Net Success Lab Review

net success guideI just got a look at Net Success Lab which is a membership site that aims to teach people how to do affiliate marketing.

It looks like this site was open back in 2012 but is now getting promoted through Clicksure. However this is the first time I’m hearing about Net Success Lab so I just wanted to do a quick review so you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

The site promises you 20 profitable websites every month as well as training and is presented as a membership site at $97 per month price-point with a $2.95 trial.

The promo video for the site as well as what they’re providing did not capture my attention very well as there are much better options available that give you much more that just websites and training (more on this below).

The video for Net Success Lab starts out blasting the shady gurus before assuring you that you’re in the right place.

Don’t worry, you’ll not be subjected to any of that garbage here. ONLY the truth!

Everything from there on, was anything but the truth.

There’s the usual hype and false promises like “you’ll be making money 24 hours from now without any previous knowledge about making money online” puts Net Success Lab in the same category as all the other products released by the fake gurus.

Anyway, I took the $2.95 trial to get inside and noticed that it said that I would be billed $97 in 3 days.

I personally hate these secret rebills that only give you 3 days with a small entry fee so they can surprise you with an automatic rebill when you forget to cancel. Let’s see if what they’re giving you for the trouble worth it.

Inside the Members Area

Once your payment is submitted, you’re asked to register with the same email you used with Paypal so you can get the login credentials.

The members area isn’t too attractive and it seemed evident that the main focus of Net Success Lab is them getting paid as affiliates by referring you to a web host so you can host the 20 sites they give you. It seems as though this is their main intention.

They give you instruction on getting a domain and hosting and suggest Hostgator and another site but the links to the web hosts didn’t seem to work when I tried them.

Then there’s the 20 sites. The sites are all based on 20 Clickbank products and are made in HTML instead of the preferred WordPress. The one I downloaded looked like it was just one page with a section to put an autoresponder form for collecting emails.

example site
Example site

There are set up instructions for everything contained in 4 videos. You’re also asked to get an autoresponder. Without this, the sites are pretty much useless because you need to have the sign up for active before you can use the sites to make money.

There is no other training within the members area. However, the welcome email did say that they would be sending me instructions on how to get traffic in about 7 days. This seven days was well thought out because by then you’d have paid them the $97 monthly fee (whether you realized it or not).

Review of Net Success Lab

Net Success Lab isn’t worth the $97 per month. Initially, you only get 20 HTML websites that aren’t very good and not the type of website that you want if you’re looking for success.

The type of website that you need is one that is WordPress based which you can get using something like Site Rubix. This ensures that your website will have multiple pages, is easy to edit and post quality content to. Frequently posting quality content is one of the key factors that make a website successful.

Also, the fact that the sites are based on specific Clickbank products puts you at a disadvantage. What if you want to promote a similar product that might be better? What if the vendor stops selling the product?

Having 20 websites every month might seem like the answer to these questions but this brings up another concern.

I was told in my early affiliate marketing days that it was better to focus on one or two sites than to dilute my efforts with multiple sites. If I build one big site based on a particular topic, I’m better positioned for success than if I jump around trying out lots of different topics and building dozens of websites.

Having not proper training is also a huge problem. You can’t make money just by having a site. Having 20 sites wouldn’t make a difference.

On the intro video, I heard Mike say something like “24o websites in total” for an entire year and “all you have to do is plug them in and make money.”

Well, it’s just not that simple. And to think that they would run on autopilot is also wrong. To make money online, you need to put in time and effort, just as in any other business before you can see the profits.

So what are you going to do when there is no training?

Net Success Lab guarantees that you will fail. Even if they did send you the training via email, you’re still going to fail because you started with the wrong step. Setting up a website isn’t the first step at all. This is like me building a shop without knowing yet what I’m going to sell.

Finally, there is not real support system. There are email addresses that they tell you to use if you want to contact them but this can become very inefficient with the lack of direction. What questions are you going to ask? How will you know if you’re on the right track?

A Much Better Option

In comparison, my number 1 recommended site for learning how to make money with affiliate marketing charges half of what Net Success Lab does and you can access the site for free without even giving your credit card info.

They give you two free websites so that you can apply the top class step by step training they provide and they also have free web hosting for members. There is a huge and vibrant community that offers a support system where you can learn and receive guidance and also confirmation that you’re on the right track.

The chart below shows you just how much Net Success Lab falls short of providing you with something that works.

Just to recap, Net Success Lab isn’t recommended because they have an overpriced membership that doesn’t have step by step training and offers worthless websites that will guarantee that you fail at making money online.

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