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Fast Free Commissions

Reviewing stuff like Fast Free Commissions is easy because there isn’t really a product to be reviewed.

Because I’ve seen other offers EXACTLY like this one over and over again, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Fast Free Commissions is a scam that wouldn’t make you any money.

Fast Free Commissions is what I call the “free website scam” or a “web hosting scam“. Some examples that I’ve reviewed in the past on this blog include:

Here’s what you need to know about Fast Free Commissions and these types of offers.

Anatomy of the Fast Free Commissions Scam

Fast Free Commissions is just a way for the creator of the scam to get commissions by sending people to buy expensive web hosting with the promise that they’ll receive a website that will make them wealthy overnight.

There’s nothing wrong with buying web hosting if you’re looking for somewhere to host a website and you need it but the people targeted by these scammers usually aren’t looking for web hosting and only buy into it because they think this is the first step to guaranteed wealth.

You cannot make money online buy getting web hosting and besides this is usually the wrong first step. Keep reading and I’ll tell you the first step you need to take if you want to make money online.

First, here’s how the so called Matthew Michaels is deceiving the masses with his Fast Free Commissions. You’ll see the same stuff in nearly all the other web hosting scams you encounter.

(1) Video is Filled with Lies and Deception

The story, his motives, the earnings screenshots, the testimonials, the limited offer and even his name is a lie. All these were scripted (like in a movie) to increase the likelihood that the person looking at the video will buy into the offer.

(2) Manipulative

“Matthew” manipulates the listener and drives them to sign up for the offer by bashing the scamming gurus and using time sensitivity as well as trying to convince you that only a small limited amount of people are going to get this offer. Fast Free Commissions has been up for about 5 days and I’m sure that a lot more than 25 people have bought into this. Thousands of people have seen the video and thousands more will continue to view it.

(3) Matthew Michaels is a Fake Persona

His name is fake and his story of being broke and couldn’t even afford to eat is also fake. There is simply no way that everyone who runs this type of scam has the same exact story:

  • broke and couldn’t afford to eat
  • stumbled on a secret loophole on the internet
  • started making tonnes of money almost overnight
  • want to give away the secret (for free!)

Then they end up sending people to get web hosting before they can get the website and access to the secret?

This is just the unethical approach these guys take to make lots of money referring web hosting customers. It worked for the first guy who did it and it continues to work because some people don’t know it’s a scam.

(4) Ulterior Motives

So the reason “Matthew” is giving away free websites and his secret is because he needs a tax write-off? Not really. As we know, it’s because he’s getting more money just by sending people to sign up for web hosting.

Ironic? Yes.

Dishonest? Ditto!

Is the Free Website Worth $2997?

It doesn’t matter what the website is worth. The real thing that matters is if it’s going to make you money.

Hundreds of people are going to be getting one of these websites (not 25). The fastest and easiest way to get these websites up is not to hire some web developers to build each one in a unique way but to give everyone the same cookie cutter site with just about the same content.

This is the recipe for failure and I can guarantee you that these websites would not make you any money especially if you’re encouraged to “do nothing” like what’s being said in the video.

You’re also not going to profit in 3 days so hold off on quitting your job.

What “Matthew” didn’t explain is how websites make money and what it takes for your website to become profitable. None of these factors will be present within 3 days nor will they be if you do nothing with your website.

What About the Testimonials?

There’s a lady in the video who says she’s making $400 – $700 per day after she got the system and she did nothing. Well she’s just lying and even worse she didn’t even make any money using Fast Free Commissions method.

I know this because she and “Jamie” are paid testimonials. They were paid at least $5 on a site called Fiverr to lie about their “experience” with Fast Free Commissions.

Here’s Bob (his stated real name on Fiverr) who goes by the handle generatecashbiz, and he’s selling “realistic video testimonials” at $5. I instantly recognized him from another testimonial he did for a product I reviewed recently called Banks Experiment.

fake testimonial guy

You’ll recognize him as “Jamie” in the Fast Free Commissions video. “Matthew” says after “Jamie’s” story that these were “real people with real results”. Now we know that this isn’t true at all.

Here’s the blond from the video on her Fiverr page she goes by the handle “quickiefit“.

fake testimonial girl

All “Matthew” had to do was tell them what to say and they’d say it for $5.

Would you do business with someone who is lying to you? Trust me, you don’t want to be this guy’s joint venture partner or whatever he says he’s going to help you with. He’s just trying to get into your pockets and that’s the only reason why Fast Free Commissions exists.


After watching the video, you’re sent to a page to claim your free website and pay for the hosting and domain name. The page is ran by Coolhandle who is the web host of choice for most of these scammers.

If you were searching for a web host for your business, chances are that you would not go with Coolhandle because they are very overpriced and there are much more affordable web hosts with higher ratings available.

The main reason why you shouldn’t take this offer and get a web hosting account with Coolhandle is that getting a web hosting account is the wrong step to start with if you want to make money online. You’ll likely end up not making any money for your investment and probably regret even watching the Fast Free Commissions video.

What’s the First Step?

This is a great question and is something that is not addressed by “Matthew” in his video. He skips right to the second step. If you don’t know the first step then everything that comes after is going to be difficult and meaningless.

The first step to making money online is to choose something you’re interested in – a niche market as we would call it in affiliate marketing. When you choose something you’re interested in to build a site about, you make the other steps so much easier.

There are actually 4 major steps to making money online. You can read about them here.

The steps are:

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build a website
  3. Get visitors
  4. Earn money

This is how all websites make money and if you build a site without going through step 1, your site is going to be unfocused and you wouldn’t even be able to do step 3. All these steps put together lead to making money (step 4).

If this process seems complicated, it really isn’t and you can learn how to do it easily by signing up for a free account at the link I just gave you to check out the steps.

I’ve written a review of this site so you can see my experience and how they helped me quit my job to do this full time. Check out the full review and sign up so that I can personally help you make money online.

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