OPF Kit Review: Online Profiting Formulas Fails To Deliver

OPF Kit homepage

OPF Kit wants to show you how to make your first $300 from Day 1.

The big question is, does the OPF Kit work and can they deliver on their promise? In this review of Online Profitable Formulas, I’m going to take a look at the program which claims they have “the largest number of income sources in one kit” and see whether they can make you money or not.

The OPF Kit deals with not just one way to make money online but several types and classifies them under four categories.

There’s the starter level where you only have to do simple tasks to get paid. Then there’s the intermediate level where you need to work a little harder than the starter level to get paid.

The Pro level is about affiliate marketing which is why I was interested to see how the OPF Kit works and quite possibly the reason you’re looking for a review on this.

Finally, there’s the Elite level which is about becoming a vendor. Although I had access to this level, it is offered separately as an upsell so we’re just going to look at the primary program which contains the starter to pro levels.

4 Levels in OPF Kit

What the OPF Kit Promises on Their Sales Page

Before I give you my opinion about the OPF Kit, let’s start at the beginning. Most of the time with these programs, first impressions really count and you can tell a lot about a program by the way it is presented.

The sales page for OPF Kit isn’t flashy and they don’t showcase the millionaire lifestyle with images of private yachts, jets, exotic cars and exquisite mansions.

There’s only a minute and a half video that talks about what’s in the OPF Kit and a description of the program, what’s in it and how much it costs.

I can respect this because too many times you get hyped up by marketers selling you a dream instead of what’s in the program. I want to get an idea of what I’ll be paying for and OPF Kit does a good job of letting me know what’s inside.

The sales page isn’t without it’s flaws. I didn’t like their urgency sales tactic where they say that you’re getting the kit at 93% off and that there were few discounted copies left.

There are two pricing options, the “premium lite” version which excludes the Elite level and the “premium plus” version that includes it. The “premium lite” version they say is discounted from $667 and the “plus” version from $977.

I’ve seen both versions and neither are worth any of these prices. They might be worth the price they’re currently being sold for as a one time fee (you may or may not disagree).

The important thing to remember here is that there is not really a 93% discount and there aren’t just “a few discounted copies” left . It’s a digital product and I’m pretty sure  if you come back 6 months from now, OPF Kit is still going to be sold at the same price it’s being sold at now.

The good thing about buying the OPF Kit is that there’s no risk as there is a 60 day money back guarantee which I know for a fact is honored since it’s a Clickbank product. Clickbank can refund you your money if you don’t like the program as long as you make the request within 60 days.

So Is the OPF Kit Worth It? Here’s My Honest Opinion

Let’s now take a look inside the OPF Kit and I’ll give my honest opinion on what’s found in the members area.

I liked the way the program was laid out where you can see the different lessons for each level easily. There’s the “First $300 from Day One” lesson at the top and then the Starter to Elite levels following.

OPF Kit inside

Click on the start button of any lesson and you’ll be presented with step by step instructions on how to work the different sources of incomes in that lesson.

The program is laid out well but what about the value? I’ll review each section below.

The Starter Level

This is the easiest level which shows you how to make money with surveys and paid to click networks. They list some paid to click networks and a couple handpicked survey sites.

I’ve always said that if a program wants to show you how to make money with surveys then it’s really not worth your time. Surveys are a waste of time and you get little return for the work you put in. So are paid to clicks.

If you want to make real money online that is worth your time then you should not be doing surveys and ptcs.

The Intermediate Level

The intermediate level shows you how to make money by doing what are called micro-jobs and freelance work. If you’re familiar with Fiverr, this is the type of work you will be doing to make money and OPF shows you how to get set up with this income source.

Freelance work can earn you a full time income especially if you can provide a specific service such as article writing, logo creation or voice over work as three examples.

OPF Kit presents you with three sources for starting with this type of work including Fiverr and tutorials on how to use them to get started.

The Pro Level

The pro level is where OPF Kit deals with affiliate marketing, a section I would like to review more in depth than the other levels.

