No Website Millionaire Is a Scam!

no website millionaireFirst of all, I did not purchase No Website Millionaire. I quickly recognized that it was a scam and decided not to give Mr. Travis Stephenson my money.

Before you say “But Jay, how do you know it’s a scam if you didn’t buy it?”, please read the entire review and you’ll understand why I’m calling this as I see it.

This review is based on:

  • what I know about making money online
  • my past experience with Travis Stephenson and his other products
  • the sheer amount of deception and fakeness present in the sales video
  • past experience with similar products/sales videos
  • common sense & due dilligence

Read on and ask yourself if you would buy No Website Millionaire after being presented with all the facts that I’ve revealed here.

Target Market

There are several brackets of people that are reading this review right now. Which one are you?

  • have never made money online (bought No Website Millionaire)
  • have never made money online (researching before buying No Website Millionaire)
  • experienced affiliate marketer (checking on other reviews of No Website Millionaire)

If you’re in the first two brackets, then this review is for you. The third bracket might actually not want me to write this review depending on whether or not they’re promoting No Website Millionaire because they’re trying to help Travis trick the uninitiated.

Travis is targeting people who have never made money online and this is evident in his video where he even admits that his system is perfect if you don’t have any experience with internet marketing. He uses a lot of deceptive speech just because you wouldn’t know any better.

People who have experience with making money online aren’t going to look at this twice unless they’re affiliates trying to promote No Website Millionaire so they can make a quick buck. And this is because they’re going to see the same things I saw and know it’s not worth it.

Spotting The Red Flags

Ok, so here’s why No Website Millionaire is not going to make you any money, much less a millionaire.

(1) Unrealistic Expectations

In the video, Travis wants you to believe that with his system, you can make thousands of dollars overnight with the click of a button. This is a classic indication that you’re dealing with a scam.

Making money online takes time and experience. You’re not going to be a newbie today and just because you access a system, make thousands by this time tomorrow. Or even next week.

Travis has testimonials that tell you they’ve never made a dime online, accessed his system and all of a sudden they’re making bucket loads of money.

The truth is that these testimonials aren’t real people who have used Travis system either. In fact, exactly zero people who have used No Website Millionaire show up in his sales video.

(2) Fake Testimonials

The people who are giving testimonials for No Website Millionaire are just part of an act.

I’ve exposed Travis Stephenson before for using fake testimonials and he is still using them. Travis pays $5 (maybe more) on a site called Fiverr,  for each of the testimonials he uses in his video.

The brown haired lady in the video was used before for his EZ Cash Creator product earlier this year.

(3) Fake Earnings

The testimonials aren’t the only thing that’s fake in the presentation. There are various screenshots of bank accounts and online accounts shown and these were actually shown in past product sales videos by Travis. I know for absolutely sure that they were used in Simple Cash Code and there is even one fake Clicksure screenshot that was photoshopped that turns up again.

Fake Simple Cash Code Earnings
from Simple Cash Code and now No Website Millionaire

(4) He Wants To Be Your Hero

Travis keeps talking about wanting to get the system into your hands because he isn’t selfish and he’s going to give it to you for free (you just have to “activate income streams”.

He seems to want to save you from all the junk out there that requires you to have a website.

I know for a fact that the thought of having a website and having to maintain it prevents some people from achieving the success they’re after. This is why the idea of  “no website” is appealing. Travis claims he stole the system from some millionaire who was selfish enough to want to keep it all to himself.

Is he your hero? Forget it, he just wants to help himself to your bank account. The story he gave is a well scripted lie, anyway.

Travis Stephenson’s Track Record

Travis Stephenson has put out a string of straight up scams lately and this is one of the reasons why I know that No Website Millionaire is no different.

This year alone, he has put out EZ Cash Creator which is a useless piece of software with little training. He used fake testimonials and lied throughout the entire video.

He also put out more recently, Simple Cash Code which is a straight up scam. You pay $47 and you get absolutely nothing for your money except another pitch inside the members area to spend money to join another program.

I was able to spot his shady marketing tactics in the video for No Website Millionaire so I decided to warn the unsuspecting to stay away from Travis Stephenson (or Travis Scott as he calls himself for this one) and his products.

Websites Are Good

Throughout the entire presentation, Travis bad-mouths websites, as if having a website is a bad thing.

Sure you can make money without a website, but having a website is one of the most profitable activities you can get involved with online. When you have your own website, you own your own business and play by your own rules.

If you’re intimidated by the thought of getting a website up and running and then maintaining it for a consistent income, the process is actually very, very simple. It’s not going to earn you a million dollars overnight but as you keep adding content to it, you’ll have a website that has the potential to earn you an income that you can live on.

The easiest way I’ve found to build a website is with Site Rubix.

While there are other website builders available online like Wix and Weebly, Site Rubix is the only one where you can get actual training on how to make money online with a website. And you get two free websites to test things out.

You have a much better chance of earning a million dollars with a website than buying into this No Website Millionaire scam.

If you’ve bought No Website Millionaire, please share your experience below.


    • I guess not enough people care to report him or take him to court. The FTC might be interested in this guy if they hear about him more often. They can take him to court but people need to tell them about him.

  1. This is all true. Been burned myself. Unfortunately he will make money on his scam. I wish there was a way to put this cyber scum in jail.

    • I haven’t heard much from him lately but it could be either I’m not paying attention to his work or he’s not putting out too much now as before. Or maybe he changed his identity.

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