K2 Unlimited Content – Would You Take SEO Advice from Spammers?

Spam makes me sad

For about a week now, I’ve been getting the following comment on this website:

I see a lot of interesting posts on your blog. You have to spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of time, there is a tool that creates unique, google friendly articles in couple of seconds, just type in google – k2 unlimited content

This is nothing but a spam comment because it has nothing to contribute to any of the articles it was submitted to. Furthermore, there are other site owners who are getting the exact same comment on their websites as well.

I hate spam.

Google hates spam.

If I’m any good at guessing, I’d say that you hate spam too.

Thousands of website owners running their sites on WordPress activate the Akismet spam management plugin for this reason.

I did the Google search for “k2 unlimited content” as suggested and it got even worse.

Outdated SEO Techniques

Not only are the owners of K2 SEO Services spamming tens of thousands of websites but they’re recommending outdated SEO techniques that will get your site banned in the search engines.

The page I got for this particular search is recommending, as an affiliate,  an article spinning tool called WordAi.


The owner of K2 is going through a whole lot of trouble to promote his site which in turn tries to get you to buy a spinning tool. If you have to use a spinning tool in your business then you’re taking unnecessary steps to promote your site.

Spinning articles isn’t something I would recommend if you’re looking to build a long term website business. Although WordAi says that the results are human quality content, this doesn’t mean that the content is particularly useful to humans.

I spend a lot of time researching and manually writing content for my websites because I want people to read, engage and find my content useful enough to take some type of action.

Why would I duplicate my efforts in any way? It’s more work and it’s not going to fool anyone or help me in the long run. I’d rather spend that time creating more original content.

I’m quite ok with spending a lot of time writing than to spend my time doing unnecessary tasks like spinning content. It works for me.

SEO Advice from Spammers?

I took a peep through the K2 website to see what else was there.

It’s an affiliate website with very little content and some bad recommendations.

Besides recommending article spinning software, they also recommend Social Maximizer, a software that automatically submits your posts to over 700 social bookmarking websites. This is a great way to build links which in turn is a great way to get banned in the search engines.

There’s also a post that recommends a blackhat technique which is essential forum spamming.

If you’re going to take SEO advice, the worst thing you could do is take advice from a spammer. None of the recommendations are going to help you and K2 is teaching techniques that predates the Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

Creating a long termed business online doesn’t need to be complicated by unnecessary tasks such as SEO. The day Google introduced Panda and Penguin was a blessing for me and thousands of other website owners to paid attention to what was going on.

I no longer needed to worry about building links, spinning articles, bookmarking my sites, auto-blogging, varying my anchor text and a bunch of other SEO tasks that took up my time. All I had to do was create useful quality content and engage with real people within the social web.

I, along with thousands of other business owners, am able to stay ahead of the game by simply being involved with a community of people who are interested in doing whatever it takes to create long termed businesses with websites that are Google friendly.

The instructors in the community would never teach spam techniques and outdated SEO and the teachings work for thousands of successful affiliate marketers who build their sites for maximum Google love.

You can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate and start implementing safe strategies for your online business instead of listening to SEO advice from spammers. It works for me and I’m sure it would work for you as well.

Have you been getting spam from K2 about unlimited content? I’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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