to warn people.

Advertorials are usually made to look like legit news stories but they are unethical sales pages. There’s actually some fine print at the bottom of the site that basically says “don’t believe anything you read here”.

Think about it for a minute. I’m sure that you have a Facebook account. If Facebook really offered work from home jobs, wouldn’t they just announce it on their site? Wouldn’t it be all over the news?

The truth is that there is no Facebook work from home program and the whole Mark Zuckerberg/Bill Gates story is completely made up.

In such a case, you have to wonder about the legality of using celebrity names and even Facebook and it’s images in such a manner. Someone seems to be asking for a lawsuit or government agency to come looking for them.

Some Observations / Red Flags

Facebook Cash Code on TwitterI noticed that there is a Twitter feed in the sidebar on the site but it’s not actually a feed. It’s supposed to look like a Twitter feed to make you think that there is so much chatter about Facebook Cash Code on social media.

I noticed to that the feed image shows everyone mentioning Explosive Payday when they should be mentioning this program instead.

I checked out Explosive Payday and it seems as if this is an older version of the same exact thing being offered here. They just put a new spin on an old scam.

What about Martin J. Peters?

There’s a testimonial on the page of a guy named Martin J. Peters who apparently makes $14,000/month posting links.

The picture is actually a stock photo that was edited to include the Thank You Facebook Cash Code note. Anyone can buy this photo and do whatever they please with it.

This leads me to think that this isn’t working for anyone otherwise they would have used a legitimate testimonial from an actual user. Obviously the reason for this is because its a scam.

Available Where you Live

I haven’t heard of this where I live, a small island in the Caribbean with a population of less than 150,000. However, the page says that positions are available in Kingstown, the capital city for ten of thousands.

They’re using a geo-tracking script that pulls up your location and displays it based on your IP address. Right now it says, Kingstown but someone in Miami, for example, will see Miami.

Work from Home Job? Or Biz Op?

Another thing worth mentioning that is a classic red flag for scams is the way they say that Facebook is hiring work from home positions. Then they ask for money, which is supposed to give you a kit and cover shipping, handling and enrollment.

The page mentions that the fee is small but the quoted fee on the website is actually $47 discounted from $197. This is not such a small fee.

Who pays for a job? This is more like a business opportunity than people filling positions to work for Facebook.

Watch Out for Those Charges

Here’s the scariest thing about Facebook Cash Code that I found though and something I’m sure people are going to complain about if they already went ahead and ordered.

Remember that small fee that’s supposed to cover shipping and handling? Well it’s actually $47 as I pointed out above and it’s supposed to be a one time fee.

Well on the order page, I found something else – the $47 that you’re paying now is really for a trial and after 30 days you’re going to be charged $69.95 every month from then on until you cancel.

Wow! That is downright criminal as there is no mention of those charges or any mention of a trial anywhere else on the site. This is what I call a scam.

Does Posting Links to Facebook Make Money?

Link posting scams has been around for as long as I’ve been making money online.

The basis behind the posting links scam is actually a legitimate way to make money online called affiliate marketing but it’s just referred to as “posting links” to make it appear simple.

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about posting links as it is really a business model – a way to run your own business without the need to set up a physical store, without needing to own your own product and without needing to stock anything.

It is not as simple as the link posting scams would make it out to be as there is a bit of work involved but it is much simpler than running an actual brick and mortar business.

This is the business model that allows me to work from home full time and get paid on a regular basis.

Theoretically, you can post affiliate links to Facebook and make money but it would be tough to make a substantial income just working 1-2 hours a day.

There’s a better way and you can learn how to do it without having to get ripped off by scammers.

Better than Facebook Cash Code

Learning about affiliate marketing can benefit you in a lot of ways. It’s important that you learn the correct way where you can have all the tools and support channels available.

Since 2007, I’ve been using this website called Wealthy Affiliate that has evolved to the point where everything that you need to be successful with affiliate marketing is available in that one place.

You can read my complete review about Wealthy Affiliate here.

How does Wealthy Affiliate compare to something like Facebook Cash Code? Other than the fact that Facebook Cash Code is a complete scam and Wealthy Affiliate is a legit educational platform, here are some comparisons that should allow you to see a clearer picture.

As you can see Facebook Cash Code offers nothing useful – just lies and lots of charges to your credit card. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand will help you to create an income by offering you everything you need to succeed.

Have you had any experience with Facebook Cash Code? Your comments are welcomed below.


