Profit Partners Review – Don’t Be Fooled

Profit Partners sales video

In this review of Profit Partners, a new “make money online” software from Jack Carter (whoever he is), I’m going to tell you exactly why you should stay away from this type of opportunity.

I’m also going to show you why Jack is giving away his software from free, why the software is useless and a little secret about his test subjects.

Profit Partners – The Facts

Name: Profit Partners
Owner: Mike Auton
Price: Free / $200
Upsells: No
Availability: Unlimited

Profit Partners was released just a few hours ago by Mike Auton along with his partner, Jack Carter. Jack Carter, though, is most likely a made up character that Mike attached to this launch because it’s something he has done in previous launches.

[Shocking proof  – Mike Auton steals someone’s identity, creates Jack Carter]

The last product I reviewed that was created by Mike Auton was Get Auto Commissions which turned out to be crap. That product used Dave and Diana Daniels who were made up characters and his previous products also has actors who appear to be marketers he partnered with.

For Profit Partners, Mike gives away the software for free and lets you join up without paying anything. In the video, he criticized most money making products for saying they’re free when they cost $47 and almost never work. Sounds like some of his previous releases.

There is a catch to this freeness however because Mike (and Jack) has to make money somehow.

Shady Marketing –  Mike Auton’s Style

Before I write about my actual experience with trying the product, I’d like to touch on the sales presentation for Profit Partners because this is where you should get all the red flags that tell you to stay away from this product.

There are a couple of things that you should be aware of especially if you’re new to making money online.

(1) Paid Testimonials from Fiverr

I recently uncovered this shocking secret that most people don’t know about these products. In my last review – a product called EZ Cash Creator, I revealed that the creator of that product paid for testimonials on a site called Fiverr.

It seems now that most of these products do this and I now look out for these testimonials whenever I can.

I wasn’t surprised to see one familiar face pop up in the Profit Partners video – that of a guy who goes by the name of “banjoman15” on Fiverr.  He says that his name is Kenny Green in the Profit Partners video.

Fiverr guy

This guy is very popular on Fiverr and has been used over and over for testimonials in these type of products, especially the ones you see on Clicksure.

I’m willing to bet that the other test “students” that appear in the video were also paid $5 or more each for their positive testimonials.

(2) Exaggerated and Unrealistic Earnings

Another thing that’s almost a mainstay in these videos, especially all of Mike Auton’s, is the exaggerated and unrealistic earnings figures.

For example, one of the guys in the testimonial says he just started 2 weeks ago and is now making $600 per day with Mike’s software. The fake testimonial guy above claims he made exactly $1695.83 in one day and he started not long ago either.

They tell people what they really want to hear but also gives unrealistic expectations for making money online. Making money online takes time and as much hard work as building any other business. The pay-off, like any other business, is well worth it.

You first need to learn the process, which in the beginning stage, you should expect to make very little money but as you continue to work there will come a point where it’s possible to make $600 per day or $1695.83 in one day.

However, from the situations explained in these videos, it’s unlikely that any of these guys are making the type of money they say they make. Well we know this now since these guys are paid testimonials and not actual test subjects.

My Review of Profit Partners After Trying It

Ok, so just to prove that Profit Partners is Clicksure junk, and to also see what Mike Auton is up to this time, I decided to grab the free offer by signing up.

After putting in my email address, I get to a page with a form to fill out and a link to download the software.

I fill out the form first as this is the first step before downloading the software and after clicking submit, I immediately see why Profit Partners was created.

Submitting the form forwards you via Mike’s affiliate link to a binary options program where you’ll be asked to deposit at least $200. This $200 (or more) will be used as a deposit for your initial trade I’m guessing because I have never traded binary options.

I do know however, that binary options is extremely risky trading and some people even say its gambling. This is why you don’t want to get involved with this type of program. More than likely, you’re going to lose your money.

Mike Auton (or Jack Carter) doesn’t care because they’ve already received their commission on the $200 you deposited. This is how they make money. It’s just an elaborate scheme for them to unethically make commissions by affiliating with a binary options broker.

The software is free and after downloading it, I launch it only to find that it opens a popup on your computer with the page I was just on. It seems that the software is useless because there is no way to do anything besides watch the video on the signup page. Unless, I missed something.

As with all of Mike Auton’s programs, Profit Partners, in my opinion is nothing but a scam.


  • Jack Carter doesn’t exist.
  • The testimonials are fake.
  • The software doesn’t work.
  • Free but you still need $200.
  • Binary options is a risky way to make money.
  • Another scam bought to you by Mike Auton.

Not much else to it. It’s on Clicksure so that’s one reason already to stay away from Profit Partners.

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