26 Awesome Places To Find Your Next Niche

nichemarketsFinding ideas for your next niche market is quite easy. There are lots of resources online to help you discover a market that’s profitable but isn’t overdone by the tens of thousands of marketers online.

Unfortunately, you’re probably shaking your head wondering why it’s so easy when you’re having trouble finding a good market to start making money online.

Well, let me show you some stuff I had bookmarked and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’ve grouped them into categories so you may be able to find similar places that I haven’t mentioned.

Here’s where I like to dig:

Shopping Sites:

Shopping sites are great places to start digging for your next niche. There are usually ten of thousands of products available that are solutions to people’s problems or a match for their interest.  Start at sites like:

1. Amazon New Releases

Amazon is one of the largest and most popular shopping websites online today and it has been for a very long time. Amazon’s new releases show you the most popular products just released in all their categories. These are the products that people are spending money on right now.

Finding niche ideas by looking amongst popular products on the Amazon marketplace can be a great start especially if you decide to promote that particular product. A great indication that you’re on the right track is the countless amount of courses being released where you can profit from promoting Amazon products as an affiliate.

Remember the idea here is not to find a product to promote but to get niche ideas. You’ll have to do research to reverse engineer the particular niche represented by the product.

Also sticking with Amazon, you will find tabs for other useful charts such as Bestsellers, Top Rated and Most Wished For. Use these charts to generate even more ideas or find stuff you can promote.

2. Barnes & Noble Top 10 Everything

Barnes & Noble just like Amazon above, started online selling books. They sold books before through catalogs but when the internet became the next marketplace, they made the transition. They still sell books mainly, along with cds and dvds and other products.

The Top 10 Everything section of the site lists the top 10 books in the dozens of categories on the site. I like to stick to the Non-Fiction categories where you can find stuff in different industries such as travel and hobbies. You can further dig a bit deeper into their sub-niches and then taking a look at the books will give you further ideas.

Here’s an example: I went to the Crafts & Hobbies section and clicked on Candlemaking. The #1 book was “Candlemaking the Natural Way: 31 Projects made with Soy, Palm & Beeswax”. I could easily start a niche website for “people who are interested in making soy candles” just from this one idea.

3. As Seen on TV

As Seen On Tv SiteTelevision advertising reaches millions and millions of people everyday and if you’ve ever stayed up late at night or even watched the ads in between your favorite sitcom, you’ve probably been exposed to some of the products featured in this shopping directory based entirely on products that you’ve seen on tv.

Advertisers spend big dollars for these television spots so you better believe there’s money to be made in the niches they’re targeting whether they’re selling the Bark Off to “dog owners who want their dog to stop barking” or the popular MagicJack to “people who want to lower their phone bills”.

Searching through the As Seen on Tv directory, you will find hundreds of products that will give you ideas for your next niche or just something to sell.

Authority Sites:

I love browsing authority sites to find niches. The great thing about authority sites is they’re focused on one particular industry where you might have an interest, that can have lots of niches and sub-niches you can dig into.

There’s a chance you’ve visited an authority site before if you have an interest in a particular subject. You can usually determine which site is the authority on a particular subject be searching the broad keyword and checking to see which site comes up first. For example, the authority on golf is Golf.com. So if you have an interest in golf and want to get into that industry, then Golf.com would be an ideal place to start digging to find a niche. Here are some others:

4. Web Md

Thinking about getting into a health related niche market? Then you absolutely need to hang around WebMd.

It’s the authority on all health issues including diet and weight loss. WebMD is an awesome resource for finding health related niche markets, research and learning about a niche in general.

Like many other authority sites, WebMd has discussion forums as well as top lists. Also check out the A-Z list of Health Conditions as well as trending searches on the site. WebMD also offers various news letters you can subscribe to and get an email on trending issues and expert articles daily.


Imdb – the Internet Movie Database is the authority site on movies and television shows. If you’ve ever searched for information on a particular movie, you’ve most likely come across this website.

This is great if you’re a movie buff and want to start a site based on movies eg. trivia etc. I know a guy who has a great website on television theme songs. He uses it to make money from Adsense and Amazon referrals and has great information on television themes.

