No Cost Commissions Is a Scam!

no cost commissions

Imagine a system so simple, where you can get your hands on it for free, set it up and do absolutely no work at all and make thousands of dollars a day.

Something like that would certainly make the news and it would end poverty and world hunger. Everyone would be doing it. People would quit their jobs and sit on their asses while this system work for them.

This is what No Cost Commissions promises and in this review, I’ll tell you why it is too good to be true and a complete scam.

In fact, it is a scam that I’ve seen many times before and I’ve even reviewed programs like it on this site.

What is No Cost Commissions?

The creators of No Cost Commissions says that this is the easiest way to make money online and that it doesn’t cost any money to get traffic or run.

They never fully explain what it is except for the bogus story about finding a pdf file full of secrets on an online forum after it was posted by hackers for 20 minutes before being removed.

The secret pdf file apparently let the creator of this thing find a secret source that was able to “force people to pay you commissions”. He was then making $150 per day before tweaking the system and adding something the original hackers apparently left out. This was when he started making thousands per day and became a millionaire.

The story is completely fake because I’ve heard it before with a different spin on another scam product and because I know that this was only designed to get into your head and make you want to buy No Cost Commissions.

On the second video we also learn that you need a website and in order to make the system work the way it was intended, you also need the right web hosting.

The guy in the video says that you can get this for free and only 20 people can get their hands on it today but in order to know that you’re serious about this, you need the web hosting which would cost you no less than $179.40.

Would you be willing to pay this type of money for the secret that would enable you to just sit back and watch your bank account fill up? I know I would. However, nothing these No Cost Commissions guys say is true. It’s all a big lie to get their hands on your money.

Another Web Hosting Scam

No Cost Commissions is what I usually call a web hosting scam.

The sole reason this was set up was to get you to buy over priced web hosting just so that the creators of the scam can earn a commission from the web hosting company. The secret pdf file doesn’t even exist.

After you buy the web hosting account, they will probably set you up with an ordinary website that, contrary to what they will have you believe, would not make you any money at all. By this time, the guys behind this scam would have collected their commission from the web hosting company and they no longer care about you and whether or not you make money.

Designed To Get Into Your Head

Everything the guy in the video says from the time he starts to speak was designed to get into your head so that you can let your guard down and give up your money. The even provide some visual cues to help them trick you.

no cost commission cues

There are two scripts in particular working on the video page that are designed to push you towards spending your money.

The script that says that there are people waiting in a queue to see the page has a counter that shows how many people are waiting. This is bogus because I can leave the page and still come back and view the video. This means that an unlimited amount of people can view the video at any one time.

They would like you to think that you were lucky to have the chance to get this offer and that it was exclusive. However they would like to trick as many people as they can so they’re not going to limit anything including the “copies”.

The second script is a counter that says “Act Now” that counts down the number of copies left from 20. Well the truth is that there aren’t copies of anything since you’re getting a web hosting account. At this point you wouldn’t know that but there isn’t any secret pdf either.

If you wait long enough, you’ll realize that this counter never hits zero but instead waits at “1 copy left” so that you think the offer is still available to you.

Fake Testimonials and Shady Marketing Language

The other tricks in the video designed to get into your head are the shady car salesman-like language and the fake testimonials.

  • They “guarantee” that you’ll make $1000 today
  • You’re “one of ONLY 20” people watching
  • They ask you to “leave” if you don’t want to change your current situation
  • They also “won’t be asking you for a single penny”

I’ve seen this same script play out in some way or the other with the same type of scam and I admit that I smelled this one way before it was even revealed.

There are also the testimonials where some “beta testers” testify that they make so much money using the system without doing any work at all. These testimonials are fake and none of these people have made any money with this bogus system. The creators of No Cost Commissions likely paid these guys $5 each for a short testimonial on a site called Fiverr.

Who’s Behind This?

The guy in the video says that he is Richard Carr. This is most likely a fake name as well. Most of these scammers do this to hide their true identity.

I did some research and found that this was connected to a site called Partner with Joe. I never found out who Joe was but I found a video on Partner with Joe by a marketer called Eric Holmlund.

It seems Eric is the one behind No Cost Commissions as he has other products that follow the same theme (No Cost …) but appears to be different than the web hosting scam that this one is.

Where To Go From Here

No Cost Commissions is a scam because of the shady marketing and lies used to sell a product that doesn’t exist and instead tries to get you to buy over priced hosting from Coolhandle.

You’re not going to make any money by getting web hosting and you’re not going to get your hands on some secret file that contains some revolutionary secret to making money online.

Now that you understand this, you may still want to know if there is a way to make money online that isn’t a scam.

The guys behind No Cost Commissions are using a method called affiliate marketing to get commissions from Coolhandle, the web hosting company they recommend. They’re doing affiliate marketing in a dishonest way here.

Affiliate marketing, when done properly is a great way to earn money online and you can even make enough to quit your job like I did.

You can learn affiliate marketing from places like Wealthy Affiliate, where everything is available for you to learn and earn. From step by step training, free web hosting, free websites to friendly, one-on-one support, you can learn how to make money online without being subjected to scams.

In the chart below, you can see how No Cost Commissions compares to Wealthy Affiliate and why it would be better to learn from WA instead of spending hundreds of dollars for some useless web hosting account.

If you’ve had experience with No Cost Commissions or you saved your money because of this review, I’d like to hear from you in the comments below. I’d also love to see you at Wealthy Affiliate. Getting an account is fast and it doesn’t cost you anything to get started.

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