You Won’t Make Money With Meghan – It’s a Scam!

After looking at the sales video from Make Money with Meghan and checking out the offer, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this program is a scam.

Make Money with Meghan screengrab

In this review of Make Money with Meghan, I’ll show you why I think you should stay away from this offer and I’ll also expose the many lies you’re being told by Meghan Thompson.

To put it simple, you won’t make money with Meghan because the offer was set up so that she (or the people behind it) can make money off you even though it is supposed to be free.

There are too many reviews on the web when you search for “make money with meghan review” that tell you how much this is legit and how you’ll be making money just like Meghan but you need to know the real truth and I’m exposing it all here.

The Lies of Meghan Thompson

In the video, Meghan Thompson claims that she makes some serious amounts of money and even shows various screenshots of her online accounts showing her making as much as $45,000 per day.

She goes on to claim that she invented a secret system that allows her to flood her websites with traffic which is how she’s able to accumulate such incredible earnings.

Her secret system, she says, is only known to her and her closest business associates and she wants to share those secrets with you, unbelievably, for free.

Such a generous offer. Her reasoning is that she wants to help you make money as it will help her to make ever more money.

For her to help you, she’s letting her people put up a site that has her secret formula for making stupid amounts of cash built in so you’ll begin to make the type of money she makes starting today (or whenever you decide to get your free site set up).

Now I’ve seen this type of so called “free” offer before and I can tell you that it’s only designed to make the creators money while you seem to get something of value except that it doesn’t quite work out for you.

I’ll tell you more on that in a bit but first let me expose the lies Meghan is telling you to get you to sign up for her offer.

Meghan Thompson Lies about Her Income [Proof]

If you’ve seen the screenshots of Meghan’s accounts that she says she’s embarrassed about because she’s making so much money and you aren’t, then your eyes might have popped out of your head a bit in amazement.

Mines on the other hand squinted a bit with suspicion.

(1) Paypal Red Alert – One of the first red flags I noticed was in her Paypal account where her name was revealed to be Meghan Thompson. The welcome message with her name is in bright red.

After seeing this, I logged into my Paypal account only to see that the welcome message with my name is in a dullish orange color. This tells me that Meghan Thompson isn’t really Meghan Thompson at all. So she’s lying about her name to start off. Or maybe, her name is Meghan Thompson, but that’s not her Paypal account. The figure was probably ‘shopped too.

(2) Click Not Sure – Meghan then shows her Clicksure account where she’s making huge sums of money everyday. Well she must be one of the scammers on Clicksure because after seeing her Clickbank screenshots I’m convinced that all of these earnings are photoshopped to make her look like she’s making huge piles of money.

Here’s the Clickbank screenshot from the video I’m talking about:

Meghan Fake proof

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

If you’re not familiar with Clickbank, you probably won’t. However, I have a Clickbank account and this picture screamed fake at me. Here’s why:

  • Notice the brown and green earning bars? On Tuesday April 9th, she made $40, 857.22. On the two days before she made more money than what she made on this day. Both of those bars should be longer than the one on Tuesday. On the day after she made over $43,000. However that bar is much shorter than the one on the day before when she made $3000 less.
  • At the top, all the weeks are wrong. Clickbank weeks usually end on a Tuesday. So where it says “week ending”, according to the daily sales snapshot, it should say week ending on 2013-04-09 and not 2013-04-10. This is how it is with ALL Clickbank accounts. Her week ended on Wednesday for some reason.
  • Because of this, her first weekly total should be $120,000+ and not $167,000+.

Meghan deliberately had her earnings doctored to show her earning large sums of money. If the Clickbank screenshot is fake, then you can bet that the Clicksure one is also fake and the Paypal screenshot also.

So what else is she lying about?

*Free* Empire Websites Won’t Make You Money

The main offer to Make Money with Meghan is a free website set up with her secret formula. This giveaway seems to hold a lot of value because it’s so easily accessibly.

Who wouldn’t want to own their own money making website? And without having to pay for it at all.

However, the lies continue as Meghan tries to get you to part with your money.

“I thought you said this thing was free!?”

Well, I didn’t say it but Meghan did and we know up to this point that she is a liar.

As I’ve said earlier on, I’ve encountered this kind of offer before where some internet entrepreneur offers to give you a free money generating website. I actually had one of those websites before and that was back in 2006 so this is an old trick.

The way it works is you’re offered a free website that makes money. Before you get your website set up for you, you’ll have to buy a domain name and you will also have to pay for website hosting. This is the way websites work. To have a website you need a domain and website hosting.

After you’ve already paid for both a domain and website hosting, the people behind the offer have to hold up their end of the bargain and give you your free website. However, they’re already paid as they get a cut of the money you paid for website hosting.

What they’ll do is upload your website which is basically the same cookie cutter website that promotes their program so if you actually do the work to promote your site, you will both get paid.

This is how it works. Here’s what they don’t tell you.

In the case of Meghan, she’s using the story of her having invented a system that generates huge sums of money on a daily basis to convince you to get your free Empire website.

What she doesn’t tell you is:

Meghan Site Setup(1) They Aren’t Free – You still have to pay for a domain and website hosting. And this is usually for a website that isn’t going to work very well as I’ll show you below.

(2) There Is No Secret – This is just a ploy to get you to pay for your free website. On the internet, there are rarely any secret formulas to making huge piles of cash. Making money online takes work just as in any other business.

(3) Empire Websites Aren’t Unique – For you to make money online, you need unique websites that have information that people want. With this type of scam, they aren’t going to build every person that signs up a new and unique website for free. You get the same cookie cutter website that someone else has.

In the website setup video, the voice over guy tells you to choose a domain name that is closely associated with Meghan. This means that the content on the sites has to do with promoting Meghan’s programs. Why else would you choose a domain like

Make Money with Meghan was set up so that she makes money and you don’t. You just won’t get anywhere if you’ve dreamed of starting your own internet business and making money online if you choose to follow a liar and a scammer like Meghan.

What Comes Next?

It really doesn’t matter what comes after you’ve set up your website. After all the lying and the familiar swindle, I didn’t stick around to find out.

You actually can’t anyhow. You need to have completed the payments to get your free site in order to see what comes next.

I’m sure it’s some kind of membership site where they show you how to make money with your new website. However, this only means that you’re still around so that they can make more money off you. After all, you’ve proven to them that you have a credit card or Paypal account and you’re willing to spend that money.

Meghan should be ashamed. The people behind it should be ashamed. The people who are writing good things about it on the internet should all be ashamed.

If you genuinely want to make money online and you’re really disappointed with people like Meghan, I will suggest that you check out my review of  Wealthy Affiliate.

This is where I learned how to make money online and I’ve been doing that since 2007 and even quit my day job in 2009 to do affiliate marketing full time.

In comparison to Make Money with Meghan, there is a huge community of helpful people at Wealthy Affiliate and even the owners get on the site and help out every day. There are no fake screenshots of earnings to get you to sign up for anything. Only ethical people who really want to help others are welcomed on the site.

And when you join for free, you’ll be able to create not one but TWO free websites that have a better chance at making money than anything Meghan can give to you. In addition to your two free websites, you will also get some great training on how to make money with your sites as well as support when you get stuck.

Finally, if you do get stuck, you can always visit my profile on Wealthy Affiliate and ask me any questions you like.

In the comments below, tell me about your experience with Make Money with Meghan Thompson or just leave your feedback. I’m also interested in anyone who have had one of the Empire sites built for them. Please share your experience so others can benefit.

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