  1. Wow, thanks for the expose. I’m always blown away that people get away with scams. You’d think after the 1st month when people discover they are getting charged monthly they would just back charge the fees and discontinue? Is there any over site on websites like this? Your post was like a good piece of investigative journalism.

    • I’m flattered Jackie. Didn’t see it that way (as investigative journalism) but that’s exactly what I do for these reviews. There are other websites that do the same as well.

      There’s a lot of people who don’t know what to do when they get scammed. Some end up having the cancel their cards and stuff like that. It’s crazy the kind of damage these scammers cause.

  2. Thanks for the warning. It doesn’t surprise me though. I don’t believe any of these type of deals are ever on the level. I don’t see how they can get away with using names like Bill Gates or Facebook and get away with it though.
    Thanks for great post,

    • I think it’s just to try to give it some credibility like how they use Oprah’s name for all kinds of things and Dr. Oz name when they mention superfoods and snake oil cures for example. People are more likely to relate to these things and to believe them when they’re celebrity endorsed or approved even if it’s untrue.

  3. Hi Jay, these scammers really like to target social media users as a way to reach a lot of people, especially the young generation.
    I can’t believe they went as far as inventing a story that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates partnered to create this product.
    Nobody need to purchase any product to post links on any platform. This is a blatant scam for sure!

    Wealthy Affiliate is also my #1 recommendation as it offered excellent training and a non-nonsense approach to make a serious income online.

    All the best

    • I could imagine this would convert very well on Facebook itself. But that I think should make people question it more. I agree that the story is absurd because surely you would see it all over the news since it’s Zuckerberg and Gates. So blatant.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. As you’ve said I’m surprised that this company hasn’t been shut down by Facebook or the police or someone yet. Based on your review, however, it looks like they may just be staying just ahead of whoever might catch them by changing their name. Definitely something I’ll be warning family and friends to stay away from!

    • I see your point about them staying ahead. They also have some disclaimers at the bottom of the site but that shouldn’t be enough to keep the lawyers from sending them a cease and desist. Thanks for spreading the word about this.

  5. Omg…Sometimes I can’t even fathom that scams to this extent actually exist. Like you said most people rally don’t have the 10 year experience (or in my case like 1 and a half haha) spotting scams on the internet to try and figure out this stuff. Thank you for publishing posts like this and running your site – you’re saving your readers lots of hassle!

    • I know right? Thing is most people don’t even really need the experience – just a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to things that require you to give up your credit card details. I really enjoy running this site because my reviews really do save readers a lot of hassle and headaches.

  6. Great review Jay , I’m glad I found it thank you!

    I look at a lot of Warren Buffets stuff online and I’ve never heard him once mention facebook cash code! Seriously though the cheek of someone to name drop other successful people especially those two. In 2016 it blows my mind that someone will do that and as you said in your post not be expecting a big lawsuit come their way!

    Great review and good work spotting the sneaky monthly payments, you’ll save a lot of headaches being caused!

    Cheers, stephen

    • Thanks. I think I’d personally be afraid to do something like what they did (using people’s names) to promote my stuff. The monthly payment stuff is scary because it’s not mentioned and unexpected. Why do people need to pay monthly for a kit they’re receiving one time?

      I see them a program called Success Road Academy so I don’t know if that’s related to the charges. Maybe someone who joined will chime in and confirm what’s really going on with the charges and what they received after paying for Facebook Cash Code.

  7. Why would someone create such a product , I mean doesn’t it give a wrong impression about internet marketers.Moreover they make it look like earning money off the internet is a cakewalk and nothing else
    I really think this is too much of a scam from the looks of it and such people are hopeless!

    • This is the reason why internet and affiliate marketing get such a bad rep and scrutiny. People like these spoil everything for us.

  8. Great article , It never seems to amaze me how these so call opportunities try scamming people, you said the right thing in your article don’t believed everything you read. Do a little more investagating before pulling out you wallet. I appreciate the review and the awareness of scammers..Thank again.

    • Bro, I’ve seen people believe things like – Facebook is going to start charging so you need to share the message with your friends and you won’t have to pay. Stuff like that, I can’t believe people take these things so seriously without even giving them a dose of skepticism or researching them. This scam is just like that. Thanks for reading.

  9. Hi!

    Thanks for letting me know about Facebook Cash Code! I’ve been scammed in the past, it’s not nice! Now, I always do my homework before signing up to anything.

    I’ve read a lot about Wealthy Affiliate, and I’m hearing nothing but good things. In fact, I’ve just decided, I’m going to sign up for their free account, can’t hurt to try can it?. Thanks for posting the link!

