Get Auto Commissions Review – Is It a Scam?

Time for another review and today I am going to be talking about a new software program that goes by the name of Get Auto Commissions.

get auto commissions screencapGet Auto Commissions is supposed to be launched today Monday, 9th December and I’m guessing that the date they decided to launch this program wasn’t as random as you might think.

It’s just 16 days away from Christmas and everyone is busy trying to make a little extra money so they can buy gifts for their loved ones or to travel back home for the holidays.

From the video for Get Auto Commissions, they give you the idea that you can just download their software, run it and you’ll be making commissions on autopilot within a few minutes of set up. Just run the program and in a few days you’ll have more than enough money to buy everyone you know some holiday cheer.

Tim wants a new Xbox One? Tina wants an Iphone 5s? Ralphie wants a shiny BB gun?

Sure, Get Auto Commissions sells the idea of instant riches. Riches you can get by just owning a piece of software.

But beware Ralphie, you’ll shoot your eye out. The entire time I was watching the sales video for Get Auto Commissions, I couldn’t help but laugh at the bad acting, the ridiculous and obviously fake income claims and I was disgusted at the way Dave and Diana Daniels presented the entire thing as they appeared really dishonest pretty much like all the other scams I’ve exposed.

Below, I’m going to dish all the dirt on this Get Auto Commissions scam so you can avoid the disappointment of paying for another useless software program that promises you instant riches you definitely wouldn’t make.

Avoiding Disappointment – What You Need To Know about Get Auto Commissions

The first thing you should know is that I’ve been doing internet marketing since 2007 and I’ve seen my fair share of scam programs. From experience, I’ve come to a point where I can spot a scam by gathering a few points so you can confidently take everything I have to say below into consideration when deciding whether to get this program.

Based on my observations, here is why Get Auto Commissions falls in the category of scam and why you should definitely avoid getting involved.

(1) What Are they Selling?

Get Auto Commissions is a software program that helps you generate Youtube lyric videos and enables you to make money through that social network. (A reader details his experience with Get Auto Commissions in this post).

However, it isn’t clear in the sales video what exactly the product is and if I didn’t mention it here, you wouldn’t know until you paid for the program. All they mention in the video is that some kind of software is being used to generate affiliate commissions.

If the software was really worth it then there should not be a problem showing a demo video about how it works. A lot of these scam programs don’t tell you what the product is or what the software does because they aren’t confident about what it can do. Instead they would rather sell you the dream of instantly getting riches with the push of a button by showing off the huge numbers on their income statements and merchant accounts.

Rule of thumb, if you don’t know what you’re buying then don’t buy it. It will save you a lot of tears.

(2)  Income Claims are Ridiculous

It’s highly unethical the way this product is being sold. They show off their accounts and distract you with huge figures while giving you the idea that ordinary people, some of them with little to no experience, are making huge amounts of money.

You just assume that the income is generated through the use of the software but the truth is that these people are lying. The money in the accounts you see was generated by them selling similar programs and not by using the software. Also none of the actors actually made the money shown.

The truth is that the owner of the program has other similar scam programs he has released that generated huge sums of money on the days shown. People are buying these programs and that isn’t hard to believe. So it’s no surprise that the owner of the program, a guy by the name of Mike Auton makes over $1000 per day but he sure didn’t make the money by running the software he’s selling. More on Mike Auton and his other scam programs below.

I was reading a thread on the Warrior Forum and here’s what someone noticed about the income screenshots used in one of his video:

If you notice from the video, the Clickbank sales started coming in on January 23, 2012. Guess what else happened on January 23, 2012? A product launch for one of their other products called “Quick Click Commissions”, which apparently made it to number one on CB with a gravity over 600. In other words, the junk they’re peddling now had nothing to do with the sales in the video, they were generated by affiliates promoting this January launch. Talk about fraud, lies, and deception. That’s probably why this product isn’t on Clickbank.

This is the kind of dishonesty you can find with these type of programs and it’s the same for Get Auto Commissions. The income screenshots are likely from Mike’s previous program, Safe Simple Commissions, which is very similar to Get Auto Commissions.

Clicksure Account
Probably made promoting “Make Money with Meghan” (released Sunday Sept 1st).

(3) They’ll Do the Work for You?

I heard this at some point in the video and my blood started to boil.

I had someone write me a couple months ago when I reviewed Make Money with Meghan, that they set up the software, went to sleep and when they woke up and checked their account, nothing was happening. And this person was dead serious.

It just doesn’t work that way on the internet. It doesn’t work like that in the real world so why would it happen on the internet?

No one is going to do the work for you so that you can be paid thousands of dollars for doing nothing else but installing their software. Making money on the internet takes time and effort. You have to put in work to actually be paid even $1.

