Hostmonster Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal 2016


I’m not too sure what Hostmonster offered last year during the 2015 Black Friday sales but you can find the information below about their 2016 Black Friday discount.

Hostmonster, being one of EIG’s brands isn’t on my list of recommended web hosts. I don’t know much about the quality of their services but think you should know about their Black Friday sale if you’d like to try them.

Here are the details of their 2016 deal.

Hostmonster Black Friday 2016 Deal

  • The Deal: TBA
  • Deal Page: TBA
  • Coupon Code: TBA
  • Starts: Friday, Nov. 25 @ TBA
  • Ends: Monday, Nov. 28 @ TBA

Should You Go With Hostmonster This Black Friday?

Searching for web hosting deals can be a bit tricky. You want a good quality host and at the same time you want a great deal for your money.

With so many web hosting providers competing for your attention during the Black Friday online sales rush, who do you pick?

My method of elimination is to get rid of all the web hosts that are EIG brands. EIG owns and is constantly acquiring web hosting companies and when that happens the web hosts usually drop in quality. The two most popular examples are Hostgator and Bluehost. The used to be great independent web hosts until they got acquired.

So is Hostmonster under the EIG umbrella too?

Unfortunately, Hostmonster is an EIG brand and this means that if you’re looking for a web host to replace your current one and your current one is an EIG brand, you might as well stay with them.

I haven’t personally tried Hostmonster so I cannot report on the quality of their services but with them being EIG-owned, I probably will never try them.

However, if you’ve done your research and still want to try them, this post is meant to give you the details of their Black Friday 2016 deal.

My alternative to Hostmonster

Of course, though, if you changed your mind and want my opinion on a great host that isn’t EIG-owned, my alternative is SiteGround and they’re having a Black Friday 2016 sale as well.

SiteGround has quality web hosting that’s affordable and fast and they have fast, friendly support and as far as I’ve seen, they get consistently great reviews from their customers.

You can compare Hostmonster and SiteGround in terms of what they offer and choose the deal that is best for you. Even if I didn’t have that other issue with Hostmonster, I’d still go with SiteGround.

Final Thoughts on Hostmonster Black Friday 2016 Deal

Hostmonster is having a Black Friday sale but being an EIG-owned company, I don’t recommend you go with them. I’ve provided an alternative but if you still want to try Hostmonster, here are the details of their Cyber Weekend discount again.

  • The Deal: TBA
  • Deal Page: TBA
  • Coupon Code: TBA
  • Starts: Friday, Nov. 25 @ TBA
  • Ends: Monday, Nov. 28 @ TBA

Want to discuss Hostmonster or this deal? Have questions? Let’s hear them in the comments section below.


  1. Thanks for compiling the list for Black Friday deals.

    Cloudways – A Managed Cloud Hosting platform also has a Black Friday deal, you might be interested in.

    Coupon Code: HOLIDAY25
    Validity: November 30, 2016

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