    All the best

    • Yep. The free account at Wealthy Affiliate lets you try out their program without needing to input your credit card. There is no way you can get scammed if you’re allowed access to a program before deciding to pay for the full access to everything.

      If programs like Facebook Cash Code would try to do things on a legitimate level then they’d make a lot of money in the long run instead of being a thing of the moment that people are eventually going to find out about or risk getting shut down.

  10. Great post here, you have really covered everything.

    Thank you for telling us about facebook cash code I have heard of it but never really knew what it was until reading this post.

    Thanks for pointing out the system scam page too handy to know the site is a scam.

    Great post keep us updated with anything else you come across.


    • I’ll definitely keep you updated Coll. Thanks for reading. If you come across anything that looks a bit shady, you can always run it by me and I’ll take a look at it and provide a review if possible.

  11. Hey Jay, great article on Facebook cash code. These types of programs are becoming more and more blatant. In the past, these scammers would at the very least try to make you believe that they were legit. Now they are getting so bold and lazy they might as well be screaming “I’m gonna rip you off”. Hopefully more reviews like yours circulate to keep people from falling pray to this garbage. Keep up the good work.

    • To be honest, this review shouldn’t even be needed because it’s so obvious what is going on here. Unfortunately not everyone does their due diligence and some people just don’t know what to look for so I’m glad I can help the ones who do their research.

  12. Thanks very much for this article! I’ve seen this a lot, and as a stay-at-home mom, I’ve wondered a few times if it was real. You’ve made some great points that helped me learn a bit more about how to tell if something is a scam. I really wasn’t sure about those “advertorials” because some of them seem really legit. Now I know I just need to pass them by! Appreciate the review and tips!

    • I remembered the first time I saw an advertorial. It was for a “Google Money Kit” and it looked legit. What tipped me off first was the domain name. It’s always some website that no-one knows about with no kind of indication that it’s related to what they’re promoting. Then I started seeing the other stuff – like every link goes to the same site and the three steps where one of them requires you to sign up for a kit. There’s lots of other red flags too but those were the ones that got me really suspicious.

      At least now we know for sure that advertorials don’t have any good in them. Just pass them by.

  13. Wow! This is really some good information considering I’ve never been exposed to FB Cash Code. You’ve done some excellent digging into why people should stay away from this service/scam.

    It’s amazing what companies will do to get you sign up or pay money for nothing. Unfortunately things like this make it harder for other online entrepreneurs to sell their service or product because of Internet skepticism.

    • You’re right. People like these make it harder for marketers in the make money online niche to be taken seriously. You have to try twice as hard to gain the trust of prospects. I don’t mind the challenge though. My number one priority is to do my part to help readers realize that they can do this without getting scammed.

  14. Wow great article on Facebook cash code! these scammers would at the very least try to make you believe that they were legit.. its crazy how it works. You have some valuable information here and keep up the good work and motivation to help others and make them aware of things that they don’t know about online marketing.

  15. Thank you for your honest opinion.
    Actually, I’ve seen a lot of these advertisement on how you can make money through Facebook but I don’t have any idea about this and how it works. Good thing I didn’t believe easily and was fooled to join.
    Thanks for the eye- opener reviews.
    However, I’m just wondering why these kinds of scammers still exist?
    Anyways, Now, I need to inform all my Facebook friends to stay away from this scam.
    Lots of scammers in the internet today that wants only money. That is why it’s really important to be wise on choosing the right and legitimate site that will help you to become successful in online business and give you your money’s worth.
    Great Article!

  16. Hi Jay
    You would think anything associated with FB should be pretty cool. With all their billions of members on the site. This FB cash code deal is something I’m hearing about for the first time.
    With so many scams going on, you just don’t know who to trust. All these companies are all out to make a fast buck…illegally!

  17. Yeah I would always be very skeptical when it comes to someone claiming that I can work for Google Twitter Facebook LinkedIn out any other page online company. If they were hiring I would find out from the company itself, perhaps from a blog post of press release on the company s site.

    • Exactly man. If Facebook is hiring, I want to hear it from Facebook. It’s like people lose their heads once they come online because most won’t be so gullible in the offline world.

  18. I’ve run into my fair share of scams out there and I’m glad someone is taking the initiative to show these people for who they are. I have always been against bad mouthing other products as an affiliate just to get sales. Although, what these two people are doing with Facebook Cash Code is clearly a scam. Now I know why my spam box is full of facebook work from home nonsense.

