5 Steps To Becoming An Expert In Your Niche

Baby expertThere are different ways to finding a niche market to make money online. One way is to find something that you’re good at and use this topic as your niche.

Another way is to find a topic that is proven to make money and use that as your niche. This route is probably the toughest as you would more than likely not be very familiar with the topic.

How would you be able to write articles on a topic you don’t know much about? How will you answer questions from readers? How will your recommendations even appear trustworthy?

You don’t want to look like an idiot to your readers and in some cases they probably know a little more than you do.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start out as an expert in your niche market. I know people who find niche markets, research the topics and make lots of money even though they knew nothing about the topic to begin with.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to become an expert in your niche market.

1. Find the Authority

Finding the authority for your niche can give you content ideas, teach you the lingo and also give you insight into what your niche really wants.

Authority sites are usually those sites that keep popping up when you search different keywords related to their respective niches. If you’ve really done your homework then they’re not really targeting your niche topic exactly but rather the much broader scope of your topic.

For example, if your niche is something like “improving your golf swing” then the authority in your niche would be the authority site for “golf” where you would find expert topics on “improving your golf swing”.

The easy way to find authority sites would be to search on the broad topic and see which website comes up first.

I searched for the following broad keywords and got the following sites in the top position:

You’ve probably heard of all these sites before, haven’t you?

2. Join Forums

The ideal authority site will usually have a built in forum or community on their site. If their is none then you could always do a search for “niche + forum” on Google for standalone forums related to your niche.

You should always go where the people in your niche gather online. This would give you so much insight on how your niche communicates, what they talk about, the problems they have and even the things they are already buying.

Don’t jump in and start promoting your stuff like most novices though. This will only destroy your credibility even before you develop some. Remember your aim here at this point is to become an expert, not to make money.

3. Read & Subscribe to Niche Related Blogs

Have you ever seen those kung fu movies where the sensei reluctantly trains a totally unskilled student who goes on to become even more powerful than his master?

Well, there is nothing that says there can only be one expert in your niche. Even if someone is already dominating a niche you can still become a force to be reckoned with.

More than likely someone blogging on a particular niche is already an expert. Find that blogger, read and subscribe to their blog. Also read and leave comments as well. By becoming interactive you will feel as though you’re already a part of this niche market.

You can find niche related blogs by visiting the blog directories of Technorati, BlogCatalog and other blog directories online or by doing a simple Google search.

4. Magazine Subscriptions

magazinesAlmost all niches have a magazine dedicated to them. Magazines are great ways to find content ideas and the advertisers have already done their research based on demographic, buying trends and other factors so the products are usually very targeted.

One of the problems that a lot of people have is that they run out of ideas. Magazines are published frequently, usually on a monthly basis so if you have a subscription, with 30 days in a month, there will always be something to talk about in your newsletter, on your blog and to add content to your website.

You can search through the catalogs at Magazines.com and subscribe to a magazine in your niche.

Most magazines also have online or digital versions (apps etc.) so you can always check that option also.

5. Watch Videos

Videos are great ways to get the point across. Watching videos are so much easier than reading long articles and will save you a lot of time.

Look for how to videos and also look for videos on Youtube. Later on when you’re an expert, you will also want to get into making videos for the reasons stated above.

You really don’t want to leave video out of the equation either. Other than providing you with knowledge, they’re a great way to capture your audience. The stats say that 71% of internet users view about 235 minutes of video online, most of them in the 18 – 35 demographic.

Follow all these steps and you will have enough information to be taken seriously. Don’t get too wrapped up in knowing everything that you wait too long to take action, though.

There will still be lots to learn way after you start that campaign.

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