InstaNiche Review – Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing involves a lot of work. From setting up your website to researching keywords and coming up with article ideas to finding affiliate programs and writing content.

Instaniche is a software program that was designed to help in every aspect of putting up niche websites as an affiliate. In this review, I’m going to take a look at Instaniche and let you know whether or not it’s useful for marketers.

Instaniche boxProduct Name: InstaNiche
Creators: John Gibb, Mo Miah, Mike McKay & Kme Byrne
Price: $39 (Lite Version), $49 (Pro Version)
Verdict: Not recommended – lots of feedback points to multiple issues after purchase including lack of quality in the sites output, high refund rate, possible duplicate content, products not showing up in affiliate store etc.

What Is InstaNiche?

The main concept of InstaNiche is a software that automatically builds niche websites with unique content, grabs first page Google rankings, monetized with store feeds and makes lots of money all with the click of a button.

“InstaNiche is the world’s FIRST and ONLY web based software that researches, customises, optimizes, monetizes, builds and hosts you fully fledged unique amazon affiliate sites that rank page one for huge search terms on Google with just a few clicks.”

The above except is taken from the InstaNiche website and this is how they describe the product.

According to the InstaNiche website, you can build one of these sites in 60 seconds and have it shoot to the top of Google’s search engine. With little to no work, newbie students are supposedly making as much as  $3400 in a single month.

Your websites supposedly don’t have duplicate content because the articles are written by a content team for InstaNiche so they should rank well.

It seems this is a push button software that takes all the hard work out of the process and does everything for you from research to making money.

With this software the process looks like this:

  1. Select a niche
  2. Pick keywords
  3. Add content
  4. Add products
  5. Build website ( hosting is included).

Here’s a video that shows the software in action using the steps above.

There are two price plans for InstaNiche – $39 if you want to build just one website or $49 if you want to build multiple websites.

My Concerns about InstaNiche

I have to say that I have more than just a few concerns about InstaNiche.

For starters, I’m not a huge fan of these push button, set and forget type software. These never work out the way you imagine they would.

With the claims being made about InstaNiche by the owners, I’m very skeptical about this one.

Sure you can build a website in 60 seconds but instant rankings at the top of Google for a new website? And how is the content unique every time when the site is build automatically? There are only 50 niches (initially) so it makes me wonder.

Anyway if you need to be convinced that InstaNiche is a waste of time then look no further than what other people are saying based on their experience with InstaNiche.

People Who Bought InstaNiche Don’t Seem To Like It…

If the atmosphere on this Warrior Forum thread says anything, it’s that InstaNiche is a fail.

People who bought InstaNiche don’t seem to like it and are asking for refunds. I think I read somewhere that the refund rate was in the vicinity of 20%.

The following quote will shred some light about what you can expect from InstaNiche.

“I bought instaniche and the upgrade for $47 a month

so far not happy

To build the site was easy enough, but from what i understand i can only add 3 articles to my site. They say they are working to improve it.

It has been a few days and the amazon products still havent showed up in the articles, which is the main point.

I reached out to customer service and i get the same generic answer “Amazon takes time to populate”

I also paid the $47 a month to join the facebook page and get more content, it has been a few days and i still havent heard or got approved for the group

Customer support is sporadic, you might get a answer you might not

The worst part is the hosting my site has been down probably 60% of the time.

the idea and the concept was very enticing, but i have to give a thumbs down so far on execution

currently i am thinking about a refund “

Problems: Only 3 articles are posted to each site that you build. It’s hard to believe that these sites do well in Google. If they do then it would only be temporarily.

I’ve seen some of the demo sites and they all do seem to have only 3 articles and they’re not very visitor friendly.

instaniche demo site
Instaniche example site

Then there’s the issue of products not showing up, sporadic customer support, paying for an upgrade and having to wait a few days or more for access and finally experiencing downtime with the web hosting.

Why I Can’t Recommend InstaNiche

Personally, this sounded too good to be true to me as I don’t like the idea of push button software that does everything for you and runs on autopilot to make money.

Anything that uses those claims is usually a scam. InstaNiche just isn’t a good product for the reasons I mentioned above.

Affiliate marketing is a business, one that requires effort and time to grow. Care must be taken if you want to have a long term business so the best way is to do research, build your site, write targeted content and promote your monetized website.

Learning how to do the steps required to succeed with a website online is a very valuable skill that is omitted by InstaNiche. This is bad for someone who is now getting started because if they decide not to continue with InstaNiche, they’ll be lost.

I just can’t recommend InstaNiche because:

  • Their claims seem outrageous
  • It’s better to learn the process of building niche sites
  • There’s multiple issues after purchase
  • Little or no training is included

The Sure WAy for Long-Term Income

Shortcuts like InstaNiche only work for a while or in this case – never work. You might set up an InstaNiche website and make some money but only for a short while if you do make any at all.

However, there is a way that never fails. There is a way that works all the time. It worked ten years ago, it works now and it will work ten years from now.

That way is to put in consistent time and real effort into building your niche website instead of relying solely on shortcuts.

Instaniche was supposed to take care of the entire process but you cannot just set a piece of software to replace what you were meant to do then sit back and wait for money to roll into your bank account. It’s not going to happen.

Learning the entire process will make things easier and once you understand the various parts that go into building and profiting from a niche site, you can then find shortcuts for each part.

To learn the entire process, you need step by step training that encourages you to take action. You also need a support system that you can rely on when you have questions so that you can make progress smoothly. Lastly, you need access to all the tools that’s involved in the process.

One place that fits all the criteria for learning effectively is Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started with a free account and get access to:

  • step by step, task based training
  • community support
  • free web hosting for members
  • website builder
  • live chat
  • lots more…

Check out my full review to see why this is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to make a living building niche websites.

Have experience with Instaniche? Let’s hear how it went in the comment section below.

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