Hostgator Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2016 Deal

Hostgator Black Friday

Looking for affordable shared web hosting? Hostgator is having their annual Black Friday sale this year and you’re in the right place to get all the details.

I want you to be aware of something though.

I’m not a fan of Hostgator (more about this below) but I’m only posting this because I want you to know the details of their Black Friday 2016 sale if you’d like to try them out.

Hostgator Black Friday Deal 2016

The Hostgator Black Friday sale starts Friday, November 25, 2016. Here are the main details.

  • The Deal: Up to 75% OFF. $2.99 domains
  • Deal Page: Hostgator
  • Coupon Code: None needed
  • Starts: Friday, Nov. 25
  • Ends: Monday, Nov. 28

Do I Recommend Hostgator Web Hosting?

As I mentioned before, I’m not a fan of Hostgator web hosting.

I used to host my websites at Hostgator when I was just getting started online and it was great until one of my websites started doing high traffic. I outgrew my shared hosting situation.

Fair enough. I upgraded my hosting to a dedicated server which was expensive ($174 per month) but I wasn’t a technical person so I didn’t really know how to manage my own server.

But none of that is the reason why I don’t like or recommend Hostgator anymore.

I moved my web hosting to Bluehost and then I heard that both hosts were acquired by a company called EIG.

After being acquired by EIG, it seems that Hostgator turned to crap.

Although I had left before Hostgator got acquired by EIG, I started hearing from everyone on forums and even blog reviews about what a horrible web host Hostgator had become. Their customer service which used to be stellar, was now a nightmare to deal with in terms of wait times and their interaction with customers.

I also found out that the web host I had moved my websites to was also own/acquired by EIG, the same company that owned Hostgator.

I eventually left that web host because of a bad customer service experience.

If you’re choosing a web host, it’s best to choose a non-EIG owned web host that has great customer service, affordable plans and great uptime among other things.

So even though you might receive some savings by choosing Hostgator’s Black Friday deal, you might want to consider another web host that is having a Black Friday sale also.

My Alternative To Hostgator

Although I host my websites with Wealthy Affiliate, an all in one solution for people who want to learn how to make money online, this might not be ideal for you if you’re just looking for web hosting.

I’ve done my research and found a web host that is a great alternative to what Hostgator offers.

If I was looking for another web host to host my websites, I would go with SiteGround.

SiteGround is a great non-EIG owned web host that has been around for a long time. From my research (I went through a lot of websites and blog comments to conclude), SiteGround has great user-friendly support, high performance servers and reasonably affordable prices.

You can check out the SiteGround Black Friday deal here.

Final Thoughts on Hostgator Black Friday Sale

Hostgator’s Black Friday 2016 deal might sound great but the service that you’ll get might not be so great. I certainly don’t recommend that you host with an EIG affiliated web host.

However, if you’re still considering here are the details again:

  • The Deal: Up to 75% OFF. $2.99 domains
  • Deal Page: Hostgator
  • Coupon Code: None needed
  • Starts: Friday, Nov. 25
  • Ends: Monday, Nov. 28

Have questions about this deal? Want to discuss Hostgator and what it offers? Let’s talk in the comment section below.

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