You have two choices, the click a button and do nothing method or the learn the process and put in effort method. If you chose the first method then you shouldn’t be looking for ways to make money on the internet.

(4) Diana and Dave Daniels Are Actors

No, they didn’t accidentally discover some loophole and develop a software that exploits it for all those millions in commissions.

Dave and Diana Daniels are actors and they’re just playing out a script. The real guy behind this rubbish is Mike Auton who happens to use actors for all his product sales videos.

So it’s important that you don’t buy into their story. They’ve probably never made a dime on the internet before.

Using actors to tell a story seems to be the trend now for these scams. The real owner probably already has a damaged reputation so he has to use actors sorta like how writers use pen-names. Too bad he’ll still get exposed.

(5) It’s on Clicksure

If I have to write the same review over and over again for all the scams that come out on Clicksure, I’ll do it so that people don’t get caught up in their crap.

I’ve stated before that Clicksure is a haven for scammers because they don’t seem to care that these dumb gurus are misleading people.

Clicksure doesn’t screen the income claims to see that they match up with what’s being promoted. Clickbank cleaned up their site some years ago and kicked out all the scammers because they were using misleading sales tactics and these scammers are taking advantage of Clicksure because they don’t have the same screening process.

If the product is using Clicksure as a payment processor then 98% of the time, it’s pretty much useless and you’ll almost always end up asking for a refund. And that could lead to another problem – the problem of actually getting a refund despite the 60 day money back guarantee.

Nearly all of Mike Auton’s programs use Clicksure and use the same deceptive marketing tactics. Get Auto Commissions is just the latest in a long line.

(6) Mike Auton – King of “Auto” Crap

Let’s talk about Mike Auton’s programs for a second. I found that he was the guy behind Get Auto Commissions because of the Facebook like button below the video which after a bit of digging really belongs to Safe Simple Commissions which is a product of his similar to this one.

This link led me to discover his other products which from the reviews I found made lots of people very unhappy.

Here’s a short list of some of those programs.

  • Mass Income Machines
  • Quick Click Commissions
  • One Minute Commissions
  • Safe Simple Commissions
  • Followed by Get Auto Commissions (see a trend there?)

I didn’t do much research on the first one but the other four all have pretty much the same deceptive marketing and bad reviews.

One guy summed it up by saying:

Mike Auton products are popular for two reasons:

– Bold claims and misleading sales letters
– Super Spammy auto products

Almost all his products use actors and  the products are poor quality or full of flaws. If you researched the small list above you will find that they aren’t long termed solutions and it’s impossible to generate a whole lot of money in any short space of time using them.

The Important Thing To Know About Making Money Online

If you’re new to making money on the internet, it’s important that you know what I’m going to tell you next because these gurus won’t tell you.

They tell you what you want to hear and push emotional buttons so that you can part with your money and get whatever useless shiny object they’re pushing at the moment.

They’ll never tell you the truth because the truth won’t sell as much of these shiny objects. The truth is dull, uninteresting and obvious. But it works.

So what’s the truth and why you won’t get anywhere by falling for Get Auto Commissions?

The reality is that it takes more than a push of a button on some secret software program to make lots of money online. It takes lots of effort and it takes time. Dave and Diana Daniels would rather tell you the opposite because everyone would rather get some money with little effort in the shortest amount of time possible than have to work and wait for it.

If you really want to make money online using affiliate marketing, regardless of whether you use a software program or not, you’re going to have to learn how to promote affiliate products. There is a process and in order for you to make money, you need to learn that process. This takes time and practice for you to get it right.

If you’d rather believe that there is some kind of secret technique out there that can speed up the process of making money on the internet, then you’re going to be spending a lot of money and asking for a lot of refunds while other people spend the time to learn the process and eventually make money.

How To Learn the Process of Making Money Online

Sadly, Get Auto Commissions will not make you money but there are lots of legitimate alternatives to learning the process of making money online.

You can eventually earn the type of money shown in the income screenshots for Get Auto Commissions but it won’t happen overnight or even in a few short days.

I’m not going to tell you that Get Auto Commissions is a duck and leave you to wander off into the wilderness only to be caught again. There are legit solutions.

If you’re serious about making money online then you can learn the process at a site that I use called Wealthy Affiliate.

Word of caution though. You won’t find any exciting videos with actors and shiny expensive cars and mansions. You won’t see any screenshots of figures that have nothing to do with what’s inside. Wealthy Affiliate is serious about changing lives by providing an education in online business.

The strategies are long termed and doesn’t depend on any particular social network. What you learn at Wealthy Affiliate can be applied for years to come and once you follow the step by step training provided, you can create a regular full time income just like I did.

You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and get a free starter account to check it out.

In the comment section below, I want to hear from you. If you bought Get Auto Commissions, please tell of your experience. If you came here for the review and want to discuss this article, let me hear about it below.

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