Niche Idea #01: “Babymoon Travel”


One of the hardest parts of doing affiliate marketing for most people is deciding what niche they’re going to build their business around.

I’ve seen people stall their learning over this and I’ve seen people quit because they couldn’t get pass niche selection. I’ve seen people pick niches they couldn’t handle (the wrong niche) and become unsure about whether they want to continue learning affiliate marketing.

Picking a niche is tough for most people. Others just go with their passions and interests which is what I suggest you do also.

For people who don’t seem to have a passion or interest that they’d wish to translate into an online business, they would have to go through finding and selecting a niche that they’d be interested in promoting to.

With Niche Ideas, the latest addition to my blog, I’m going to give away a new niche, hopefully every week and have them in a category where you can browse through and find something you like.

I’m going to do the research and give you insights on the niche, keywords, content ideas, domain names, affiliate programs and even suggest WordPress themes you can use for your site.

In other words by choosing one of these niches you should have a plan of action for starting an online business.

I don’t want to be too long with the intro so let’s get into the very first Niche Idea – “Babymoon Travel”.

Babymoon Travel

How did I ever find something like this? Did you even know this was a thing before reading this post?

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking with my two year old son and he looks up at the sky and says “Daddy, look, the moon”. Then he added “It’s a baby moon”.

I remembered this name he gave to the moon and thought it would make a great name for a company or a band or something like that. I ended up typing “baby moon” into Google today to see if there was any other company or band with the name. This action is what revealed this hidden niche market to me.

What exactly is a babymoon?


A babymoon is like a honeymoon but it’s a vacation that expecting couples would take before the baby is expected so that they could relax and reconnect with each other usually because the baby would be taking up all the time after he/she arrives.

It appears that this is a recently coined term (in the last 5 years) and one website described it as:

…a recent cultural phenomenon of taking a vacation before the birth of your first child – in the midst of one of the most significant events in a couple’s life, which may actually turn out to be that moment when the relationship shines it’s brightest.

Even though you may not have heard about the term “babymoon” before, rest assured that the term is being searched for as a research keyword for babymoon travel. Terms like “babymoon ideas”, “babymoon destinations” and “babymoon packages” are among the most searched terms for this niche.

babymoon searches

Your target group: expecting couples who want to get away and relax

Another thing that’s great about this niche is that more people are going to hear about this in the future and they’ll want to have a babymoon as well. Honeymoons had to start somewhere too right?

There are at least two movies about babymoons although they aren’t going to be blockbusters. One, The Babymooners (2015), is currently being shown in film festivals and the other, The Babymoon is in post-production. Things like these can drive up search volume and interest.

Why Do People Babymoon?

If you’re going to tackle this niche, you’re going to need some insight to guide you. A great place to start is understanding why couples take babymoons.

Here’s a cool video I found on YouTube (which has lots of videos in their search results when I typed in “babymoon”) that explains some reasons to take a babymoon.

Watching the video gave me a couple of new ideas. While babymooning is definitely part of the travel industry, there are opportunities for promotion within the parenting niche also.

Babymoon Travel Content Ideas

Coming up with content ideas to attract audiences to your babymoon travel website isn’t hard once you understand what they’re looking for. From the keywords I found, you have endless amount of content ideas to kick off the website and start getting traffic.

Also don’t focus only on keywords with the term “babymoon” in them. Understand what your audience wants and you’ll be able to see a much wider opportunity.

Here are some content ideas to kick off your website.

  1. 10 Great Babymoon Vacation Ideas – handpick some places for your babymooners to go. Example from Parents Mag.
  2. 8 Best Babymoon Destinations in the USA – some people don’t want to leave the country. Example from Fodors.
  3. [State] Babymoon Packages – That’s 50 ideas in one. Example from
  4. 12 Babymoon Destinations Without Zika – An example of using a trend for content marketing. Keep your eyes peeled for these trends no matter what niche you’re in. Example from USA Today.
  5. Why You Should Babymoon with Your Girlfriends – Enough of the destination articles. Here’s another type of article because hubby isn’t always available or the first choice for a babymoon vacation.
  6. How To Plan a Babymoon – A How-to article is a must on any affiliate website.
  7. Where To Go on Your Babymoon Road Trip – There are other ways to spend the time than a expensive getaway at a resort.
  8. 5 Babymoon Cruise Specials Available This Month – Timely post for persons looking for cruise ideas. Dig up some cruise specials perfect for the babymooner and post them. From CruiseCompete.
  9. 7 Tips for Saving Money on Your Babymoon – Some people think babymoons are a waste of money. Help someone take a babymoon and save money. Hint: link to your “Road Trip” article.

These are just ideas. You can use them or find your own unique ideas to keep your audience happy. Don’t copy from the examples given but use them as inspiration for your own posts.

Affiliate Programs for Your Babymoon Website

Affiliate programs for a babymoon website are going to be mostly travel related but you can also find ways to incorporate other non-travel related affiliate programs into your monetization.


Category: Travel
Affiliate Program: Via
More Info: TripAdvisor Affiliate Program
Commissions: $2.50 per lead / 50% per sale

How it Works: Deep link to the destination page on TripAdvisor and earn $2.50 lead on vacation home rental enquiries or 50% on sales.

AppleVacationsApple Vacations

Category: Travel > Vacation Packages
Affiliate Program: Via Affiliate Window
More Info: Apple Vacations Affiliate
Commissions: $72 per booking

How it Works: Visitor books a vacation package through Apple Vacations website, you get $72 per booking.

You don’t have to use these, and there are lots more affiliate programs available that you can use by searching affiliate networks and on Google. Make sure to read the terms of each affiliate program before you join.

Setting Up Your Babymoon Website

Time to take action and get going with a website to communicate with your babymoon audience. I recommend Site Rubix which can build your website in under a minute plus you get training and some additional benefits not available with other website builders.

Go here to start building your website now.

You can use a temporary domain name for now and later move it to a real domain name with one click. If you want to start with a real .com domain name, I’ve searched for some available ones you might like. At the time of publishing this article, they’re all available but I can’t guarantee that they will be by the time you read this.

I use NameSilo for my domains because they’re the cheapest anywhere at $8.99 annually and comes with free WhoIS protection to protect your info. You can get $1 off registration to make it cheaper by using the coupon code AMVSMLM1.

  • (if you’re going to do video content mostly).
  • (Brand-type domain)

Register Your Domain at Namesilo

There you have it. A complete guide on getting a website up and running to help out expecting women and their significant others plan a relaxing vacation before the baby arrives.

If you have any questions about this niche or need any help with anything I’ve mentioned here, please let me know in the comment section below.

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