Rapid Cash Creation Review

Rapid Cash Creation courseThere are a lot of courses and membership sites that teach affiliate marketing online already.

More and more are being released everyday, some that teach the general idea of affiliate marketing and some that take a component of it like say making money with YouTube.

Personally, I don’t really have the need to purchase anything new that teaches affiliate marketing because I’ve already found a program that works for me. I might get something that targets something like “making money with Amazon” or “YouTube” because I either still need to tackle that aspect of affiliate marketing or I haven’t found any training that really goes in depth about these topics.

Rapid Cash Creation certainly doesn’t appeal to me, however, given that hundreds or maybe even thousands of people are discovering affiliate marketing each day, it may look interesting to someone new.

The author of the book, Julia Rosa, doesn’t hide this fact. She is intentionally targeting newbies with Rapid Cash Creation as her guide is created as a road map to making $50+ a day online “even if you’ve never done this before”.

But is Rapid Cash Creation the course that newbies need?

Does it have everything needed for affiliates to succeed?

You’ll find out as I take a look at Julia Rosa’s Rapid Cash Creation in this review.

What is Rapid Cash Creation?

Rapid Cash Creation is a video course teaching affiliate marketing created by Julia Rosa comprising of over 5 hours of video content broken down into 15 videos.

There are also some bonus content as well  and if you purchase the upsells then you get some done for you niches so that you don’t have to hurt your head about doing that step of the process.

The videos in the course are all HD quality and are broken down from easy consumption ranging from about 3 minutes to one that could have been broken down a bit more coming in at 50 minutes.

On the sales page for Rapid Cash Creation, the author is honest about what you getting but there were a couple attempts at “hype marketing” being used which I’m not a fan of.

For example, Rapid Cash Creation is priced at the very affordable $9.95 and has been that way since I first say it about a week ago. There’s a pressure tactic to get people to buy now by telling them that the price goes up in a few days.


Not that I’m looking forward to the price going up but just be honest.

Another thing I’m not really feeling is the implications of the name Rapid Cash Creation, in particular the part that says “rapid”. There are just too many gurus running around telling people how fast they can make hundreds of dollars online and giving the wrong impression about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing takes time but I also understand that its just a catchy and creative name for a product. Luckily, the author is totally realistic in the marketing about the earning outlook for anyone using her guide. $20, $30 or even $50 per day when you’re just starting out providing you take action is very much achievable and realistic for anyone. The time frame to get to those types of results may vary though, for a lot of reasons.

Are there Upsells?

There is one upsell present when you purchase Rapid Cash Creation and it’s for 5 done-for-you niche markets that have been researched for you so that you can tackle the first step in the course easily.

Many times, finding a niche and then trying to figure it out can be a major obstacle for someone new to affiliate marketing. Something like this solves the problem.

This package goes for $27.75 and if you decline, you’ll get a downsell for just 2 of these niches at $17.00.

I can’t tell you what niches are in these packages and how detailed the the research is because I didn’t take any of the offers.

Evaluating Rapid Cash Creation

There’s nothing new (to me) in Rapid Cash Creation and that’s not really a bad thing.

It just goes to show that there aren’t any secrets to making money online with affiliate marketing. The process, no matter who you learn it from is practically the same. In any case, this course is for newbies so everything will appear to be a new experience for them.

The training touches on the basics of affiliate marketing starting from selecting a niche market, setting up your site and traffic building strategies.

In my opinion, this course is probably only good for beginners as an intermediate level marketer will know most of what is here already. If you’re just starting out this course is packed with valuable information to get you started.

For the $10 price tag, Rapid Cash Creation is definitely worth the money as it contains over 5 hours of video training plus bonuses.

However, the course is a bit too basic and misses some very important info like how to actually create the content that will make you sales. There’s a video about creating content on your site but it doesn’t go into much detail about writing the actual content.

There is also the inclusion of what I would call unnecessary processes like in the video about commenting on blogs for traffic and backlinks and using Yahoo Answers.

With regards to support, which every student needs when learning something new, Rosa provides contact info where you can get in touch with here and she’ll respond to help you out.

How Does This Compare to My #1 Recommendation?

As I mentioned earlier, there are other places where you can learn the same thing Rapid Cash Creation teaches and my #1 recommendation does it much better.

In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate has step by step tutorials that are task based so you can check them off as you go to make sure that you’re completing the same process used by the founders of the site and all the other members. These tutorials are text and video based and there is also live video classes which are recorded and stored on the site in case you miss them.

One great reason though, that my #1 recommendation stands out from other affiliate marketing training guides is that the actual tools that you need to succeed are available to every member right on the site.

For example, Rapid Cash Creation is only a video course and they have to recommend a web hosting platform that will cost you some money and you’d have to go set up WordPress to build your sites. With Wealthy Affiliate, you get free web hosting with your membership and you can use the simplified WordPress builder to make your websites with only a few clicks.

There’s also a very active community of marketers from all levels that you can learn with and look towards for support. The owners are also very entrenched in the community and will answer any questions members are asking.

Below, I have created a comparison to show you at a glance the difference between learning affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate and learning through a course like Rapid Cash Creation.

As you can see there are lots of features missing from Rapid Cash Creation that are present in my #1 recommendation. This doesn’t mean that Rapid Cash Creation is a bad course. It’s a great starting point if you’re not so familiar with affiliate marketing, and it’s just under $10.

However, Wealthy Affiliate teaches all of the same things in detail and give you tasks to complete at the end. Plus all the other things I’ve mentioned. Check out my review and create an account to get started with the free lessons.

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