How To Find Time For Affiliate Marketing

no-timeOne of the biggest (and most baffling) excuses I get from people who have asked me about affiliate marketing is that they can’t seem to find the time.

It’s baffling to me because I refuse to believe that anyone can be that busy with 24 hours in every day.

Even if you’re working a 9 to 5 with overtime, do studies after work and take care of four children as a single parent, there are still ways to find half an hour every day to work on your business.

If you’re as busy as is made out in the example above, I think that it’s even more important to find the time since you’ll be working on a way to get more freedom and time for yourself. Affiliate marketing and owning your own business has the potential to do just that.

If you’re not as busy as in the above example though, then you have no excuse. Saying you can’t find the time is just an excuse for some other reason you probably don’t want to admit.

Perhaps you don’t understand the training? Or you hate the idea of writing articles?

There’s a way to get over these road blocks and any others you might have.

But let’s pretend that you genuinely can’t seem to find the time. In this article, I’ll offer some suggestions for finding time for your affiliate marketing venture.

First, I would like to tell you about my experience with finding time and why you’re luckier right now than I was.

Busy! Inconvenienced! But Still Found Time

Back in 2006, I was just getting started with affiliate marketing. I was working from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday as a civil servant (Government job).

I didn’t have a computer or internet connection at home. I commuted via public transport every day for about 30 minutes ride and there were no internet cafes in the village where I lived.

To further complicate things, I kicked off my affiliate marketing career learning to make money using paid traffic which meant that I had to constantly monitor my spending.

None of these things stopped me from finding an hour or two after work to learn affiliate marketing and manage my new-found venture.

After failing at MLM and barely scraping through the month on a meager salary, I wanted this so bad that I just had to do whatever it took to get things moving. I had to find the time.

So every day after work, I would head off to the internet cafe and pay for an hour, sometimes two and try to do as much as I could. On Saturdays, I would head into town for an hour or two as well and work on my campaigns as well as try to learn more stuff.

You’re Lucky

Fast forward 8 years and I’m glad I found the time instead of making excuses. I’m now doing affiliate marketing full time (ditched the government job in 2009) and I no longer have to go to the internet cafe.

And when I look around, a lot of the people who have expressed interest in affiliate marketing don’t have to go to the internet cafe either. Most people have internet access right in their homes so their situation is definitely better than mines was in 2006.

While I succeeded without the convenience of internet access at home, there are people with internet access who are claiming to not have time for affiliate marketing.

So without further ado, here are some suggestions for making time for affiliate marketing.

Ways To Find Time To Do Affiliate Marketing


(1) Wake Up an Hour Earlier

If you’re a morning person, then an easy way to get an hour to do affiliate marketing is to wake up an hour earlier than usual. The morning can be one of the most productive times since you’re well rested and everyone else is still sleeping.

Alternatively, you can consider going to sleep an hour later than you usually would.

When you have limited time like this, it’s a good idea to plan ahead what you’ll need to get done for that hour. Whether it’s writing a blog post or getting in some training, you’ll need to maximize the amount of tasks that need to be done.

(2) Skip the Movie /Tv Show

If you can find an hour to watch Game of Thrones, then I’m sure you can find more than enough time to do affiliate marketing.

Skip the tv show and use it to work on your website instead. You can always catch the show later. I usually binge watch whole seasons by catching them online. Not suggesting that you binge watch your favorite shows because then there goes a lot of valuable time, but you can catch all your episodes by streaming them online.

(3) Limit Social Network Time

The average user spends 8 hours per month on Facebook. YouTube users spend 15 to 25 minutes per day watching videos.

Social networking can be both addictive and distracting (and unavoidable) but you can get a lot of time to focus on affiliate marketing by limiting your social media activity.

Every night before bed, I would usually make a list of 6 things that I need to do the next day and I make an effort to do as many of these tasks as I can before checking email or any of the social networks.

(4) Do It on the Bus

If you commute to and from work via public transport, consider using your smart phone or tablet to catch up on training or to do some small activity pertaining to affiliate marketing.

This is a good use of your idle time while waiting to arrive at your destination.

What’s Your Motivation?

There are different reasons why people decide to get into affiliate marketing.

  • spend more time with family
  • to have more free time
  • supplement your income
  • money for retirement
  • money while in college

There are lots of reasons. Mines was to supplement my income. I ended up doing that and then I had more free time for myself to do whatever I pleased.

Think about what your motivation is when you’re trying to find the time. If your motivation is to spend more time with family for example, understand that you’ll have to temporarily sacrifice some of that time NOW so that you can have more time LATER. It’s called delayed gratification and once you do the necessary steps to achieve your goals, you’ll enjoy the end result more when it happens.

Understand that if you’re not consistently working towards your goal today, think about where you would be one year from now. Would you be in the same situation, looking for a way to supplement your income? Or would you be half way there or even achieved that goal?

It is worth finding the time now and if you use the tips above, you can free up some much needed time to work on this highly profitable business called affiliate marketing. You can also try to think about some other ways to get more time to do this.

Finally, if not having enough time was nothing more than an excuse, because most of the times it is just that, then be honest with yourself about the real reason you’re not working on affiliate marketing.

Don’t feel like writing articles? Do videos instead. Pay someone to write articles for you.

Don’t understand the training? Maybe, the course you’re doing is just plain bad and complicated. Or you’re not asking questions. Try Wealthy Affiliate where the training is task based (perfect for time-strapped individuals) and there’s an active community waiting to answer any question you pose.


  1. I did the Amway thing in the past and ended up buying hundreds of CDs to listen to which all had the same message of rah-rah let’s get rich. I finally figured out that someone was making money, just not me!! I eventually quit but recently met a nice young man who I talked with several times and eventually found out that his money making deal was Amway! I wasn’t surprised. It sounds like the business is easier being Internet based but I still have my reservations. I looked at WA but found it intimidating given my age of 63 and my computer and Internet incompetencies. Maybe I should try WA again but I’m living on a fixed income and can’t keep signing up and paying for things that don’t work. There are so many scams out there. Maybe there are mentors with WA that could help me? Maybe I should just learn to live on minimal income? The Amway folks have shown me the cost of their “business” and it is not cheap. The cost of WA is a fraction of that. I’m doing my due diligence and still struggling with what to do??

    • It’s definitely easier doing business on the internet because of the lower cost of entry and access to billions of worldwide customers. People need help all the time and you can capitalize on that by setting up a website to cater to any of the millions of niche markets available. This is the basis of what affiliate marketing is built on.

      Wealthy Affiliate was created to teach people this simple concept but I’m not going to kid you, it takes a lot of work initially. There is no need to be intimidated about Wealthy Affiliate. There’s a huge community of folks from teenagers to people your age and older. The great thing about having a community is that you can ask questions and you will always get an answer. The community is there to help each other progress. WA is the furthest thing from any scam you can find on the internet.

      At the very least, part of that due diligence as I’m advising you is to sign up for a free starter account to check out the WA system. It costs you nothing to have full access (with a few limitations of course) to a platform that could potentially change your situation.

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