Why I’m Moving All My Domains from Godaddy

no more GodaddyThere has been a lot of discussion going on lately at Wealthy Affiliate concerning domain name registrars.

One of the main points bought up in most of the discussions was how much of a rip-off Godaddy is. I’ve been registering my domains with Godaddy and I’m now convinced that there are better options available.

I no longer support Godaddy and I’m moving all my domains from them to another registrar for reasons I’ll explain below.

If you’re currently using Godaddy or thinking about registering domains or using their infamously bad web hosting then you’ll want to read the rest of this post to see why I’m no longer giving Godaddy any of my business and why you should explore other options as well.

The True Cost of Owning a Domain Name

One of the discussions at Wealthy Affiliate which really drove home the message to me was called “The True Cost of Owning a Domain Name” written by a guy named Steve.

In the post, he compares the cost of registration and renewal with privacy at different registrars and what it would cost over a 5 year period. The costs were based on non-promotional prices for each registrar.

Of the 6 registrars compared, Godaddy was in the bottom three along with Register.com and Network Solutions. At the time of the post Godaddy charged $9.99 to register a domain and then tacked on $5 to renew it. If you wanted private registration which helps to keep your registration info out of the hands of spammers, you had to pay the cost of a domain ($9.99) for both registration and renewal. Over the course of 5 years, you would end up paying $119.90 for just one domain name.

Compare that figure to the cheapest option mentioned in the post. Registering a domain with 1and1 would cost $54.95 over the course of 5 years because they do not charge for privacy protection and they kept the renewal at the same price.

I’ve had a bad experience with 1and1.com early in my internet marketing career so I don’t recommend you go with them either. Others have expressed the same frustrations with 1and1.

The second choice is Namecheap, which has become the registrar of choice for Wealthy Affiliate and it’s members but I’ve found an alternative that is even more affordable than Namecheap and even 1and1.com which I’ll tell you about in a bit. Namecheap cost $10.69 for registrations and while private registration is free the first year, it renews at $2.88.

Compared to Godaddy, Namecheap doesn’t have all the ridiculous upsells that Godaddy has when you’re trying to buy a domain name or any other service they’re selling. People have been complaining for years about this aspect of shopping at Godaddy but I have been desensitized somewhat and just skip through everything to get to the checkout.

I also use whatever coupons I could find to lower the prices on registrations and renewals but Godaddy employs some of the sleaziest marketing techniques by enticing you with deals as low as $0.99 domains and then hitting you where it hurts when your domain comes up for renewal.

It’s Not Just Their Sleazy Marketing Tactics

As I can remember very well, there were a few instances over the years where Godaddy was thrown into the spotlight for negative reasons. These reasons had made me want to stop supporting Godaddy altogether but I just had too many domains with them that I decided to forget about it.

Besides their sleazy upsell technique, here are a couple of reasons why people left Godaddy in droves and never looked back. Who would want to support a company after these issues?

(1) CEO Bob Parsons, The Trophy Hunter

Bob Parsons with Elephant

In March of 2011, founder and former CEO of Godaddy, Bob Parsons tweeted a video of him killing an elephant in Zimbabwe and there was a lot of outrage. I still haven’t seen the video because I chose not to watch it. I chose to remain neutral while a lot of other people transferred their domains away from Godaddy.

Depending on how you feel about the head of Godaddy hunting elephants then bragging about it (before changing his reasons for the hunt), you may want to boycott Godaddy as well, like so many did at the time.

(2) Godaddy’s support of SOPA

Last year, while most internet based businesses and individuals voiced their non-support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, Godaddy was on the other side, which angered a lot of people, including myself.

The SOPA act was nothing but trouble and if passed, it threatened the freedom of the internet and the welfare of those who made a living online. So again, the company was boycotted and people moved their domains to other registrars. I wanted to do the same at the time but again, laziness kicked in. I had a lot of domains to move – why bother?

Godaddy eventually changed their position on SOPA because of the backlash it was getting but by then it was too late. Even Wikipedia moved their entire portfolio of sites from Godaddy.

So it’s not just their aggressive and shady marketing tactics but also some of their actions as an organization that isn’t sitting right with customers including myself.

Moving My Domains To NameSilo.com

NameSilo.comI was considering moving my domain names to NameCheap but during one of the discussions, someone mentioned the relatively new and lesser known NameSilo.com.

NameSilo is an accredited domain registrar that is about 3 – 4 years old and deals only in domain names. No web hosting or any other products, just domains.

I checked them out and I loved that you could instantly tell how much your domain name is going to cost you and that it’s always going to be for that price. Domains at NameSilo.com costs $8.99 per year and renew at $8.99 per year.

That comes up to $44.95 over the course of 5 years! Much lower than any of the other registrars.

The other thing I liked love about NameSilo is that while other registrars charge for private registrations, at NameSilo this feature is always free whether with the registration of the domain or with renewal. They will never charge you for private registrations or tack on Icann fees or try to upsell you on stuff you didn’t ask for.

Wanting to try out their system, I immediately transferred one of my domains that I hosted at Godaddy to review the system. Does it work as advertised?

The entire transfer took me less than 45 minutes and I had never transferred a domain before. And I thought it was going to cost me more.

To breakdown the cost of transferring my domain, I would pay them $8.39 for the transfer and they would give me free one year renewal plus private registration. I also applied a coupon for $1 off and the cart came up to $7.39.

I didn’t move any other domains since I’m just testing the service and so far I’m really loving NameSilo.

  • Domains are always $8.99 or less (registrations, transfers or renewals)
  • Free private registrations always (for life)
  • No ridiculous upsells or shady marketing
  • Easy to use domain manager
  • Security features

If you want to check them out, you can use the coupon GDDSUCKS and get $1 off your first registration or transfer.

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