A great way to get ideas is to use the tags or plot keywords. For example, you can see all the movies that are tagged Spaghetti Western and build a site dedicated to your love for this genre of movies. I know my old man loves spaghetti westerns so I’m pretty sure there’s a following. Your next step would be to find a forum dedicated to this type of movie to do your research.

6. IGN

The Internet Gaming Network is the authority on gaming whether it’s internet based gaming, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, Wii or other consoles. There’s a very active community of passionate gamers who get together to share strategies, cheat codes, reviews and just talk about gaming in general.

If you want to get into the very profitable gaming industry, you definitely cannot ignore IGN.

As if the site wasn’t big and useful enough, IGN also has a network of other sites such as:

  • GameSpy
  • FilePlanet
  • TeamXbox
  • Cheats, Codes, Guides
  • GameStats
  • Direct2Drive
  • What They Play

7. Gizmodo

Seems like every month they’re releasing a new Iphone or Ipad or Icantkeepup. Gadgets and consumer electronics, especially those small ones that go out of fashion quickly or need upgrading is a very huge market. If you have an Iphone, Android phone or other smart phone then you cannot disagree with me. You’re automatically a part of that market.

IpadGizmodo reviews fresh gadget and has become the authority for these type of things.  Just peep any of their content and you’ll find reviews on stuff that is yet to be released and very in depth content too. Because they’re a general site, you can focus on a particular niche by running with something you found on there.

As an example, if you’d have caught on to the Iphone trend when the device was newly released years ago, you’d probably have a site dedicated to a niche for iphone users such as unlocking the iphone or even iphone insurance.

Another good authority on gadgets to check out is Engadget.

8. Men’s Health

Men’s health issues just like any other general heath issue can be very profitable. Although you may find the WebMd link above useful, the Men’s Health site can be a gold mine if you’re just after helping men in particular with their health issues.

The Men’s Health website is the home of the popular men’s magazine and can save you time browsing through numerous back issues for ideas. I’ve always loved magazines as a way of getting ideas so this is a great link to have. You’ll get ideas on fitness, hair, sex, style and a lot more.

9. Women’s Issues

There are many websites online that are build around women’s issues or focus on building a community for women. Bella Online is one of them. Just the forums alone will get you thinking. Like many of the websites listed on this page, you only need this one link to come up with as many niche ideas as you like.

You can also start at the sitemap. There are tonnes of categories in there and that allow you to dig a bit deeper to unveil other micro niche subjects you may not have thought about.

10. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is an authority site in the highly lucrative travel industry. If your interest lies in setting up a travel related website then digging around on Lonely Planet for a niche is recommended.

There are lots of different sections to start looking such as the top travel guides. Top lists are always great so you have an idea what people are looking for most.

The best place to look though is in the very valuable Thorn Tree travel forum. See what people are talking about and what they’re having problems with and see if you can set up a website that handles their problem. There are categories from bike travel to snorkeling and Caribbean travel right down to the island.

Forums & Discussions

Forums are great not only for discovering niches but also to do niche research. People gather to discuss their interests in forums and discussion boards and there are sometimes very huge forums dedicated to one particular problem or interest.

The links below are to forum and discussion board directories you can use to find niche discussions. I haven’t included any niche forums here because I’m assuming that you haven’t yet found a niche and we’re going to use these to do that.

Once you’ve used these forum directories to find a niche, the next step would be to find a forum that is dedicated to that particular subject so you can do the proper research and find additional ideas, keywords and concepts.

11. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is one of my favorite places online to do niche research. With a question and answer format and a database with more than 5 years of info, this is a real goldmine when it comes to finding a niche or doing niche research.

Many people who are trying to make money online use the site wrongly though. I mean, it’s all good if you want to answer a few questions and drop links in there to affiliate products or to your website but its against Yahoo’s TOS to post commercial links and furthermore, the links to your website won’t really count for much since they’re no-followed. Not to mention that you can also get your account banned.

Whenever I get a niche idea, I do a search on Yahoo Answers and come up with all types of ideas. I’ve even outlined how I use Yahoo Answers to do niche research on the blog a while back.

12. Topix

I first came across Topix message boards in 2007 while doing some research and was amazed by the size and amount of forum categories they had.

