Who is Jack Carter? It’s Certainly Not This Guy…

jack-carterMike Auton has some explaining to do.

It seems that no-one knows who this Jack Carter is that released Profit Partners yesterday. I’ve seen some affiliates try to explain who Jack Carter is but none of them were close to what I just uncovered.

One affiliate said that Jack Carter was a famous comedian who appeared regularly on the Ed Sullivan Show. I’m not making this up.

There is in fact one such Jack Carter but it’s not the same guy. Does the guy in the picture above look like he’s 90 years old?

Another affiliate had this to say:

Since I strongly believe in the importance of credibility of the person behind any product I purchase, I feel that it is necessary that I present to you the creator of Profit Partners. Jack Carter is an innovator and entrepreneur who has gained a reputation as one of the leaders in the field of online marketing and trading software. While originally starting his marketing career as an affiliate, he has gone on to creating multiple 7-figure businesses and software.

He has gained a huge deal of notoriety after speaking at various seminars and conferences regarding the potential of binary trading/forex software. After having tremendous success himself, Jack decided that he wanted to provide others with the ability to have success in what was considered to largely unknown amongst the public. Over the last 5 years, he has been behind the creation and launch of 6 consecutive multi-million dollar programs. Alongside the exclusive training and consulting that Jack’s programs offered, he has enabled hundreds of his students have amazing financial success, with some even making over $1 million in profits their first year. With the new 2014 year now upon us, Jack Carter wanted to launch his newest and most ambitious program to date: Profit Partners.

I can only wonder where he got that story.

The Truth about Jack Carter

The truth is, Jack Carter does not exist.

Well, he does. As a character Mike Auton created to portray the creator of his latest scam of a product.

Mike has a habit of doing this as he has done so for all of his previous products. His last one which was Get Auto Commissions  was apparently created by Dave and Diana Daniels. They’re all characters – actors playing their part.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the shocking part about the entire thing. Mike isn’t only fooling his customers, he is also fooling his affiliates.

I downloaded the picture of Jack Carter from the JV page for Profit Partners. It’s the one you can see below.

profit partners jv page


I then went to Google Images and if you didn’t know, there’s a cool feature called reverse image search where you can upload an image and Google can try to tell you what the image is.

Well according to Google, the photo is that of Jack Richard Smith, a guy from New Mexico who is a “contemporary realist painter”.

Here is a piece that appeared in Narrative Magazine in the winter of 2008 that features Jack Smith’s picture. I believe this is where Mike Auton swiped the photo from before he created Jack Carter.

narrative mag

So besides trying to get people to involve themselves with the risky business of trading binary options, Mike Auton also paid for fake testimonials on Fiverr and now he’s been exposed for stealing Jack Richard Smith’s photo and using it to make money.

Identity theft? Fraud?

Mike has also fooled his affiliates into thinking that this Jack Carter guy is real. The show is up Mike. You’ve been exposed.

If there is any reason to stay away from this Profit Partners thing, it’s the fact that the guy who is selling it to you (whether you think it’s Jack Carter or you know that it’s Mike Auton) is really lying to you. Would you do business with someone who’s lying to you?

Express yourself in the comments. Tell me what you think of this kind of behavior by these Clicksure scammers. Tell Mike and all those other guys how you really feel.

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