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reviewsI review a lot of products on this website and I’m always looking for new products that people are interested in so I can test them.

On my last review for No Website Millionaire, a scam product by Travis Stephenson, one reader asked me if I could check out some products and review them.

Don said:

I’ve been sucked and sucked and sucked by these scammers that deliver just nothing. I’m yet to a make a penny online.
I just don’t know how best to get genuine products that will certainly make money for me consistently. Please what do you know about the following products: (1)Cash Extractor Pro ; (2) Covert Shirt Store; (3) CBCHIEF.COM ;(4) My TopTier Business Team (mttbsystems.com). CPASUMO.

I got these 5 suggestions and as I haven’t reviewed any of them here, I’m going to be testing them in the upcoming weeks and letting you know what I think.

I want to help as many people as I can to avoid bad products and find great ones that will help them to make money online. If you have any suggestions for products that you want me to take a look at, please find the contact form on this site and email me your request.

Product Reviews Coming Soon

Once again, here are the five product reviews I’m working on that will soon be on the site. I’ve also included my initial thoughts and only two of these look like they’ll get a positive review.

  1. Cash Extractor Pro – My initial thoughts on this is to stay away as this is a product by Shawn Casey and the sales video looks like the typical scam stuff from Clicksure.
  2. Covert Shirt Store – This WordPress theme that turns your blog into a t-shirt store looks legit.
  3. CB Chief – Creates auto generated blogs which is an outdated and useless technique to make money in 2014.
  4. My Top Tier Business Team – This is a funnel for My Online Business Empire (MOBE) which is something I wouldn’t recommend.
  5. CPA Sumo – This is a course that teaches CPA marketing, a form of affiliate marketing where you can get paid for leads. This one looks legit as well.

I would like to keep adding to the list so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments section or via the contact form.

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