Today, categories are laid out much differently and less user-friendly than it was four years ago but it’s still a pretty good resource for finding current topics in lots of niches. The site is pretty much a news aggregator and allows users all over the world to discuss the topics in it’s many forums making it a great place to spot current trends and capitalize on them.

In other words, you could discover the next big niche market here.


Guides pretty much tell you how to do something and focus on a particular topic or niche. There are lots of “do it yourself” guides online and below you’ll find some sites that have multiple guides in lots of categories. You’re sure to find a market when you dig around on these sites.

An added plus is that they contain expert information that will give you content ideas when you’re building your niche site.

13. About.com Guides

About.com Homepage

About.com has millions of pages of expert information compiled by “guides” who are in charge of each topic they cover. These topics reside on a subdomain on the About.com website and pretty much try to cover everything about the subject. Kinda like thousands of mini authority sites all in one.

The A-Z list which I have linked to above is a directory of all the About.com guides that are covered on the site and as you can see it is a rather big list filled with many different topics. You only need this one site to become successful at finding niches and making lots of money online.

Some other features of the site are discussions which I have used for market insight and various newsletters you can subscribe to on thousands of topics.

14. Do It Yourself

DIY is a huge market in itself. People want to save money by doing things themselves. You may have at one time in your life wanted to do something yourself. Things like:

  • Do your own taxes
  • Repair your own laptop
  • Build your own deck
  • Grow your own tomatoes
  • Change the oil in your car

This site is a “how to” guide on doing it yourself and in the list I came up with above, those are all niches. There are many more on the Do It Yourself website just waiting for you to come along and pick.

15. Ehow

If you do a search on how to do something, you might come across this site. I’ve linked to the page with all the categories for every how to guide on Ehow.

This is a good way to dig and find specific areas to come up with niche ideas. The thing about Ehow and how to guides in general is that they help people do something they want to know how to do. “How to” niches are great because you’re focusing on helping rather than blatantly trying to sell which is what good affiliate marketing is about (helping not selling).

There are lots of categories on Ehow like many of the sites listed here so you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a “how to” niche to get started with.

16. Dummies Guides

You’ve probably seen these useful yellow books before from Wiley Publishing. There are Dummies guides for everything from computer problems to setting up a business to cooking. In fact, I have a Dummies guide on my computer.

The brand is so popular there are even unofficial Dummies guides and even spoofs of the brand. The books are an authoritative guide to doing whatever you want to achieve. So the Dummies guide to starting a retail business will outline all the steps from planning, financing, etc to running the retail business on a day to day basis and so on.

If there is a Dummies guide, then there is a need for it. When there is a need, you have a niche that you can build a business around. The link above takes you to the directory of all the how to Dummies guides on that website.

17. Wikihow

Wikihow is the combination of a “how to” site like the previous mentioned Ehow and a wiki site such as Wikipedia. Users can edit the “how to” articles on the site just like Wikipedia.

The reason why I like it is because there are many top level categories that are further divided up into smaller subcategories from which you can get ideas for niches.

For instance, under Recipes, you have World Cuisine and under that you have Asian Cuisine which goes on to give you Japanese Dishes. Just like that you just found a niche market. Maybe people are interested in learning how to prepare Shiroko.

Top Searches:

Top searches are great because they show you what people are actively looking for online. If no one is looking then you should probably not bother. The sites listed below compile some of the hottest searches and trending topics that are currently going on as well as archived historical data on hot searches. With these, you can easily spot trends and might even discover a fresh trend that is underserved by marketers.

18. Google Hot Trends

I’ve used Google Hot Trends in the past to get ideas that ended up driving me tens of thousands of visitors to my affiliate link which resulted in some record earning days. Google Hot Trends is a list of the hottest terms people are searching for right now.

At one time the list used to be 100 search terms but Google trimmed it down over the years to 40, then 20 and then to the format you see now. It’s still a bit useful and is a great gauge of what’s happening right now in terms of search trends.

Have a current niche market and want more traffic? Look for terms related to your niche on Google Hot Trends and make sure to incorporate them into your site’s content.

19. Yahoo! Trending Now

At one time Yahoo! used to have an immensely useful set of blog posts called the Buzzlog where they would blog about the hot searches. They’ve since retired it but you can still see a list of trending topics right on their home page.

