Brian G Johnson Delivers on Halloween Super Affiliate 2013

Halloween Super Affiliate bannerActually, Brian always delivers (or rather over-delivers) with his products.

Halloween Super Affiliate 2013 is no different and is packed with bonuses that will have you enjoying “monster profits all year long”.

Halloween Super Affiliate

Halloween Super Affiliate is an annual affiliate marketing course released each year by Brian G. Johnson.

The course is different from most other affiliate marketing courses because it deals with a specific niche market – the Halloween niche – instead of being general in nature.

I first got the course last year and I can see why there are so many successful users.

Halloween Super Affiliate has a lot of material but the core manual lays out everything you need to know and profit from promoting Halloween costumes as an affiliate marketer.

Brian, himself a successful affiliate marketing in this niche shows you how he himself gets his ideas, builds his websites and sets them up to profit in time for the Halloween costume shopping season. With very specific instructions to follow in a very specific niche, it is hard for users not to duplicate his own success.

What Else is Included

Besides the core Halloween Super Affiliate manual, Brian also does webinars for his students where he teaches the stuff they need to know. There is also a webinar with the people, one of the Halloween costume sites he uses and recommends.

Members will also have access to FlexSqueeze which is a WordPress theme that he uses to build his Halloween costume sites. These come with custom header graphics.

There are also some other reports and of course, there’s a forum where members can meet and discuss the training and help each other out as well as report their success stories.

Do I Recommend Halloween Super Affiliate?

I don’t recommend a lot of stuff on this blog because honestly there is too much crap available claiming that they can teach you affiliate marketing.

However, when I read Halloween Super Affiliate last year, I definitely enjoyed it and even though I did not do anything with it then, I plan to do a couple of sites this year.

The reason I think Halloween Super Affiliate is a win is because it tackles a very specific niche market and lays of a very specific plan of attack. It’s hard not to profit when there are thousands of ideas you can choose from when it comes to costumes and when there is $8 billion being spent online during the season.

If you’re up for it and want to get into an easy to sell niche market, then consider getting Brian’s Halloween Super Affiliate so you can make some of that Halloween money this year.

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