Free Web Hosting, Unlimited Domains for Affiliate Marketers

web hosting serversOne of the utilities that you need when involved with online business is web hosting. You need this to show your websites on the internet so that you can make money.

Web hosting used to be very expensive back in the day but it is now very affordable with some plans at around $4.00 per month.

Free web hosting is also available from some hosts but the catch is that you cannot use your own domain. If they do let you use your own domain, they will either run ads that benefit them on your site or they will limit your resources.  For example, you may not be able to use programs like .php  or you’ll only be allowed a certain amount of bandwidth per month.

Finding free web hosting with no ads and no limitations can be very tough.

Free Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers

This is especially for affiliate marketers who are just starting out and have limited funds available to put into a business that has yet to earn them a penny.

So where can an affiliate marketer find free web hosting?

At Wealthy Affiliate, the owners have created a self-contained learning environment where everything is available for people learning affiliate marketing.

This includes powerful web hosting servers that are free to use and depending on your membership status comes with free websites.

For example:

  • Starter Members (free) – Access to free web hosting + 2 free websites (cannot use your own domain)
  • Premium members (paid) – Access to free web hosting + Unlimited free websites + unlimited domains

No matter what stage you’re at inside Wealthy Affiliate, you can access the free web hosting. Still there are limitations if you’re using the site entirely free but you get so much more benefits when you’re a premium member.

Of course, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t exclusively a web hosting site so they have to discourage persons who may just want to use the hosting only and not the rest of the site. This is why you cannot add your own domain as a starter member.

If you’re just starting out, you can use the 2 free websites (no ads) to help you earn money online as a free starter member and then upgrade your membership for more benefits.

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