Yahoo! Homepage

The trending topics are a list of 10 topics located on the top right hand side of the screen and there’s a link to a blog where you can watch a video about the top top trends and get insights on some of the stories.

20. Twitter Trends

Chances are you have a Twitter. It’s one of the most popular social networks online and on mobile. When enough people are talking about a particular topic on Twitter then it becomes a trending topic and the top 10 trending topics are displayed in the sidebar.

Rather than link you to Twitter where you can see the topics for yourself, I’ve linked you to a site called WhatTheTrend.com which instead of just listing the trends, aims to explain why they are trending. Since news can hit Twitter the moment it happens you can find out stuff pretty fast, probably faster than Google can give it to you.

This can be a great way of getting on topics really fast and ranking for new keyword searches. For example lets say you find the trending topic “#GrammyAwards”, you can follow the updates where people are actually live blogging the Awards. And say for example Kanye West falls off the stage, then you can be the first to make a blog post about the mishap and somehow relate it to your website’s topic.

21. Alexa Hot Topics

Alexa.com is a site that measures web traffic and other metrics on different websites and then ranks them. The What’s Hot page is a special page that several lists that you can use to find out what’s hot on the internet.

The first section that lists hot topics is kinda like Google Hot Trends and lists 20 hot searches. They aren’t the same as Google’s because they’re measured using the Alexa Toolbar but a lot of the times, you can find the same hot searches on both Google Hot Trends and Alexa. When that happens then these topics are undeniably what’s happening on the web at the moment.

Next are the hot products section. These are pulled from Amazon.com, who owns Alexa. These products are 10 of the hottest products in the last 5 minutes on Amazon. This list doesn’t change much throughout the day though but you can get some great ideas from this section.

Finally, we have the hot pages around the web which are an indication of which pages are generating lots of attention (according to the Alexa toolbar). Here you’ll find news items and you may not be surprised that you’ve heard the story before since it IS a hot topic.

I’ve also found stuff here that I went on to make money or get traffic from simply by posting about it on one of my sites. As with all the other results, you can always click through and get the full story on the site that is linked.

22. AOL Hot Searches

This is a great example of how Google’s Hot Trends used to look and how I wished it looked right now.

It’s just a barebones list of keywords, 50 of them, organized into hourly and daily lists. The hourly list is what’s hot right now and the daily list are the 50 search trends that dominated the previous day.

You can click through any of the terms to find out from the search engine results page why the search is trending. Most of the times, you will see news results for the keyword or you can browse the results and easily figure it out.

23. Youtube

It’s a video site and you probably use it to look at funny cat videos or dancing babies, but think about the billions of videos that are on Youtube about every imaginable topic and the billions of views these videos get every single day.

If you’ve visited Youtube in the last 24 hours, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Check out the most popular videos on Youtube and filter by time period or category. You’ll start to spot trends and get ideas about what’s interesting to people at the present moment.

You can also filter to most discussed videos. There are other filters but I like to keep it to these two – most viewed and most discussed.


Here are a few more I found interesting that will be of help. I simply couldn’t leave these off a list like this.

24. Hubpages

Hubpages is a site where writers can write about any topic they want and are rewarded with a 50% share in ad revenue. Affiliate marketers can also use the site to make money directly from articles. You can dig through the hundreds of categories on the site and see what people are writing about.

25. Embarrassing Problems

Most people with embarrassing problems would rather find help on their own before and sometimes after seeing a doctor. They would think twice about running down to the store or even the pharmacy to get a remedy for something like bed wetting especially if it’s for themselves.

These problems are also highly emotional meaning people affected by these problems often think about them multiple times per day which is one of the indications that you have a hot market on your hands.

Embarrassing Problems gathers these problems together making it  a great resource for seeking out these hot, emotional and highly profitable markets.

26. Wikipedia Lists

Finally, there is Wikipedia, one of the most useful websites on the internet. There are many ways you can use Wikipedia like looking for related concepts within articles, exploring categories and portals.

However, the list of topics within Wikipedia Lists can make for some endless digging around and supply you with a lifetime of ideas.

Whether you’re starting a blog, building an information site for Adsense, or choosing a niche for affiliate marketing, when you use the sites listed on this page, you’ll never run out of ideas. You won’t even need to use them all.

Your Turn!

Know of any others not listed here? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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