I Don’t Like Writing. Can I Still Make Money Online?

friday q&a 2

Although I had originally planned on making Friday Q&A a weekly thing on this site, I’ve only had the chance to post one. So welcome to the second edition of Friday Q&A where I answer questions submitted by readers of this blog.

This week’s question comes from Kris via the comment section of my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Kris had some great questions and a request for a review but he mainly wanted to know one thing. Kris asked:

Have you (or your site’s visitors) found any legitimate products/online businesses that do NOT involve a lot of writing (like writing a blog, articles etc.) or MLM? Something that would be something totally different like trading, for example?

Kris’ question was influence by the fact that he was looking for a way to make money online and had come across an offer called 2014 Millionaire which happened to be the latest binary options trading scam. I pointed that out to him so that he could avoid it and others like it.

With that out of the way, I’d like to answer Kris’ main question here in this Friday’s Q&A.

Can You Make Money Online Without Having To Write?

The internet, when it was still very young was mostly text based. Today it is still primarily text based but there are other media as well.

To make money online you have to produce content that will connect with people searching to fix a problem, answer a question or satisfy a need. For example, you’re probably reading this article because you’re searching for ways to make money online without having to write. You performed a Google search for a similar phrase and this article came up.

If you didn’t click on this article and clicked on another result, you’d find that the other page is probably also written content answering the same question.

It’s hard to avoid writing if you want to make money online. You have to send emails, write descriptions, write articles, set up profiles, comment on articles, discuss stuff in forums, post to social media and so on.

But content doesn’t have to be text based and there are still people who are making thousands of dollars online without having to do a lot of writing.

How are they doing it? Here are a couple of ways.

YouTube Videos

Next to text based articles, videos are probably the most popular way to create content for the internet. Videos capture and hold attention better than text and more people watch videos than they read articles.

Creating videos and uploading them to YouTube is an easy way to escape having to write articles.

These videos can then be monetized so that you can earn an income. YouTube is one of the largest search engines next to Google and you can get a lot of traffic from inside YouTube and from Google as well.

To approach using YouTube to make money, you can do the same thing you would do if you were writing articles – create content that answer questions and help people fix a problem. You can then use affiliate marketing to monetize your video by adding a link in the description.

Three ways you can use YouTube to make money are:

(1) Reviews – YouTube is a good platform to do reviews of other people’s products and make a recommendation. I see YouTube being used all the time to review some of the products that I also review on this site but most of these people are just doing it wrong by recommending poor products or doing bait and switch.

You can review anything from internet marketing products to physical stuff that you would buy on Amazon, toys and even music and movies. Make sure to find an affiliate program that carries the product if you’re creating a favorable review and get your special link so you can earn a percentage of the profits if users go on and buy.

(2) Niche Marketing – There are also people, some with no internet marketing background at all, making good money doing niche marketing on YouTube. I see people doing makeup tutorials or offering DIY hacks or fashion tips. Niche marketing is a great way to get lots of subscribers that can help boost traffic to your videos as well as become your customers.

(3) Events – You can also get good traffic by following trends (what’s hot right now) and posting videos related to these events. For example, when a new smartphone is released, you can order the phone and do an un-boxing video so that other people can see what they get. You can then follow this up with a review of the phone – features you liked, didn’t like etc.

The drawback to using YouTube to make money is that you’re using someone else’s web property to earn money. You would have to play by the rules of YouTube and if they decide that you’re violating their terms or someone reports you for something, you could end up having your video remove or in the worst case scenario, your entire account deleted.

This could be devastating if you’re making good money from your videos and means you have to start all over again from scratch. This is why it’s much better to have your own website where you produce your own content.

You can have your own video website but you’d still probably want to use YouTube since the video hosting is free. Producing and hosting your own video for your site is probably not going to happen as it is very expensive.


Another way people are making money online without doing much writing is Fiverr.

Fiverr is a site where people can do tasks and provide a service for others starting at five dollars. These jobs range from writing articles, making videos and creating logos to singing birthday greetings, voice overs and even creating fake testimonials for some of the bogus products I review on this site.

If you have a knack for something or you can provide a service (keep in mind that you’re earning $5 per sale to start with), then you can use Fiverr to reach people who might need that service.

There are people on Fiverr who are making thousands of dollars per month providing logo creation and other services.

If you can provide an in demand service that no one else is providing then you’re probably going to make a lot of money.

Fiverr isn’t the only place you can offer your services either. There are other freelance sites all over the internet where you can earn even more and you can even create your own site (but that will involve writing to promote your site and your services).

These are just a couple of ways in which you can earn money online without doing much writing. It’s all about maximizing your strengths and letting someone else handle your weaknesses. This is what the successful people do.

If you have a question you want answered in next Friday’s Q&A, you can always ask in the comments or send it to me via the contact page. Be sure to put a name and location or a website you own for your question to be featured.

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