The Rich Janitor Cannot Be Trusted!

rich Janitor 2015

The Rich Janitor is an old affiliate marketing training program that has been around since the March 2010.

Sometime this year, probably about two months ago, I came across a 2015 version of the website that had a more modern look complete with video style sales page.

I subscribed and after seeing what was going on I decided to do a review to inform people who might be looking to use this website about whether or not the program works or if it might be a scam.

The Rich Janitor Overview

rich janitor.comProduct Name: The Rich Janitor
Supposed Owner: Mike Dee
Real Owner: Ankur Patel
Price: $27 (click away and get it for $7 with $20 discount)
Refund Policy: 60 Days No Hassle
Verdict: Techniques are outdated, not beginner friendly and “Mike Dee” recommends too many
proven scam programs when you’re a part of his email list.

The Rich Janitor, Mike Dee & Ankur Patel

The Rich Janitor goes by the name of Mike Dougherty aka Mike Dee which is most likely a fake persona.

According to my research, the site and program was developed by a former partner of internet marketer Jamie Lewis. According to several sources, the real owner of The Rich Janitor is a guy named Ankur Patel who also owns several other sites with a similar concept.

To confirm that The Rich Janitor’s story is completely fake, you’d want to compare the stories of other Patel owned sites like The Rich Dishwasher and Rat Race Assassin, both of which were functional around the release of The Rich Janitor but are now apparently defunct.

The stories of all three minimum wage laborers (using different names) are similar and the fact that the sites are owned by the same person make it very suspicious.

So Mike Dee isn’t a real person and the reason for Patel creating a character like Dee who works a minimum wage job and cracking the online income code is so that they can be relatable to others who might be in the same situation (working paycheck to paycheck lifestyle).

Analysis of the Rich Janitor Sales Video

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a program is for you is to check out the sales video.

But I don’t mean “getting sold” on the program just by watching the video. It’s more of a watch what they do and not what they say.

The Rich Janitor promo video is just like most of the other promo videos these days with it’s manipulative language and hype. They employ typical blind sales tactics instead of trying to show you what you’d really be getting.

A lot of what they talk about in the video is really affiliate marketing but with so much hyped up language that you’d think it was something people know nothing about. Obviously they’re trying to target newbies.

There’s a headline that promises that you can “get $70 just by watching the free video” which is a promise that I can’t see them delivering on.

99 percent

One thing though that really irked me about the video is when the narrator reveals ugly truth #1 – 99.5% of systems online that claim to help you make money are complete scams ran by selfish, self-proclaimed gurus.

The statement itself is true but it’s so ironic because I’ve been subscribed to the Rich Janitor’s email list and it appears that this guy IS selfish because he recommends a lot of scam programs with some bogus claims.

I would not buy this program based on the video because he spends a lot of time talking about “ugly truths” trying to gain your trust and not enough time trying to prove that this is a program that can help you make money online.

Buying the Rich Janitor Program

The Rich Janitor program around 2010 used to cost about $77 for a software that took one article, modified the content and made multiple copies and then submitting them to hundreds of article directories.

This technique if used today would not work because article directories do not work well anymore as Google has cracked down on this type of marketing.

The program also contained Profit Miracle and CopyNProfit – two programs that were previously developed by Patel and his former partner Jamie Lewis.

The 2015 version of Rich Janitor now starts at $27 and contains (according to the order page):

  • Money Loophole Software: Ready to make you money today – no download required.
  • Website Support: Includes 24/7 Technical Support
  • Private Member’s Area: Includes instant access to premium training videos and everything you need to get started TODAY.
  • VIP Package: Includes instant access to free bonuses and automatic updates.
  • Money Back Guarantee Includes a 60 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you click away from the sales page you get a $20 discount meaning that you can get the program for only $7. I’m not a fan of this because it looks to me as if they’re rewarding folks who aren’t as interested in the program as those that buy immediately.

Inside the Members Area (What You Get)

I found that there were a lot of information in the members area (worth the $7) but it wasn’t organized in any step by step method. Rather you got a few techniques here and there that you can use, some PLR stuff, the software and some training videos.

The software isn’t the original article spinner and submitter because that is obviously outdated but rather it’s a video submitter that lets you select niche topics to find videos online. You can then create a custom message with your affiliate link to post on the video.

This is a spammy type technique that isn’t really going to make you money but rather get your efforts erased.

There are also tabs that show you different techniques such as article marketing (outdated), forum marketing (spammy the way they show you here), blog post marketing (spammy the way they show you here), video marketing and even product creation.

There are some other tabs that contain some specific techniques for marketing particle niches as well but I found these to be rather unethical.

You may find some value in the program if you know the basics of affiliate marketing but this is not the target market for Rich Janitor. Rich Janitor wants people who are brand new to making money online. However, this program isn’t ideal for newbies as you will get lost trying to figure out the stuff here.

I would not recommend this program because in my opinion it doesn’t work for newbies who aren’t given enough basic training but rather outdated and spammy techniques that will do more harm that good. Intermediates might have better luck with this program but at this stage there are much better programs available.

Why Avoid the Rich Janitor?

But the main reason why I’d suggest anyone stay away from the Rich Janitor is the emails. Once you buy the Rich Janitor program, you’re added to the email list where you receive promotional messages every single day.

There are hardly any messages that have any value in them. Rather you get a couple of messages each day telling you to buy some program that Mike thinks will make you money.

The ridiculous part is the kind of subject lines you get promising overnight riches and millions within a short period of time. Here’s a snapshot of some of the messages I’ve gotten from Rich Janitor over the last couple of months (I deleted most of them).

richjanitor emails

Some of the most ridiculous ones are:

  • Make $50,000 a day… Yes, REALLY! (recommends 3 Week Millionaire – a binary options scam from Clicksure)
  • Approved home job paying $150-per-second (recommends Survey Club – surveys?)
  • …guaranteed $600-per-hour typing job (recommends a scam called League of Power)

And the scams that these emails recommend are even more disturbing considering it’s the same guy you heard in the sales video talking about selfish gurus who don’t want you to succeed.

Learn Affiliate Marketing the Right Way

Early on in my search for the right training on how to make money online, I got ripped off by scams and low quality programs just like Rich Janitor.

This was before I encountered one program that was developed by two real college buddies named Kyle and Carson. These guys are real and they interact everyday with members of the community they created trying to help others build their online businesses.

They don’t use fake pseudonyms or try to hype their program with fake bank accounts or screenshots.

Their training, which is step by step and updated regularly to weed out outdated material is one of the best online so much so that I’ve been recommending it every chance I get. It’s the same training that helped me build this very website.

You can read a review of the site that I’m talking about here.

Just to put things into perspective, I’ve compared that site with what you get with the Rich Janitor program and well, the chart below speaks for itself. Rich Janitor just doesn’t offer as much help for someone who is trying to build an online business from scratch.

If you’ve used the Rich Janitor program, please respond below and do tell us about your experience so others can benefit. Any questions, comments or feedback is also appreciated.

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