    • Bad-mouthing would be finding fault in an otherwise good and useful product. People want to know whether they should buy certain products or not and that’s the service that I’m providing here. Facebook Cash Code is a scam as you’ve already realized but you would be surprise how many people will not see that it’s “clearly a scam”.

  19. Thank God, another scam exposed!

    The internet is awas with these online preys.

    I’ve never heard of this one but there are a lot of similar ones floating around the internet waiting for it’s next victim/ recruits.
    How does this compare with Socialmediajobs?

    Keep up the good work, you have some very useful information on your site.

    I’ve bookmarked you site for future indepth reviews.

    • Yes, sometimes they spin the same scam differently and give it a new name. This one used to be called Explosive Payday. And there are other similar kits with different names set up with the same advertorial style. It’s pretty easy to spot them once you’ve seen just one.

      I’m not familiar with Social Media Jobs but I’ll look into it.

  20. Thanks, Jay.

    Believe it or not. I found out about this system through Steve, the Steal My System guy. I already got the 411 on him but I had already signed up with him (I never paid) and he sent me the email link on this FB Cash Code, which is actually much more than the 9.95 usd that he is charging for the SMS program. So obviously he is also getting a commission for selling us this nonsense.

    Thanks again…

    • Yeah I found out about it from Steve too. Not actually his real name but I think he might be the one behind it or working closely with the creator of FB Cash Code.

  21. I have never heard of Facebook Cash Code. Not sure why cause I am on there a lot. Thank you for this information and getting it out there as a scam. It does sound like a good idea, but if you don’t know what to look for it would be easy to fall for. So thank you again for this.

    • I’m not surprised that many people haven’t heard of it. I think that it’s a fairly new offer but the scam itself has been done before under different names.

  22. Thanks for the insight! Its always a crap shoot to know when your being scammed or not, especially in the online realm or work from home settings. The second you said “Mark Zuckerburg and Bill Gates Teamed up” to create this product you would think it would be very obvious that its a scam.

    • Yeah that’s a big red flag because I couldn’t recall hearing anything about it on the news. At the very least I shouldn’t have heard about it on that website first.

  23. It would be interesting to know if Facebook Cash Code has been around for awhile. I would think that Facebook would have had Facebook Cash Code shut down for misuse of their intellectual property rights. I personally do not recall seeing advertising for it. But then I have gotten pretty good at ignoring ads for scammy products. And this one is right up there as a rip-off.

    • Yeah that’s the same thing I was thinking but as someone pointed out, they keep changing the name probably to stay ahead of Facebook. Still doesn’t make sense to me though.

  24. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I had not come across this one before.

    It is a real shame that schemes like this make it unto the internet to entice people to part with money that they can not afford. Selling false dreams is unethical and should not happen.

    I find it disgusting that Banks, Credit Card Companies, Payment Merchants and so on do not provide better protection against this type of thing. Once they detect these type of transactions, they should be able to not proceed with the transaction on the grounds that they want to protect the end consumer (you).

    Kind Regards,

    • Interesting. I agree. They should just block all transactions to the company that the credit cards are being charged to after they’ve had some complaints.

  25. Interesting article. I had never heard about Facebook Cash Code until I came across your site.

    I would be skeptical that Bill Gates is involved here with this program because he has been distancing himself from Microsoft to do his philanthropy work. Although it would have been a cool idea if it was true!

    Also whenever you see those advertisements set up to look like a news program run and don’t look back. Ha Ha!

    The Wealthy Affiliate program is less expensive and has more value with the free websites and large community to help get started. Plus all the other stuff.

    • The program is fairly new but I get something in my inbox almost daily about it. That’s why I wrote this review.

  26. This Facebook Cash Code program certainly has all the characteristics of a scam, just by looking at the image with “stacks of cash!”

    To work with Facebook, a person would need to be skilled and qualified for the position. So it’s not that simple, and especially easy to make a lot of money.

    I still can’t believe that posting link opportunities are still circulating the internet. if posting links on Facebook was so lucrative, we would all be doing it!

    I really am not comfortable with this fake opportunity, just as anybody wouldn’t be.

    Let’s hope the Facebook Cash Code is investigated and closed down.

    Thanks for the review.

    • Neil, the thing about these opportunities is that they’ll always be around in some form or the other. If Facebook Cash Code gets closed down (and I hope it does), they’ll just put up a new one called Social Media Cash Code. Or jump on another trending site like Instagram Cash Code.

      As the saying goes, there’s a sucker born every day. As long as people are still getting tricked by scams like this, the scumbags who come up with these scams will always be coming up with new angles and ideas to rip people off even if they have to spin an old idea a new way.

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