The pro level isn’t the only section that deals with affiliate marketing – the “First $300” section is also about affiliate marketing as well and I must say that I was very critical of both sections when it comes to their training. You can read my in depth review and criticisms below.

OPF Kit’s Affiliate Marketing Training Reviewed

In the affiliate marketing section they give you a brief overview of what affiliate marketing entails, they show you a few networks they handpicked as well as a few products from each network that they think would be great to promote.

They then go into some traffic sources and show how to use them.

I found the affiliate marketing training by OPF Kit to be very basic and very lacking in the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

One of the most important lessons is omitted and that is how to find a niche market. Giving you the products and the networks to find them isn’t teaching you anything.

How will you find your own products if you’re not comfortable with the ones they picked? How will you know how to target an audience with your website?

Speaking of website, they don’t show you either how to set up your own website. Affiliate marketing is a business and nowadays it’s tough to find success without having your own website.

They mentioned some stuff about setting up a free Blogspot blog but in 2017, that is not going to cut it. Blogger blogs worked best before 2010 but they’re not for marketers who are serious about making money online.

Leaving out these important lessons weakens the training and I simply can’t recommend OPF Kit’s affiliate marketing training to my readers.

My First $300 From Day 1 Opinion

I was really interested in this section to see how it worked even after I realized they were showing you how to promote OPF Kit as affiliate marketers.

I like that they have a step by step plan and they show you every detail. I believe that you could make money with their plan but most of it is very theoretical even though they’ve tested it themselves.

There are more than a few things I didn’t like about it though and I would actually give this a thumbs down.

The first thing is they don’t show you how to use your own resources (your own site etc). You have to email them so that you can use a page on their site for a web form you created.

Right off the bat they’re pushing you into email marketing before you even understand affiliate marketing.

Then there is the traffic source they recommend, a specific solo ad site they want you to use. Everyone who buys the OPF Kit is going to be using the same training and going to the same sites. I just have a bad feeling about that.

What I Liked About OPF Kit

In general, I liked the layout and ease of access of the OPF Kit program. You can choose the section that you’re most comfortable with and go through the training in that section. Easy to navigate and find your way around.

What I Didn’t Like About OPF Kit

The training has too many specific examples to follow and you don’t get more important training such as how to find niches. It’s like giving a man a fish instead of showing him how to fish. Not everyone is going to want to use the same examples so they should be trained on how to find their own stuff they’d want to use.

Then there’s the thing about not even showing people how to build their own business assets ( a website on their own domain).

Throw in the Level 1 training about using surveys and paid to clicks and it’s hard to take OPF Kit seriously. There are some things that I like about it but it could definitely be better.

To round this off, there isn’t any way to get help within the members area. There’s a sidebar with the words “Need Help?” but it doesn’t contain an actual link to get help. Also there is no community so you’re left feeling as if you’re on your own.

What Great Affiliate Marketing Training Looks Like

If I could recommend OPF Kit, I would leave out this section. However, I find it necessary to point you in the right direction.

I couldn’t give OPF Kit’s affiliate marketing training a recommend because it’s lacking some very basic fundamentals that I see in all other great affiliate marketing training.

I would like to compare OPF Kit with Wealthy Affiliate because their training is a task-based, step by step training that allows you to build your business with every lesson completed. It has everything you need to know from niche research and selection to picking products and getting traffic.

Also with Wealthy Affiliate’s training you can receive support 24/7 from the community and even from the owners. The community aspect of the site is very important so you never feel as if you’re on your own.

Wealthy Affiliate also lets you build your own websites within the platform and all of this at no extra charge other than the monthly fee which includes all training and resources.

To give you an idea of how OPF Kit differs from Wealthy Affiliate here is a comparison chart showing some important aspects of both sites.

OPF Kit gets a 3/10 compared to Wealthy Affiliate. For an in-depth look at Wealthy Affiliate, check out my review here.

Can you make money with OPF Kit? It depends on what you’re interested in. If it’s affiliate marketing, alternative training is definitely recommended.

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